chapter 10 - The secret - part 2

    *John was in his sleeping bag and to his surprise, Ciel was in the same bag with him. It seemed Ciel has gotten somewhat attached to him, and it was already 6:30 in the morning. John noticed Ciel was holding to him tightly and didn't want to get up. John was ready to get up but Ciel wouldn't let go. So John tried to talk to her.*

    John= Ciel, do you want me to start fixing something to eat for you?

    Ciel= *waking up slowly* Uhhhhh. oh, John. I need to get to work on analyzing the ship computer.

    John= Not until you have something to eat first.

    Ciel= Ohhhh John. *sighs*

    *John had fixed Ciel some biscuits, eggs, sausage and John ate some himself and tried to get Ciel to eat. She managed to eat 2 but she didn't want anymore after that. The both of them walked outside the Tardis and continued to analyze the ship computer of the forbidden ark.*

    (music playing- Forbidden Ark/ Megaman Zero 3 )

    *Ciel began to use some of the devices from the cargo box. John pulled out some heat generators from the Tardis and set them to a low setting. Ciel began to read out and copy a few data files from the ark computer into her portable CPU.*

    Ciel= *mutters*Weil.......what are you doing now?

    *Ciel was still uncovering a few old files and Suddenly discovered an old password for access to an old satellite not made in record since Dr. Weil's sentence.*

    Ciel= John, come look at this!

    John= You found a password of some sort.

    Ciel= It's from a old file and to access some sort of satellite. But I Don't know why.

    John= Can you try to make contact with it?

    Ciel= This ark is too much in a mess, this ship is too much ruined to do that.

    John= Maybe....but my Tardis can track it down! C'mon Ciel. I got an idea!

    *John and Ciel walk back into the Tardis.*

    John= All we have to do is to trace that satellite, now enter that password Ciel.

    Ciel= Gotcha. *enters password*

    Tardis computer= Analyzing data.......data confirmed......searching for scorce........found....accessing.....................confirmed.

    John= On screen and audio.

    (music dies down)

    Ciel= Hey, this.....this is another ...... ark? Did Dr. Weil make another ship when he was sentenced?

    John= Who knows? The old fart is full of crafty backup plans, especially after Zero wasted those 8 masters he built, and came back with 8 more after that.

    Ciel= I Don't believe it. This is.....his secret satellite. So the old rumor was true after all.

    John= Huh?

    Ciel= My grandmother once told me that Dr. Weil built a satellite to help him with his revenge plans and never planned to use it until the time was right.

    John= And we finally found it.

    Ciel= What's this!?

    John= huh?

    Ciel= I...can't believe it!!

    John= What is it?

    Ciel= It's....... a ...... space construction site.

    (music playing- Curse of bile/ Megaman Zero 3 )Download

    John= He's planning to build another fortress in space? But what is he planning?

    Ciel= Im not to sure. Whatever it is, it doesn't look good.

    John= Let's see if we can pick up any auditoria? That way we can hear what's going on.

    *The Tardis picked up some radio broadcasts from the site in space to the planet, it sounded like secret radio broadcasts, but John's Tardis was too advanced for it's security to block it.*

    John= Lets get a clear reading........here we go.

    ***********************listening to broadcast**********************

    Dr. Weil= So how is the plans Coming along Prometheus?

    Prometheus (a reploid with a skull shaped helmet and similar to John's biometal designs)= We are doing fine so far. No worries, no problems. It's slow but steady.

    Dr.Weil= What about the data I sent you, the test results from those fake guardians?

    Prometheus= Oh, those fake guardians?

    Pandora (a reploid girl with a weird shaped head and more similarities to Prometheus)= Oh you mean the fake guardians were just lab rats to study this John human's biometal system? After witnessing the video you sent us about that pink biometal that can create biometals, we too were a bit shocked about it.

    Prometheus= It's interesting but I am also a bit concerned. Could it do the same to us as well?

    Dr. Weil= Well, perhaps, but that's not the issue now. I been doing some research with that other 2 overworlders Dr. Wily and Dalton, and figured out how to sneak in micro-probes using the fake guardians as pawns for the research data, now we can make our own biometal using that odd-ball pink biometal data.

    Pandora= It will take some more time on constructing it, but I have a question for you?

    Dr. Weil= What is it my dear?

    Pandora= Are you going to keep this......Dr. Wily and Dalton as permanent partners? They did revive you from that crash site at the desert where Ranarock 1 crashed.

    Dr. Weil= I am not sure, but that's not the major concern right now. Return to work both of you. *Signal with Dr. Weil goes out.*

    Pandora= Alright bro' time to get to......wait!?

