• " Mitsuki come down here, we need to go." hollered her mother.
    " I'll meet you there. I know it is at." responded Mitsuki.
    " Fine." confirmed he mother.
    Mitsuki was on her way down stairs when the cramps came back. why is this happening? I already had my period. As quickly they came, they dispersed.
    She walked out of the house, when she couldn't get her eyes to adjust. The n the cramps came back stronger than ever. She was about to peel over when she pressure building where her tail bone was. She gently slid her hand back there to "see" what it is. Her hand came across a little nub of a tail. She started to freak out, because everytime she took a step the cramps would get worse, and the nub would get bigger and semi-covered with fur.
    She had to get to the funeral. It was for her father's best friend, who stepped up to be like a father for her when her dad died almost ten years ago. She was only seven at the time. She knew she was running late, but she didn't want anyone to see her like this.
    Since she wasn't keeping track of the change, her tail is full grown now. She seems to have no interest falling on her face anymore, because of it. Her hands and feet are more paw like. She can feel her spine extending. Her skin is starting to warm and prickly Her shoes got tight as her new found paws bursts through the seams on them.The moment she steps out of her clothes the change happens more rapidly. She falls, but she lands on her forepaws. The only thing that has any resemblance to a human is her face, but that is soon forgotten. Her nose and mouth extend into a muzzle. Her eyes and ears already cat like. She had closed her eyes through all of that, and when she finally opens them she sees looking back at her in a puddle from the storm the night before is a beautiful mountain lion. She completely had forgotten about the funeral, and had spent most of her time admiring her new form.