• Chapter 1-What are you here for?

    Sash woke up,he remembered so little from what happened,every thing was so blurry.He stood up,not knowing where he was,His long coat tails hanging behind him."Where the heck am I?"Sash looked at his surroundings,he saw nothing but trees and bugs.He began to walk away from the area he woke up in.He began to glide above the ground,about 2 inches.He blasted into the air,leaving rings of energy behind,He spun inside the clouds making them swirl,His coat tails flew behind him as if they were flapping.He came to a stop when he began to see houses.Sash knew he was close to a city,after landing on top of a building,he took a deep breath.The world already knew about him,he wasn't famous at all,he never cared about earth.Even though he was staying on earth and maybe sometimes saving people,he never got respect.Sash didn't have a home yet.His life pretty much sucked."There's nothing to do today!"Sash sat at the ledge of the building,he rested his head on his hand and quickly began to rest his eyes,even though he woke up not even 4 minutes ago.He didn't get a chance to go back to sleep,his head began to throb,He held his head in frustration,thinking the pain will go away.As he looked up,he saw a line of energy then went from his head and into the forest.He began to follow the line of energy,his head began to hurt more."Somethings calling me....."Sash landed on the ground,he walked into the forest a little more and saw a ball of red and orange energy.The voices that were inside his head came from the ball of energy in front of him.The light began to glow brighter and brighter.He reached for it and it exploded with powerful energy.On the ground below the ball of energy was an orange and red sword,The ball of rainbow energy went inside him,He dropped to his knees with pain signals going to from his heart to his brain.The sword flew into his hand and dematerialized into him,the pain stopped.A few seconds later he fell over,knocked out on the floor,his body began to glow,then the light faded away.The beginning of the war was crawling near.

    Chapter 2-Another one of my race?

    Sash had a lot of thoughts running through his mind,he had no time to think of an answer for it.His thoughts were to fast,they kept running light light.His eye lids lifted,his vision was a blur,he rubbed his eyes a few times then blinked.The sky was dark blue and light orange,he could tell it was getting late.Sash slowly go up,he struggled to get up as his body ached all over."What the hell was that?!"Sash put a hand on his head,he dusted himself off then tightened his gloves."I need to go."Sash began to walk off,as soon as he walked off he saw a pond.There was a girl standing on the water,she was holding a ball of energy in he hands,this one was pink and purple."Don't tell me the same thing is going to happen to her!"Sash said in his mind."The girl was singing softly to her self in a quiet voice,the ball of energy turned rainbow color then went into her,she blinked a few times then formed a sword in her hand,the sword was the same color as the ball was at first,purple and pink.He stood behind a tree and watched.The girl swung his blade at the peddles that were falling from the tree,cutting them all in half without a problem.She let her arm fall to her side,the tip of the blade softly touched the water,The ripples in the water began to glow a dim blue.She turned her head slowly toward the tree Sash was hiding behind,Her sword disappeared,she slowly walked over to Sash,she touched the tree and it disappeared."Who are you?"The girl named Marina asked.Sash froze up,he turned her head to her."I'm S-Sash...."He said qiucikly then turned his head away from Marina."I am Marina,You have a nice name."Marina said smiling.Her smile felt so calm to Sash,he smiled as well."Nice to meet you Marina."Sash said shaking her hand."What was that song you were singing?"Sash asked Kind of amused by what she was singing.Marina thought for a second."I don't know,It just came into my head when i saw that orb."Marina said while crossing her arms.Sash began to remembered that the same thing happened to him,the only big difference was that he blacked out."Marina,That ball of energy,was it calling you?"Marina thought for a moment."Yes,it was calling me."Marina began to wonder why he was asking her all these questions."The same thing happened to me!Is this some kind of sign?!Are we chosen ones?!"Sash asked while shaking her."I don't know."Marina said with frustration."Can you summon your sword again for me?"Marina began to focus,her blade appeared in her hand.Sash tried to summon his,it didn't work but the second time it worked.Sash's sword hand an orange and red blade,for the hilt,it was in a kind of X Shape.His handle,it was black.His blade had a diamond case where the blade first started to come out the hilt,it could open up to let energy flow out.His sword was the middle sized sword,not too big and not too small.Marina's sword was much more different,her blade was all purple,its hilt was pink and hand spikes coming out the hilt,the hilt was kind of round,when it came to the park of the hilt,it got straight,then there were two more spikes coming out near the hilt.The handle was black like Sash's.Her sword was as big as a Katana's,it wasn't big but it's blade was longer then Sash's."Your looks weird...."Marina said with a small smile."I have to leave,bye!"Marina flew off and disappeared in the forest.

    Chapter 3-Questions that need to meet its answer.