    Prometheus= What is it sis?

    Pandora= Theirs a signal of foreign technology....not of..this world....tampering into our communications satellite! WE BEEN HACKED!!

    Prometheus= FOUND IT! The forbidden ark!

    **************************hacking signal found!!*****************

    John= Oh s**t! They found us!

    Ciel= John, im sorry...it's all my fault. Me and my stupid ideas!

    Prometheus (radio)= Identify yourself immediately!.....Oh, it's you outworlder, will Lord Weil like to find out who I spoke to this morning.

    John= Who are you and what are you doing up their?

    Prometheus (radio)= I am called Prometheus and this is my counterpart, Pandora.

    John= Oh, like a sis right? She is sorta cute though.

    Pandora(radio)= Excuse me!? Are you hitting on me? Gross! I don't fit myself with humans!

    John= Oh, and what about ol' Weily?

    Pandora(radio)= How dare you! How dare you slang Lord Weil's name!

    Ciel= John!

    Prometheus(radio)= Oh, so that meddling Ciel is with you as well.

    Ciel= I heard you were making a biometal of your own, what are you doing using micro-probes to tamper the biometals like that? Have you no shame?

    John= CIEL!! Don't! You'll spill the be......ah' hell. Too late.

    Prometheus(radio)= PTH! Pathetic, since you know our plans now, theirs no need of keeping you their anymore. Pandora, fire the cosmic cannon! Destroy that wreckage!

    John= Well, too bad for us were gonna die. Byelo! *ends transmission*

    Ciel= John, what have I done!

    John= Were not finished yet. Computer, emergency transport all supplies into the Tardis and transport to the scenic view!

    (music fades away)

    Tardis computer= transporting goods and supplies. .... Transporting now. *Tardis whooshing*

    John= Alrighty, now lets enjoy the view.

    Ciel= But the forbidden ark, were still inside!

    John= Just relax and trust me.

    *John takes Ciel's hand and walks to the Tardis door and opened it and to Ciel's surprise, she was back at the scenic view where Roll dropped them off.*

    Ciel= We moved!!

    John= Watch this.

    *Ciel spotted a laser heading from the sky towards the mountains and striking the forbidden ark and a huge explosion flashed across the sky and pieces of the doomsday ark flying across the sky.*

    Ciel= That cannon.....IT CAN'T BE! But.....Rangarock was destroyed!

    John= We didn't ..... C'mon! Back inside.

    *John and Ciel run into the Tardis*

    John= Computer, I dentify the ship we were hacking just then.

    Tardis computer= Identifying........... Identified. Bringing visual.

    *holographic map of the entire fortress from space thought to be a satellite station, but was a unfinished image what Ciel guessed to be the Rangarock.*

    (music playing- Rangarock/ Megaman Zero 4 )Download

    Ciel= Impossible!

    John= You know this thing? Hey, that's no satellite we just hacked, it was a space station wasn't it?

    Ciel= It's Rangarock! But it's so far away and..... I saw it break apart!

    John= Oooooo Harpy is not gonna like this. But according to this map, it only had enough power for just this one shot. It can't fire again, and even if it did, it would waste it's power it needs to finish it.

    Ciel= Dr. Weil is trying to repeat his events. But with the help of Dr. Wily and Dalton.

    John= Together, they become the ultimate threat. Ciel, these guys are going too far. Something big is gonna happen, but I Don't think it's just gonna be at Area Zero this time, I think their aiming for Abagale. Their planning something big. We have no choice, we got to tell Harpuia and the others.

    Ciel= John, I....I....Im sorry. *looks sad* I can't control myself, why do I have to be so stupid and drag another person to risk his neck for us.

    John= And if I ever do, I will make sure this world is saved and Zero avenged!

    *incoming transmission from resistance base*

    Harpuia(radio)= John! Is that you in the Tardis!?

    John= Yes it's me. Im fine.

    Harpuia(radio)= That explosion, it came from space did it not?

    John= Sure did.

    Ciel= Harpuia, it's Weil. He's making another Rangarock! He's using Dr. Wily and Dalton to stall us while he builds his new Rangarock.

    Harpuia(radio)= Don't the both of you move. Were Coming to get you!

    John= Don't bother, we can transport back to the base. Besides, the Tardis can't be traced.

    Ciel= But what about the reploid who caught us...

    John= It was a lucky shot for them. Besides, it could track the radio waves but not the whole thing. Their not that smart. Harpy, im Coming back.

    Harpuia(radio)= Then do so. The two of you are in serious trouble.

