• "Sleep, precious..." the young man named Trevor, whispered to the baby in the crib.

    The baby rolled over, the blankets around her wrinkling. The man, named Trevor, watched the baby sleep. In a bed next to her, was a toddler, named Alec, who had cried himself to sleep.

    The young man stroked the baby's cheek, and kissed the toddler's forehead. "Soon, one day, it'll all end...All the pain...All the suffering..." he assured them. Moaning, but not opening his eyes, the young boy named Alec, began to scream after a moment. "Daddy!" he begged. "No Daddy! Don't go!" he pleaded in his sleep. "Aimee! What about me and Aimee!?!"

    The young man felt his eyes tear up. He loved this little boy like a brother; he was his brother, although the toddler didn't know that. The young man laid next to his brother. Soon, they would have a prophecy to fill. All three of them-together.

    "Aimee!" the boy screamed, shooting up in his sleep. The young man took the baby out of her safe security in her crib. "Alec, here's Aimee...Sleep, brother, sleep..."

    After the three of them all trying to squeeze into the twin bed, the baby very pissed about being woken up, they found a way to be comfortable, fitting together like a jigsaw puzzle.