• Chapter 1

    I was six years old that time. Everyday, I would skip riding the big, yellow bus just to walk my way home. I enjoy walking and peeking in every store and meet the townspeople. I would help old people cross the street then back to walking again. I was contented with the kind of life I have... but everything... EVERYTHING changed in just meeting that dog.

    One late afternoon, I was on my usual walking when I decided to take a different route, which I might regret in the future. I took the old road; not much to see; not much people to meet; just the wide, rugged road and trees. I stopped at a wire-fenced, abandoned lot. The atmosphere was lonely and quiet. There was a small shed at the far right corner of the lot and the rest of the space were covered with dirty water filled tires. Dancing leaves crossed the cemented ground as the wind blew. But my attention was drawn back to one of the tires. There was an old, rusty chain dangling onto the top of the tire and I tried to ignore it. I then noticed a branch lying beside my left feet. I picked it up and threw it over the fence. Satisfied of what I have done, I focused my sight to the sidewalk. I was about to take my first step when I heard barking... coming from inside the fence.

    There was a german shepherd dog inside the abandoned lot. Judging from its condition, I am sure she was abandoned and treated badly. There were marks tattoed on her legs that looked like she was tied up. She was so thin that I can clearly see her rib cage. She has a scar at her I am not sure when she last eaten any decent food and how long she can survive living in such condition. She was barking and her eyes were glaring at me. The only thing I can do for her is to report her to the animal control people.

    "Don't worry... when I get home, I will tell my family about you and they will do something about you," I continued, "I am sure when the animal control people get you, they can find a proper owner that will love and take care of you. So hang in there, okay?"

    The dog barked as if saying "yes".

    I started running and tried to get home as fast as I can. Before I know it, there was a dog, the german shepherd dog I just talked to, chasing me. I have no idea why she was chasing me and how she got out. I'm starting to get scared. All I could do, is run, fast enough to not get bitten. My heart was jumping in nervousness and I am gasping for air.

    I decided to cross the street. I was halfway across when I heard honking. Instead of running to the other side, I stopped and looked back at the dog. This dog was intelligent, not like me. She stayed at the sidewalk and did not chase after me after I stepped a foot on the road. She was glaring at me again then started barking as if warning me. Then I heard honking again. I looked at the road and saw a small, red car fastly approaching. My eyes widened. The dog kept on barking and this time, she was angry. Like telling me to get out of the way. I ran to the sidewalk as fast as I could... and that's all I can remember....

    I woke up on a hospital bed inside a well-ventilated room. There was a large, open window on my right and the early morning sunshine tried to seep in through the ocean-blue colored curtains. There was a dextrose attached to my left hand. I have no desire to touch it. In front of the bed was a low sofa with white, fluffy pillows leaning onto it. There were two doors. One might lead to the toilet. I can see people through the glass of the other door, going back and forth. The door creaked open and entered mom. She was wearing her usual favorite: the green pedal and white T-shirt. Her eyes were teary and her left hand was covering her mouth. She approached and knelt at the side of the bed then she held my hands.

    "...You were unconscious for two days... We were worried about you.." she said.
    "What am I doing here, mom? I want to go home.."
    She began to sob, "...I know, honey... I know."
    I started to feel uneasy. Something was missing. I started moving but for some reason, "...I...I cannot move my legs, mom," I continued, "What's happening, mom???!!"
    She stood up and hugged me tight, "...It was an accident, honey.... we cannot change the past.."
    I began to panic. I started crying, "...Will I ever walk again, mom!!?? Please tell me I will walk again!!!"
    "We will find a way... we'll find a way for you to walk again... don't worry..."
    I released myself from her grasp and wiped my tears, "The dog..."
    "There was a dog... at the abandoned lot.. it was all her fault, mom! If she haven't chase me... then.. then-!"
    "Shh... shh... calm down... We'll find that dog, okay?"

    I got out of the hospital and brought along a wheelchair with me. The dog was never found but I don't care anymore. I hate dogs now...