    Sash smiled as she flew off,He walked off and eventually reached the city,it was about 8:17 pm when he reached the city."Man,I'm hungry."He said to himself as he walked over to a store."I'll just get a bag of chips."Sash walked in,the store's popularity was 7 people."I thought there would be others shopping in here."Sash grabbed a mid sized bag of chips,he went over to the cash register and purchased the bag of chips.Sash walked out and quickly opened the bag,he lifted off the ground then flew up to the roof top.Once there,he began to eat his chips,and he was done in 4 minutes.There wasn't anything to do at the time,Sash's eye lids began to close slowly,he put his legs up on the roof and let his eye lids close shut.The next morning,he opened his eyes to find a bunch of crows on him,he grabbed one birds neck and snapped it neck."Get off me!!"His voice sounded like a gun shot to them,the crows flew off leaving tons of feathers behind."Every morning,this happens."Sash dusted himself off,he yawned then stretched out his arms and legs,he cracked his knuckles then rubbed his eyes."Damn,I should have gotten Marina's address!"Sash sighed,he jumped off the roof of the store,it wasn't to high up.There were very few people out on The block Sash was on,he jumped into the air then picked up speed."I need to know....What lies ahead of me now."Sash stopped in mid air."Oh come on Sash!It's not like one of those fortune tellers will tell me my future!There all fake,what they say never happens!Then again....it could be true."Sash began to move then stopped."I can't trust those fake a** fortune tellers!"Sash landed near a river,he picked up a rock and skipped it 12 times."This sucks...."Sash saw Marina come out the bushes.

    "Whats wrong Sash?"Marina asked while picking up a rock and skipping it 16 times.

    "It's nothing important.All I want to know Is my future.My life has been changed now that i found that ball of energy,I feel like....I'm supposed to do something with it."Sash said while sitting down on the soft grass.

    Marina sat down next to him,She grabbed his hand and held it."I feel like I'm supposed to do something to,but I don't know what.Together,We can figure it out."Marina said with a small smile."I have another question that needs an answer,its been bothering me.Are there others out there with the same question and the same problem?"Marina stated to make Sash feel a little better.

    Sash began to smile."Maybe."Sash said while looking at Marina."Your turning red...."He said while raising an eye brow.

    Marina's eyes widened in surprise,she turned her head the other way."This feeling is so weird..."Marina thought.

    Sash looked down,she was holding his hand."I think I know why......"Sash thought in his head."Come on,lets get back to the city."Sash said then stood up.


    In a town not so far from the city,an unknown enemy lurks."Tell me where Sash and Marina are."The mysterious voice asked a teenage boy.

    "I don't know man,they could be in any part of the world!Just please,don't kill me!!"The Teenage boy screamed as he begged for his life to be spared.

    "No...."The mysterious figures eyes began to glow purple,The teenage boy's eyes began to turn the same color,The boy began to pull at his neck with his fingers,after about 5 times the boys neck began to tear.Blood began to gush out,the unknown figure walked out of the temple while the boy continued to claw at his neck.

    Chapter 4-Hours that feel like days.

    "You know.....You can let go of my hand...."He said as he landed softly in the grass near a bridge.

    "Sorry,it's just that you hand is so warm...."She let go of his hand then quickly put it at her side,she was still a little red."Do you have any plans for today?"She asked as she watched a flock of geese fly by.

    "No,I don't."Sash picked up a rock and attempted to throw it at the birds,when he threw the rock,he missed.The rock fell from the sky and landed on a car."Uh....Do you think we can talk about this at your house or somewhere else?"He asked grabbing her hand and flying behind a tree.

    "That's the thing....Before I met up with you at the river my friend Shela asked me to babysit her sister."She said smiling a bit."I don't feel like babysitting her sister but i said yes anyway.So could you do me a huge favor,can you watch over Shela's sister for me?"She asked and crossed her fingers for him to say yes.

    "I'm not good with kids but If your not asking me to watch over her while you do important things then Sure."Sash raised an eyebrow when Marina hugged him.

    "Thank you Sash.I do have to do important things,i have to go get some food and pay bills."

    Inside Sash's mind he didn't feel like babysitting Shela's sister but he only did it because there was really nothing to do."Mind showing me where you live?"He asked.

    "Oh,Right."Marina grabbed Sash's hand,she lifted to the air then began to fly quickly to her house.Once there,she dropped him in her yard."Once again,Thank you!"Marina said as she slowly flew away.

    "Don't mention it...."He said putting on a fake smile.Once Marina was out of Sight,Sash knocked on the door,A little girl about 4 feet tall opened the door."So your the one I'm supposed to baby sit....."

    "You must be Sash.I'm so happy to meet you."The girl was wearing pink pajamas with white bunnies on them,her hair was black and long,her eyes were dark brown."I'm Sena."She said as he stepped in the door and took of his coat and shoes.

