• It was always this repetitive conscious thought that pained her. When he would say that he was just going out with his friends, she would keep the worry locked inside. If he were to leave her without a call for more and sometimes less than thirty minutes, she would weep to herself. After what had happened, she could trust him no more.

    He would leave abruptly in search of the Temptress that had burrowed into his mind and heart. The very core of his soul would never see such a face as bountiful as the temptress, that was of course not including his love. The audacity he had to thrill her with gifts and unmentionable caresses and soft velvet words, and yet to leave his love in the dark.

    His mind peaked of curiosity as he traced the Temptresses skin with his own hands. He wondered if touching his love like this would be as exciting. His love had never experienced such wonders such as his touch. She too would wonder if his hands would feel as extraordinary as her very own or possibly more.

    She was starving for his embrace, and had hoped that he felt the exact way. That was not to be true, for he was in the trance of the Temptress. No guilt had empowered his spirit as he continued his daring dance with two. Only an arrogant silhouette traveled beside him, giving him no sense of love at all. He would take advantage of this.

    While in a state of melancholy, She would become his own servant. Please him with whatever pleasures he wished upon her for. Be punished for his mistakes in which way he had sought as great. The more he had lulled her into comfort with his love felt words, the less she would care for his horrid ways.

    As a last request, his Temptress was to be summoned at his love's expense. She would be told that their meetings were nothing but friendly and business. Yet she could tell of his untrustworthy ways, but still loved him. The Temptress would be summoned once a week, and soon three days a week to six, to a whole month which developed into a full year. His love had had enough. If it had not been for the Temptress, her love would of never changed the way he was. She would of never had to worry.

    When investigating his "business" she would find a letter, entitled: My Dearest. She would think nothing of it at first. That was until her adviser had given her information she could of and wished to have known earlier. Finally able to realize the situation at hand, she spoke to him. He had told her lies.

    Would she allow him back?