• A cool breeze swept through the empty street as if to reflect on the emptiness and sorrow the town had suffered. Doors were broken in, car doors were missing, and not a soul was alive to care about it. The crack of a window broke the silence of the night as a flock of crows dispersed from a crowd of rotting corpses heaped up in the street. Some would call this place a ghost town...and they would be right in saying so. The populace had already fled to the south in hopes of escaping the disease, that is, if they're body wasn't piled up in the middle of Times Square.

    Victims of the disease didn't know they were victims until it was to late. Symptoms start 5 hours into the infection with minor to severe headaches which may or may not include vertigo and nausea. Within 48 hours, the parasite has already made itself comfortable inside of your brain stem, its erratic movements causing trauma in the brain. Nose bleeds are common throughout the next 24 hours. If the intense pain doesn't kill you, then the next stage of the infection will. By 72 hours, the parasite has full control of your body and before you know it, you aren't you. Behavior becomes erratic and animistic and the vic's begin to to claw at their own skin. For some unknown reason, victims are compelled to kill others and eventually...themselves.

    For the most part, the disease had been contained to more densley populated environments, where the weather is generally warmer and the parasite can thrive. Nobody is sure who or what released the virus, its origins, or the intent. Word didn't take long to get out, considering the sheer number of cases that popped up across the states. 57 seperate killing sprees don't exactly go unnoticed by the media, and when they got word of it out to the people, things weren't exactly pretty. Grocery stores raided, police stations overrun, hospitals crammed with victims and the paranoid alike. Pretty soon the Border Patrol found themselves on the other side of the fence prodding at the hordes and hordes of fellow Americans with their M16's.

    Eventually, the government had to stick their nose into things and attempted to bargain with foreign leaders to allow Americans into their country. Nobody would take us in. No self-righteous leader would expose their people to a disease that they could not control; their reputation is on the line for crying out loud. With no one to suck up to, our government brough about what would come to be known as the American Holocaust. Hundreds of millions of Americans are taken from their homes and executed in the streets by governmental HAZMAT's. Their white radiation suits accompanied by the signature gas mask soon became the subject of fear for Americans and foreigners alike earning them the affectionate title, "Rads". People attempting to flee from these governmental raids were cut down by a salvo of bullets. "Infectee's" as they came to be called, were rounded up in the streets and burned alive.

    As the survivors looked on in horror of their dearly beloveds being thrown into a smoldering heap, the Rads would merely look on and laugh.