    "Nice to meet you too."Sash said as he hung up his coat on a hook and put his shoes in the corner."So......what do you want to do together?"

    Sena thought for a moment."Do you like to cook?I want to make sure that Marina is seated to a good lunch when she gets back."

    On the inside,Sash was screaming."Yes,I do know how to cook."He replied lying

    "Good,Then lets find something that looks delicious,and Something that Marina will like."She said opening up a cook book."Hm......How about this?"Sena said pointing to a soup.

    "Uh...Sure."He said walking into the kitchen."This house really isn't that big but its nice looking."He said as Sena stood next to him.

    "Lets get cracking!"She yelled with excitement in her voice.

    Chapter 5-Make the best of your powers.

    Marina was already at the store,she had the shopping cart filled half way up."Man.....I really have to use the bathroom."Sena asked one of the workers if they had a bath room,it was all the way in the back and to the right."Thank you."Marina Already had enough stuff,she hurried up and paid for her bags,she gave them to one of the workers to look after.In the mean time,Marina went to the bathroom.After using the bathroom she began to wash her hands,she looked in the mirror and Saw Shela.

    "Shela?What are you doing here?"She asked turning off the water and facing her."Its really unusual to see you in the bathroom at the same store and the same time."

    "I was here getting some things.By the way Marina,Thanks for being my friend."She said smiling a bit.Her smile looked a little evil.

    "Shela,Are you alright?Your acting weird."Marina said getting a chill down her back.

    "I'm feeling great,And I'll feel better in you."Shela said as a dark aura took her over.

    Marina was forced back into the mirror by a powerful force.She felt shards of glass go into her back."Your not Shela!"Marina said feeling Herself be lifted up by her throat.

    Shela laughed Evilly then stabbed Marina 3 times with a shard of glass,She stabbed her in the arm then slid the shard down her arm."How does it feel?"She asked stabbing her 3 more times.Blood splattered on the walls.

    Marina had tears coming down her face,She held back her scream but bits of it slid out."Why?"Marina asked feeling more stabs.

    Shela stopped."The fun ends here.I'll enjoy being in your body."Shela said with an evil grin.Energy began to go into Marina,Once Shela was done,She dropped dead onto the floor,lifeless.

    Marina dropped to her knees as she looked at Shela's dead body,she Laughed evily then stood up."This is too easy."Marina used a burst of energy to get the blood stains off her cloths,the cuts and stabs on her began to heal.Marina walked out the bathroom and looked as if she was untouched,she grabbed her bags."I'm leaving,she said as she began to walk for the exit.When Marina was out of the store she walked off and into the woods."This girl has no taste in food......."She said as she made it onto the bike path.Marina threw the bags into a bush,she began to travel along the bike path."Sash,I'm coming for you......"


    Sash was surprised that he did good on his first stab at cooking,he washed his hands then turned the fire off."We're done cooking.Its been over 3 hours,Marina should be back in a short while.In that case,how about we go for a walk?"He asked Sena.

    "Sure."Sena said washing her hands and wiping the water off them.

    "Alright,Get dressed,We can go when your done."He said as Sena walked off and into Marina's room.

    Sena put on something quickly,she walked out of Marina's room and to the door."I'm ready!"She yelled to signal Sash.

    "That was quick...."Sash said opening the door and stepping out with Sena following behind him."Do you have the key?"He asked.

    "Uh.....I think i have it.....here it is!"she said closing the door and locking it.

    "Alright,follow me."Sash said walking into the woods.Sash and Sena both ended up on the bike path."Look,a bunch of deer."He said pointing to them.

    Sena smiled and walked slowly toward them,a kid deer walked over to her and tried to lick her hand.Its tail stood straight up and it ran off with its family."Why did it run away?"She asked with confusion.

    "I don't know,You got mighty close to it though."He replied."Wait a second,somethings not right.All the birds and animals are heading in the same direction as the deer.Are they running from something?"He asked with confusion.

    "What are they running from?Your not scary at all."She said with a shaky voice.Sena backed up to get closer to Sash.

    "I know that but what are they running-"Sash looked behind him,70 yards away Marina was walking toward him at a steady pace,she was coming around a different part of the bike path."Marina?I thought she was going food shopping."Not only the fact that she wasn't carrying any bags,she was carrying her sword."Why does she have her sword materialized?"He asked looking at her suspiciously.

    "Marina has a sword?Is she crazy?!"He voice sounded more shaky.Sena hid behind Sash.

    Sash looked at Sena."Sena, want you to run to the house as fast as you can.Don't stop for anything and don't look back.Now,run!"Sash made sure that Sena was out of sight,he turned around to see Marina but she was gone,he turned back around to see Marina standing 4 yards away from him."Why do you have your sword Materialized?"He asked putting on a serious expression.

    Marina looked at her sword then looked back at Sash."What,you want me to keep it cold?"She asked as she started to walk closer to him.

