• ~’Tis fate that flings the dice, and as she flings Of kings makes peasants, and of peasants kings~ ~John Dryden~

    ~Fallen For A Fallen Angel~


    Space travel to us, is just a mere dream, the illusion of whizzing through space at a million miles an hour, and shooting down alien spaceships, inhibits each and everyone one of us, even if we don’t admit it. The idea is there, so near, yet so far away at the same time.
    Billions and billions of years ago, on a planet called ‘Thera’, a group of scientists, were watching over a small planet that had just been in the centre of a collision, between two huge comets. After they saw that the planet had survived the impact, they decided to adopt the small planet, and call it ‘Earth’.
    On this planet however, not much really grew, it was lifeless, tedious, dull, it had no use whatsoever to the scientists or to Thera itself, so after much examination, they decided to destroy the planet and any record of it ever being there.
    But one insignificant scientist that went by the name of ‘Doctor Elisa Sheiba’ decided to use Earth as an experimenting ground, and posed the question of ‘being able to create stable life out of nothing’. Once she had gone to the high courts of Thera, and been granted the power to play god with this planet, her story began. For 10 years she genetically mutated plants from Thera until they were adequate for the young planet and, over time, planted the vegetation onto it. Very soon after, small-celled organisms populated Earth and rapidly began to multiply and spread.
    All the scientists admired Doctor Sheiba; they read all her work, findings and plans for the small planet with wonder.
    On Thera, days turned to weeks, weeks slowly turned to months, months turned to years and years to decades.
    Doctor Sheiba died at the age of 95 while experimenting on some of the miniature organisms that had evolved from the small microbes.
    For millions of years, scientists from the Katras Laboratory where Doctor Sheiba had worked for continued her work, and research upon the planet.
    So many years had passed since the discovery of ‘Earth’ and still, the scientists watched over it with great anticipation of what might happen next. At one unimportant point in time, huge reptiles known as dinosaurs ruled the earth, and to tell you the truth, not much was happening, nothing was evolving or changing anymore, and many of the scientists would not accept this as ‘the final stage of evolution’, so 13 of the top scientists stepped in and created the ‘meteor shower’ which wiped out all the dinosaurs, thus making them extinct.
    After that, not much really happened, and the scientists had kind of got ‘bored’ with the whole idea, but just as they were about to give up, a phenomenon happened; a new race came to be.
    This occurrence drew quite a lot of attention to itself from many of the civilians of Thera, as in fact, the inhabitants of Earth and Thera, looked very similar.
    Over so many years, the scientists continued to watch this new race evolve, and they slowly realised that they looked more and more like the Human race, which inhabited Thera.
    At this point in time, the scientists of Thera wanted to monitor Earth much more closely, so what they decided to do was to send down a ‘Korone’ which later in life, people from Earth, mistook for an ‘Angel’.
    This Korone was called Gabriel and he was sent down to Earth to implant an embryo into a woman, unfortunately, when he was down there, the woman he was supposed to implant the embryo into, awoke in the middle of the night. Thinking as fast as he could, Gabriel told the woman that he was a messenger of the people from above, and that she would be carrying the son of G.O.D (Global Order of Democracy), which later on in life, was misinterpreted as an deity.
    When the woman asked what she would call the child, Gabriel merely shrugged his shoulders and said, “I dunno…Larry?”
    Not really impressed by his enthusiasm, she decided to call the child, Jesus.
    Over this period of time, the scientists watched with great intensity at how their project turned out.
    Alas, all the scientists’ hard work went right out the window when Jesus died in his early 30’s because of the odium and spitefulness of the human race.
    But not all their work went in vain; 12 men wrote down the life of Jesus and many people saw him as the ‘savoir’ and the ‘lord’, and because of this, many people worshiped the book and its teachings, however many people doubted its knowledge and consequently war and conflict aroused between both beliefs.
    Slowly the Human race became bigger, stronger and much more intellectual. About 800 years later, people from Thera began to recognise Doctor Sheiba’s experiment, and decided to call it a success: Being able to create not just Life, but stable life out of nothing.
    Once Earth was able to look after its self, and didn’t need Thera to watch over it, they became distant and decided to cut off all communication.
    However, some scientists decided to stay on the safe side and created something in the name of Doctor Sheiba. They decided to create a ‘key’ that would keep the two worlds in tune with each other, just in case the worst came to the worst. They decided to call the key ‘Lheniagh Sheiba’ after Doctor Sheiba.
    This Key had been genetically mutated; its instincts made far more superior than the quick-witted wolf. Its strength made far more advanced that the savage lion, its speed made far swifter than the quickest cheetah, and so on and so forth. To make this simple; they took the blood from the 7 most common races on Thera; The Korone known for its speed, the Cho known for its intelligence, the Lilico known for its Beauty, the Kokoran known for its quick thinking, the Nyah known for its power and strength, the Valkyrain know for its mastery in the dark arts, and the Human race...Simply because it inhabited most of Thera. The blood from these 7 races was infused into the key, giving it the power to communicate and to travel between both worlds.
    Once the key had been created, they hid it in the laboratory, as the whole experiment was a secret, even from the high court, which if they found out such an experiment had been done, the penalty…was death.
    500 years later, Thera fell into destruction; so much of it was destroyed by war, millions of people had died, hundreds of cities had fallen and crumbled at people’s feet, they had become nothing but mere ruins, and Lheniagh, had disappeared completely. For so long, the people that knew about Lheniagh continued to look for it, but after time, they had given up hope, they had realised that the war had destroyed the key and therefore, cutting off all communication with Earth.
    Somehow though, the people from Thera could still travel back and forth from Thera to Earth, so by some means, Lheniagh must still be in intact, mustn’t it?
    Once again, they set out to look for it, but they realised, if the key was to be found, and then truly destroyed, communication would be impossible, there would be no way to cross the barriers of time without its presence, so they gave up and let the key slumber wherever it had fallen.
    700 years had passed, and now Lheniagh is nothing but a myth, a fairytale which was told to the young children, a fable which no one believe was true, and for that reason alone, Lheniagh, became no more, than a legend.