• A Little Intro

    Sasuke Uchiha, Konoha’s resident prodigy and the last of his clan. He is part of Team 7 which consists of Kakashi, Naruto, and Sakura.
    His Best friend is Naruto Uzamaki, number one awesome ninja
    His potential rapist is Sakura Haruno…nuf said
    Kakashi Hatake, number one latest ninja sensei ever
    Orochimaru ***** who wants Sasuke’s Body
    Kabuto brains of the Oro operation
    And of course his brother Itachi, pretty boy who models for Hot Topic lol
    These are the main people in the everyday life of Sasuke Uchiha
    (Author Talking)
    Kyuubi Talking
    ------ Someone being cut off
    Everyone was already at the bridge waiting for Kakashi

    Naruto: why is he late its like almost lunch time

    Sasuke: *resisting the urge to hit him* will you shut up

    Naruto: no…ya know we all can’t be emo -.-

    Sasuke: Touché <.<

    *puff of smoke forms with a coughing Kakashi*

    Kakashi: Dude…*looks around* I got lost in---

    Naruto/Sakura: LIAR O_O

    Sasuke: sensei are you stoned…again

    Naruto/Sakura: I want some/.WTF
    (Guess who said which lol)

    Sasuke/Sakura/Kakashi: WTF o_O

    Naruto: dude hand over the stoners gold

    Kakashi: *shrugs* w/evs *throws bag of pot*

    Naruto: Yes now to go smoke and eat ramen

    Sasuke: So that’s how he eats 20 bowls of ramen

    Sakura: weren’t you in the P.R.A group

    Naruto: no I quit, they made my addiction worse by……telling me to quit

    Sakura: o_o# wow idiot

    Kakashi: *coughs* soooo….yeah I’m hungry OuO lets go get food….and perverted books

    Meanwhile in the Happy Rainbow Lair
    AKA Orochimaru Lair

    Kabuto: *runs into dark scary room and trips* Damn it knew I shouldn’t have watched Scary Movie 2 for running ideas

    Orochimaru: *sigh* Idiot now then did you plan my slumber party to lure Sasuke to me

    Kabuto: umm about that…he said no but I made something even better

    Orochimaru: ooohhh is it a way for people to stop calling me Michael Jackson

    Kabuto: 0-0 ummm no….um anyway I found a way to capture Sasuke-kun

    Orochimaru: oh ok then what is it…..is it magic ooo no mon---

    Kabuto: no shut up its this *holds up bottle of pink liquid full of sparkles* its called Chibi Potion C

    Orochimaru: ooo ^-^ sparkles…so what’s it called

    Kabuto: o-o# *sigh* should’ve been a taxi driver now then this potion turns anyone who comes in contact into a chibi

    Orochimaru: and how does that help ?_?

    Kabuto: -_-# it helps to make them weak, cute and defenseless with --- hey what the

    Orochimaru: *stole the potion and threw some on Kabuto*

    Kabuto: *tiny cute chibi form* why did you throw it on me *pouts cutely*

    Orochimaru: *blinks* OMFG its…..its sooooo CUTE *glomps him* aww like my Sasu plushy

    Kabuto: c-can’t….breath x_x….wait why do you have a Sasuke plushy

    Orochimaru: umm bye ^-^ *vanishes in smoke*

    Back In Leaf Town

    Sasuke: achoo

    Naruto: you’re not blessed

    Sasuke: Tha --- wait what

    Sasuke: grr someone’s planning to rape you

    Sasuke/Naruto: What

    Sakura: idiot everyone knows if Sasuke sneezes then a fan girl is planning to rape you…and that’s my job

    Sasuke: *backs away* O-O WTF is wrong with you girls


    Sasuke/Naruto: O_O…..

    Sakura: grr damn you fan girl

    Kakashi: *snaps out of daze* whoa what’d I miss

    Thus ends day 2. What will happen next? Will Orochimaru reveal his Sasuke plushy, will Naruto quit crack, will Kabuto loose his mind, and will Kakashi find his? All Revealed in Sasuke Day 3.
    So love it, Hate it, Think its Alright….Tell me I need feedback people ^_^