    "Somethings funny about you....."She said watching her walk closer to him.

    "Do me a favor,hon."Marina said stopping 2 feet away from him."Die!"Marina swung her blade quickly at Sash.

    "What the....."Sash jumped back,dodging the blade,He materialized his sword in his hand."Your not Marina....."Sash swung his blade,his first slash sent a wave of slicing energy at Marina.

    "Not bad for you first slice with the sword."Marina blocked the attack with ease.Marina jumped over to Sash for close up attacks,she swung her bad down.

    Sash was surprised for a moment at her speed,he swung his sword at hers to knock her off balance.Sash charged up energy in his hand,he clenched his fist o the energy spun around his hand,he punched Marina in the face and sent her through 3 trees,dust kicked up and made it hard to see her.Sash gripped his sword tight and waited for her to strike.

    Marina send a laser of energy at Sash's leg,it hit his leg and damaged it badly,he fell to his knees

    Marina walked slowly toward him,she tried to stab him in the head but Sash Grabbed her leg and made her fall on him.

    Sash was surprised to see Marina keeping her body from fall onto his,his intention was to make her fall back.Sash grabbed Marina by her neck,he was choking her."Sorry about this."Sash rolled over so he was on top,Marina was drooling and gasping for air.Sash looked into her eyes,behind them he saw who was possessing her."Jemenix?!"Sash let go of Marina's throat.

    Marina crawled from under Sash while he was looking at the ground in surprise.She fired rapid blasts at his legs,they were Damaged even more.She jumped over to Sash then Uppercutted him into a tree.

    Sash felt something impale him in the shoulders,he looked up in surprise."Your sword can split in two?!"

    Marina pulled out a knife,she impaled Sash in the rib cage,missing his heart by an inch.She pulled out another knife."I now pronounce you.......Dead!!!"Marina stabbed at Sash's forehead,there was a splatter of blood.

    Sash blacked out,his eyes rolled into the back out his head.

    Marina laughed Evilly."I did it,I killed Sash!"Marina laughed evilly again."Now for Senas-"Marina looked back at Sash and saw him moving.

    Sash looked up at Marina,he pulled the knife out of his head,blood slid own his face.He pulled the swords out of his shoulders and the knife out of his chest."Nice shot,I don't know how i survived a head shot."He said smiling.

    Marina stared in fear."You can't be still alive,Your a monster!"The dark energy in Marina flew out of her,She began to fall to the ground but Sash caught her.

    Marina looked at him."S-Sa-Sash."Marina blacked out.

    "Its alright now,Your safe."Sash began to fly to the hospital,once he got there people where gasping with surprise."What?You've never seen a bloody guy before?"The medics rushed to the waiting room to get to Marina and Sash,before they could get there Sash black out and dropped to the floor.

    Hours later Sash woke up,he remembered everything."Huh......"He said confused.Sash gasped remembering Marinas pain."Marina?!"Sash sat up quickly,he looked to the side of his bed to see Sena at a desk.She was sleeping with a get better card in her hand."I'm sorry you had to see us like this....."Sash said as tears began to stream down his face.He looked out the window and at the moon."Jemenix,you did this at the wrong place and wrong time.I will kill you...."

    Chapter 6-Care for the ones you love.

    Sash woke up in the morning,the straps around his head were real bloody.He took off the straps to see the hole closing up,in a few seconds,the path to his brain was sealed."Wow,what new ability was that?"He thought as he got out of bed."Where can i get some food?I'm starving."Sash walked out his room,the doctors rushed over to him.

    "You shouldn't be out of bed,the hole in you head is-"The doctors were Shocked to see all of his wounds healed."Unbelievable....."

    "Uh.....Where's Marina's room?"He asked.

    "Her room is down the hall,the 3rd door on the left."On of the nurses said.

    "Thank you...."Sash began to walk down the hall to Marina's room.

    Marina was already awake,she was sitting silently thinking of what day it was."Why are you haunting me?Leave me alone...."Marina jumped when the door opened,she sighed in relief when she saw it was Sash."Uh....Good m-morning Sash."Marina said in a wierd way.

    "Good morning Marina."He said closing the door."Are you alright from yesterday?"He asked sitting at the edge of her bed."I feel great even though i got stabbed-"

    "Don't s-say another damn word about what happened y-yesterday!I don't want to remember what happened!"Marina said putting her fingers in her ears.

    "Maybe that punch to the face really damaged your brain......Are you alright?Your acting strange."He said putting a hand on her shoulder.

    "I thought i said don't talk about it!!"Marina screamed.Outside of the room was Sena,listening to there conversation.

    Sash jumped from her scream,he gulped for a second."Whats your problem?!I could understand you acting like this yesterday,but today.......Now I'm thinking somethings wrong with you!"

