• It was a dark and stormy fall night. The wind had picked up and the willow tree branches were whipping around in the wind as if they were reaching out to grab something, or someone. If you looked carefuly down the street, you would have thought this true. There was a young woman standing there, no more than 19. Her short chestnut brown hair with natural red highlights was tucked into her hood of her baggy Three Days Grace crimson hoodie. Her light blue, hipster jeans were ripped and soaked from the rain and blood. A long healing scratch started from the inside corner of her crystal clear light blue left eye down the side of her nose and to the left corner of her lips. It looked as if someone with long, sharp nails expertly carved it into her face. The blood had been washed away by the rain so you could see it clearly if you had been standing in front of her.
    Her gave was locked on the willow tree, but she looked like she did not see what was in front of her. Instead, like she was trapped in another world in her mind, as if she was reliving some horror that no one could ever imagine. As she toke a step forward towards the willow tree, she clasped, only to be found several hours later by a kind, young, handsome, male stranger.
    This kind, young, handsome, male stranger was Mark De Lamoure. He was 21 years old that very day. He had been walking his pure breed husky. The dogs name was Mikey. Mark hadn’t been paying attention to much more then the sidewalk and when he went to push his black bangs out of his eyes he saw her. A young lady, he was sure she was no more than 19, lying in the middle of the road, her blue hipster jeans were ripped and soaked with water and something red, something that strangely reminded him of blood, her crimson hoodie was keeping him from seeing much more. Yet he knew she needed help.
    The ambulance found them on the sidewalk no more than 10 minutes later. Mark had the young lady’s head in his lap and had thrown his jacket over her. He had tried to wake her up, but she wouldn’t even twitch. So he had checked her pulse to make sure she was alive then made sure she was breathing. He felt connected to this young lady, like he needed to protect her from something. So when the ambulance arrived he fought with them to let him stay with her. He didn’t know why he felt so complied to protect her. He knew he just had to.
    The whole way to the hospital the back compartment of the ambulance was in a hurricane. They were trying to figure out what was wrong and if there were any broken bones. And the whole time, Mark De Lamoure just sat there, watching this from where he was told to sit and stay setted. He couldn’t figure out why he felt connect to this person. Like they knew each other. But he couldn’t recall ever meeting this fair skinned young lady.
    In the mean time, about 10 towns over, in Forks, Washington. 19 year old Majata and six year old Teric Rain were at their home. This wasn’t a usual day at the Rain family home. Their house wasn’t calm and quiet with Moricia by the fire reading, Majata drawing on the window seat and Teric at school. No today their house was full of cops and detectives who were trying to get a lead on Majata’s and Teric’s kidnapped sister. It had been almost a week she had been missing and there was still no lead on where she was or who toke her.
    That’s when the mail came. I letter addressed to Moricia Martha Rain, 64 Lil Mortinny, Forks, Washington, USA. It was marked Top Secret. This confused everyone. Who would of sent a letter to Moricia and mark it top secret? Majata opened in and started to read it.

    Dear Moricia,
    Your last job went smoothly. The money was sent to your private bank account. The client was quiet impressed. Miss Flourie was very, very pleased with your work. She gave you the bonus we were talking about. Your next job is close to home, in Port Angeles. You will meet a young man by the name of Kyle Lee Night at L’ètoile restaurant. He will fill you in on the next job.
    Your friends from Special X
    Majata looked at everyone, handing the letter around so that everyone could see. The cops and detectives seemed, surprised for some reason.
    “She was in touch with Special X? “Detective Lawson asked no one in general. “So she was working with the Canadian police. But why? “He looked at his colleges around then at Majata and Teric “Did you have any idea of this? “
    “no, we didn’t “ Majata said, she looked at her little sister Teric and hugged her, she seemed scared for Moricia, Majata wouldn’t say in front of Teric, but she was scared too, her twin was like her best friend. They hadn’t been apart this long since they had been born...