    Marina looked at him with and angry expression."SHUT UP!!!!!"Marina silenced him.She put a hand on her forehead."Gosh,You never quit!!"

    Sash stared at her for a moment,he got ready to say something but Sena interfered.

    "Stop it!!"She screamed with tears in her eyes."Stop fighting!I don't want to see you guys like yesterday!I saw it all,The bloodshed made me want to kill myself!I don't want anymore arguing!"Sena ran out the door then slammed it behind her.

    Sash wanted to run after her."S-Sena..."

    Marina grabbed Sash's hand,she looked into his eyes with sadness."Let her go......"She said feeling bad."Shes right,even though i was possessed,i could have tried to fight it,but i didn't try at all."

    Sash sat on the side of her bed,his expression showed a lot about what he was feeling."Marina.....That time i was choking you,i actually felt the energy,it made me feel that i never needed to let go of your throat.The feeling took me over until i saw the person controlling you......"Sash looked made eye contact with her."Does our race always feel this pleasure when they fight for a while?"He asked moving his feet up onto the bed.

    Marina didn't answer his question."Sash,the reason i was acting like that a few moments ago.....Today was the day of the death of my parents.....I killed them..."She said moving closer to him so her back was pressed against his."I felt nothing but pleasure.....then i really started to feel it,the fact that i killed someone.Its haunting me now........."

    Flash back-200 years ago.

    Marina looked up at her parents,She felt fear."Mom,Dad,please don't......"Marina felt the hand of her mother hit her in the face,she put her hand on the pink mark.

    "You deserve this,you embarrassed me on my birthday!"Marina's mother who was named Hura,hit her again,then she grabbed her by her throat and began to choke her."I should kill you now!"Hura grabbed a knife and pushed it into her side.

    Marina held back her scream,Hura let go of Marina's throat."Does it hurt?Well it should!"Hura pulled the knife out of her side then stabbed her in the middle of her chest,she pulled it out so the tip was still in her skin.Hura dragged it down Marina's body slowly,until she got half way to her belly button.Hura then pushed the knife it deeper,slowly at first,then she pushed it in quickly."Your still alive?Well then lets turn up the pain,I'll give you a minute to get ready."

    Marina closed her eyes,she felt her rage build up inside,until she got to the point were she had enough."Die......"Marina mumbled under her breath.

    Hura turned around."What was that?!"She asked pulling out the knife again.

    Marina repeated her saying,but in a yell."DIE!!!"Marina sent a strong force at her father and mother,the force sent them into the walls of the house then it force then to the ground.Marina grabbed the knife from Hura's hand.She charged up a blast in his hand then sent it at her fathers head.

    "NNNNNOOOO!!!!"He screamed as the ball of energy slowly forced into his head,The ball exploded,her fathers head was missing after that.

    Marina was breathing hard,she knelt down at Hura's side."Mother....Why did you lie to those people about my cuts and wounds?"Marina pushed the knife into Hura's arm,then she slid it up her arm until it reached her shoulder."You lied to them...You lied to them!!"Marina stabbed deep into Hura's rib cage,she pulled it down until it was at her belly button,She snapped open Hura's rip cage and looked at her heart."I think I'll save that for later...."

    Hura screamed in pain,she couldn't speak because of the pain.

    Marina grabbed Hura's liver,she pulled it out then tossed it behind her."You don't need that...."Marina grabbed Hura's intestines,She pulled all of it out."Maybe I'll make you eat this.....No......"Marina tossed it behind her."You never told them the truth!"Marina stabbed anywhere at Hura,she made sure not to his head heart or head."You lying,b*****d!!"Marina slammed the knife down into Hura's head,stabbing her in the brain and getting an instant kill.

    Hura's eyes rolled into the back of her head,her heart stopped beating.

    Marina had Hura's blood on her cloths,some blood on her face.She felt the tears coming after she realized what he did."I won't ever see you guys again....."Tears slid down her face like crazy as she walked out of the house and into the night.

    Flashback over.........

    "Ever since that night,I've been living on my own,i even burnt my house down after it killed my parents......."Marina was already crying.

    Sash looked at Marina,he hugged her to make her feel better,she held onto him with her head pressed against his Chest.He was shaking a bit because he was feeling the sadness of Marina."It's alright.....let it all out....."

    Marina said in a loud voice and stuttering a bit."No.....It's n-not okay!I k-Killed my p-parents and n-now i regret it!"Marina cried herself to sleep.

    Sash felt the tears coming to him,her chin was on his shoulders,tears falling onto his shirt."Marina......"

    Chapter 7-The answer

    Sash covered his eyes from the sun as he exited the Hospital,He took in a deep breath."I really need some different clothing....."Sash looked back at Marina."Sorry to ask you this,but do you have any money that i can borrow?"He asked.

    Marina stepped out of the hospital."I have 120 dollars,Here."Marina handed him some money,She flew off to her house.

    Sash watched her fly off."Thank you...."Sash flew off to a clothing shop.

    Marina landed at her doorstep,she opened the door with a spare key she had,she walked inside and sat down on her chair."Sena.I know your here."She said loud enough for her to hear.

    Sena walked out of the bathroom."How did you know?"Her voice sounded a little deeper then last time.

    "I felt your power coming from the bathroom."She said crossing her arms and smirking."I have bad news for you......Shela's-"

    "I know.....Shes dead,Another Asasika killed....."Sena said letting her head fall back."There still hunting us down,I guess this is there way of saying the war rages on....."

    "This is like a game of Man hunt,We need to turn this into a game of Knock out if we want to live,Right now we're the prey and they're the predators......"She said clenching her fist.

    "Where's Sash?We need to get him back now,its getting to hot out here....."she said standing up and putting on her shoes.

    "Be careful."Marina said looking back at her."Keep your guard up."

    "I will."She said as she walked out the door and flew away.

    Sash paid for his stuff,he got about 12 new shirts and pants."This is awesome!"Sash walked out of the store,he looked to his side to see Sena,Sash didn't say anything.

    Sena smiled."Hi Sash,Sorry about running off on you yesterday."She was talking in her fake voice,it sounded less deep."Lets go home...."Sena and Sash lifted to the air and flew back to Marina's house."We need to have a talk."Her voice sounded much deeper now.

    "Your voice....."Sash shook his head,he walked inside."What do you want to talk about?"He asked sitting down.

    "We need to get our act together.....The day before yesterday,Shela died.The enemy is continuing the war even though 96% of our race was wiped out.There hunting us down like Assassins.We have no idea were they are now,we need answers."Sena materialized a Sword"I have a sword too.I know you two have swords as well.Is this a sign?!Shela had one too before she died,now it disappeared since she died!Are all the remaining Asasika's getting These Swords?"Sena let go of her sword,it disappeared.

    "Now i know.Marina,Sena,we got these swords so we can unlock the key to winning this war!"Sash yelled.

    "I'm going to take a shower."Sena said walking into the bathroom."When i get out,Can you hand me my pajamas,i brought over all of my clothing when i knew Shela died."Sena closed the door.

    "Hurry up in there,i need to use it too."Sash said then walked into Marina's room,he opened up Sena's suit case and pulled out baby blue pajama pants and a baby blue pajama shirt.Sash looked down a picked up Sena's panties,he stared at them for a few seconds then he dropped them on top of The pajama pants,he pulled out a bra and quickly dropped them on the pajama shirt."That was way to hot...."He said as his face turned red."Maybe i should take another-No.....No...i won't touch them again....."Sash wrapped Her clothing in a ball,he opened the door when he heard the water stop,he closed his eyes and held them out,waiting for Sena to grab them.

    "You can open your eyes,I have the towel on."She said grabbing the ball of clothing.

    Sash opened one eye,he looked At Sena and stared at her for a second,he quickly walked out and closed the door behind him."Why must I be tortured?"He looked to the side of him and saw Marina tapping her foot.

    "I have to go in there.Have you ever heard of ladies first?"She asked opening the door and walking in.

    "She seriously went in there while Sena was in there......"Sash started to day dream,he smacked himself when he thought of something perverted."This is going to be one crazy life......"He said putting his ear on the door.

    "I know your listening Sash."Marina said out of nowhere."Get your ear off the door."

    "Sash,you have a dirty mind....."Sena said opening the door and walking out.

    "Hey!I can't help it when one girl goes into the bathroom when another girl is getting dressed."He said backing away from the door.

    "You are so retarded...."Sena replied looking at him with half opened eyes.

    Sash sighed,he walked into Marina's room and opened her closet,he saw some clothing them took them off the hanger,her bra's and panties were hanging as well."Why me....."Sash grabbed Everything that Marina would need,he turned around to see Marina walking into the room."Ah,Crap...."

    Marina opened her eyes and stopped humming,she turned red then grabbed Sash by his shirt."What are you doing in my closet?!"

    Sash struggled."It's not what it looks like!I saw you go into the bathroom without any clothing in you hand,so i wanted to get them to you before you came out the shower."

    "I don't believe you,Pervert."marina tossed Sash out the room.

    Sash hit the wall,he fell to the ground."One again,why me?"Sash got up,he went into the bathroom with his bags in his hand,he came out with different clothing on.He had on a black T shirt and he had on slightly baggy pants,as always,he had his black gloves on."I feel much better...."He said with a slight sigh."I hope Marina isn't too made with me...."He said sitting on the conch and laying down."So comfy....Can't keep eyes open...."Sash was just getting ready to take a nap when he felt something heavy land on his back."What the?!Marina!"Sash yelled.

    "Shut up and be my cushion."She said turning on the tv."This is your punishment."She said moving closer to his head."The more you struggle them closer I'll move to you head,try not to move and you won't be suffocated."She said crossing on leg over the other.

    Sash found it annoying that he was a cushion,he tried to roll over but was forced to stay down by Marina's power."This sucks!!"

    Chapter 8-The all powerful beast

    Sash had fallen asleep,it was getting late in the night.Marina was asleep in her bed adn Sena slept in the same bed as her.Sash rolled onto his side.

    Inside Sena's mind,she was having a nightmare on what was coming.Her eyes shot open in a split second.She got out of the bed without disturbing Marina and went to the living room with Sash.Slowly reaching for his shoulder,she shook him enough to wake him up.

    Sash opened both eyes slowly,he looked up at Sena's face."What's wrong?"He asked looking at the clock.

    Sena was a bit frustrated,she shaking a bit."Do you mind if i sleep with you?"She asked gripping her pillow tight.

    Sash was wondering why she wanted to sleep with him,he nodded then moved against the cushions a bit to give her room.He closed his eyes then let his head land on the arm of the sofa.

    "Thank you."Sena laid down,she put the pillow under her head then closed her eyes,she stopped shaking a little after she laid down.Her heart was beating quickly,then slowed down when she fell asleep.

    The next morning,the sun beamed into the room,making it lighter.Sash woke up after getting a sun beam to the eyes.He didn't want to wake up Sena,who was drooling on her pillow.He raised an eyebrow when he realized."Wonder what shes dreaming about...."Sash sat up,he lifted up Sena then stood up."S-Shes drooling on my arm....."Sash quickly put her back on the Sofa,he grabbed the remote then turned on the TV."I wonder whats on TV...."Sash flipped through the channels with a short interest in the shows,that is until he saw what was on the news.

    "This is reporter Lulu Stars reporting live in Washington D.C.Late last night,a meteor touched down not far from Washington D.C's white house.Police quickly got onto the situation and block off many streets.Not even 4 minutes after the meteor touched down,Witnesses say that a 6 legged mutated beast came out of the huge meteor.Shortly after this incident,Washington D.C was completely destroyed.Survivors who recorded the incident gave the film to show the world."

    "Thank you Reporter Lulu.Here is the film on the late night tragedy that struck Washington D.C hard."A film off the tragedy began to play on the screen,The roars of the beast caused many buildings to co lapse.The 3 legged mutated beast had a brill on its head,Yellow and black eyes and a long tail.Ancient markings were shown on the Legs on the legs of the beast.moments later,the beast grew spikes under the tail,it slammed its tail into the ground with the spikes deeply inside.The beast slammed its legs deep into the ground the lowered it's self.The drill on the beast's head began to spin,sucking in energy at the tip of the drill.A purple ball formed,sucking in energy continuously.Then the ball was released in a powerful beam,everything it passed shattered and broke apart.There was a big explosion.Shortly after the explosion ended,the beast dug a huge beast disappeared into thin air after lightning struck the ground in front of it.

    Marina walked behind Sash,she had a worried face expression."Whats going on?I've never seen something like that...."Marina turned a bit red,she was even more worried.

    Sash turned off the TV and walked over to Marina,he put a hand on her shoulder."Its okay.Whatever that thing was,it probably won't appear anywhere near here."Sash said looking over at Sena who was wide awake with fear on her expression."Oh god,now i have to scared women in the house...."Sash sighed."How about we all go for a walk."He said."Maybe that will get your mind off of it."


    'Excellent....Operation Armageddon is in progress...."The mysterious voice laughed evilly."Its getting closer to that time."


    Sash walked in front of Marina and Sena,he walked around the corner."See,isn't it nice to get some fresh morning air."Sash said as he looked back at Sena and Marina.

    "Well,you are right about that."Sena replied as she took a sip of her orange juice.

    Marina was silent,her face was glued to the glass of a store with a nice dress."Oh my god!Oh my god!I want them so much!Why do they have to cost so much?"She pressed her hands against the glass."I must have them!"Marina felt the collar of her shirt yank her away,she was being dragged away by Sash."No!No!NO!I want them!"

    Sash sighed."Your like a child...."He said as he dragged Marina across the street."And you guys say i have-"

    "You do."Marina and Sena said in a loud voice at the same time.

    Sash felt like an airhead,he sighed again but it sound more annoyed."Never mind...."He said slowly walking across another street.

    Sena giggled lightly then took another sip of her orange juice.She stopped then dropped her juice,she blinked few times then felt her fear rising.

    Sash let go of Marina,They both turned around to her."Whats wrong?"Sash asked turning around and letting his eyes scan her expression.

    Sena shook in fear."Run!Its here!"They ground rumbled roughly,causing the ground to spit open in a tremor.Sena turned around she backed up until she was in between Sash and Marina.

    Sash grabbed both Marina and Sena,he jumped into the air and let them go when they were hovering behind him."What?!How did it get here!?"Sash saw people running and screaming,then a drill busted out of the ground.A loud roar pierced the air and made the glass on the buildings shatter."That's too loud!'Sash felt the force of its energy when it fully came out of the ground."Its so freaking Huge...."

    Marina materialized her blade,she split it into 2 blades."I don't care how loud it is,we have to take it down!"Marina powered up a bit,her aura turned white.

    Sena and Sash did the same."Your right...."They both said at the same time.

    Sash smirked,he rushed for the beast,he dodged a beam the came from a spike came from its mouth.Behind him,a building exploded."Die!"Sash slammed his blade down onto the beast's head.Nothing.Not even a gash."I-Impossible!"Sash flew back from a hard hit from a beam coming out of the tail and he slammed into the ground and made a crater.

    Marina and Sena both came in for a strike from above.They attacked it all around.Marina's blade punctured,the cut healed in a split second."What?!"Marina dodged a beam coming from its leg,she came in front of it then fired a fully charged beam into its face.Doing little damage.The beast roared and sent mind shattering sound waves at Marina.She covered her ears with wide eyes,and taking a direct hit from the blade on its tail,it cut deep into her side.She flew through a building then crashed down into a tree.She groaned from the pain and fast bleeding.

    Sena came from under the beast,her fist flew into its jaw.The beast's head flew up.Sena came from in front,she punched and kicked the beast in the face,knocking it senseless."Now Sash!"

    "With pleasure."He came from behind Marina with a ball of glowing bright energy,he fired and sent it into the face of the beast,making it fly back and into a building."Ho do you like that?!"Sash said as he laughed a bit."And you actually feared this thing."Sash looked at the dust that was flying in the air.A spike flew at Sash and hit him in the leg.He held in his scream as he slowly pulled out the spike.

    Sena flew into the dust then spun around to clear up the area."Were did it go?"She asked looking around nervously.Sena felt something sharp go through her stomach and screamed.She felt her body hit the flow hard.

    "Sena!!"Sash flew down to get her.Grabbing her in both arms."You little....."Sash said in anger."I'll kill you!!!"He yelled as his energy increased.Sash put Sena on the ground were it was safe."Marina,Sena,This is for you guys!"Sash sent multiple energy waves at the beast,hitting it to knock it off guard.Then Sash came in for a direct hit with his blade,he stabbed it in its eye then pulled it out quickly.The roars began to hurt Sash's ears.This is it!!"Sash punched It directly in the mouth,sending it through another building.With that,he charged up a ball in his hand that got bigger and bigger.Sash slammed it into the Beast's face and watched as it exploded into a million tiny bits."Its all over...."Sash said as he smirked.

    Sena looked up,She knew it wasn't dead."Sash!Your not finished!Look!"The beast was reforming again.It roared loudly and sent a force of invisible energy at Sena and Sash.Blowing them both back.

    Marina got to her feet,she gripped her blade then dashed toward the beast and slammed her blade into its tongue."This is pay back!"Marina sent multiple blasts into its mouth.The roar pierced the air,Marina covered her ears in pain.She opened one eye and took a hit with a laser to the shoulder.It did great damage."I'm sorry,Sash.I have to pull back for a moment...."Marina turned around then flew back,she landed on a building then increased her energy.

    Sena stood on her feet.Slowly,she began to run toward the monster.In her hand was a ball of rainbow energy.She jumped up high into the air and pulled her hand back.Her aura began to turn orange."This is for you!My most powerful attack!"Sena got ready to fire,that is until she felt her body go numb."I-I failed...."Sena dropped the ball of energy,it hit the ground and exploded,making a huge crater.Sena flew through a total of 4 buildings.

    Sash stared in surprise,he rushed over to Sena's help.Once there,he saw her laying on the grass with a smile on her face."Sena!No!Don't go!"Sash knelt down beside her.He held her close to him,hugging her tightly."Don't die on me..."He looked into her eyes.

    She coughed up blood,slowly,she reached up and touched his face lightly."Sash,don't cry.It was my fault that I'm in this condition."Sena smiled,she kissed him on the cheek."I'm sorry that it has to end for me this way.At least I'll be with Shela...."Sena's eyes started closing slowly,she kept her smiled as her eyes closed.Everything blacking out,no heart beat."

    The tears streaming down Sash's face fell onto Sena's cheek.He closed his eyes and clenched his teeth."I won't let this thing win.I WON'T LET THIS THING WIN!!!!!!!!"Sash's energy increased over his limits.His pupils turned yellow,his hair turned black."Sena....I will avenge you...."He said as he carried her over to a tree.He put her body against the tree."I won't forget you...."