    *Tardis door shuts and the Tardis whooshes and transports back to the resistance base. Harpuia looking mad approached the Tardis with the rest of the Guardians and the resistance crew.*

    Harpuia= You were not permitted to leave at that time. Roll was caught transporting the 2 of you...

    Ciel= It's my fault! I told her to do it. I only wanted to research the forbidden ark and we discovered they have a secret area for space construction. I told John to come along.

    Roll= Im sorry Ciel. Im sorry John.

    Harpuia= John..... did you get any data?

    John= Sure did. The Tardis has digital download so it apparently did all the work for us.

    Guardian solder= Harpuia sir! We got a message Coming from an unknown scorce... it's Weil!

    John= Great. *sarcastic look*

    Harpuia= Put him through!

    (music changes to- Fate/ Megaman Zero 4 )Download

    Dr. Weil(radio)= *laughs wickedly* Like the fireworks!?

    Harpuia= You!.......*looking really angry*

    Fenfir= You b*****d!

    Ciel= ......,

    John= Cleaver little terd aren't ya'?

    Leviathan= Traitor of the humans.

    Phantom= Unforgivable scoundrel.

    Harpuia= Do you know what you are asking for Weil!?

    Dr. Weil(radio)= Im glad you asked my friends, to continue where I left off! You people who ruined me and thought I was dead, I got news for you guardians.....I CANNOT DIE!! You people made me this way! From a little help from 2 outworlders, they helped me rebuild and reconstruct where I left off from Area Zero, and I intend to finish the job!

    John= What's the point!? Everything you stood for, everything you were, what you been, what was before and now, gone!

    Dr. Weil(radio)= I heard from Prometheus about your little hack-job. Well done. Now I assume you know about the micro-probes tapped into the fake guardians and into your little pink biometal. But something bothers me,.... If you have biometals that represent a reploid, how come you have one that doesn't?

    Harpuia= What are you up to Weil!

    Dr. Weil(radio)= I WILL SPEAK ONLY TO JOHN! Now, I did a little research, that the biometals in your possession represent those meddlesome Guardians but also represent the reploids even in X's past life. Dr. Wily told me about these, Proto man, and Bass. And X's life before I had this done to me, Dynamo. But that pink biometal dose not represent a reploid what so ever.

    John= So? It never looked like any biometal I ever seen either, it can even talk.

    Dr. Weil(radio)= It dose not represent a reploid, but something more older and ancient than reploids itself! It represents a..persocom of the CHOBITS series!

    Harpuia= What the hell did you just say!?

    Dr.Weil(radio)= You know what im talking about Don't you John. You seen them, you held one, you knew one.....you.....loved one!

    John= Say no more!

    Dr. Weil(radio)= How can a biometal that defeated something superior and advanced be defeated by a biometal that represented an ancient simpleton creation, no different from a pervy boy's plaything!?

    John= I said that's enough!

    Dr. Weil(radio)= You have in possession a biometal that represents a simple toy! You have the most ridiculous excuse for a biometal I ever seen. Chii X. Model C. A completely cushy joke!

    John= Stop it! That's enough,....MY HEAD URGHHHHH!! *John collapses*

    Ciel= John!

    Cerveau= What's wrong with John?

    Ciel= I think he's sick!

    Dr. Weil(radio)= WHat's a'matter? Can't handle the truth?

    Harpuia= Weil, What have you done to him!?

    Dr. Weil(radio)= I had nothing to do with that now.

    John= My......head.......memories.....urgh...*passes out*

    Ciel= JOHN!!

    (music dies down)

    *an hour later, John woke up but he found himself in the nurse's station with a few of Ciel's medic tools and equipment. John met a reploid nurse looking after him.*

    Rocinolle= You look like your waking up. Just relax, you fainted.

    John= I ..... my head just gave on me...what happened?

    Rocinolle= You must have had memory sickness.

    John= I did have a few dreams some time ago but what's that got to do with anything?

    Ciel= Thank god your ok! My scanners read no life threats and no trace of toxins.

    John= You worry too much.

    Ciel= Remember that Dr. Weil said about those micro-probes? He's going to attempt to create his own biometal isn't he?

    John= Then were just going to have to steal it so it doesn't get used for evil purposes.

    Rocinolle= Ciel, I think you did enough, now you go get some rest as well. I also heard you been removed from the guardians duty temporarily till further notice.

    Ciel= I know. I just...... wanted to share something only with John that night.

    *Harpuia walks in the room*

    Harpuia= Ciel, you have been removed from duty till further notice. Return to your room. Only Me and the guardians will give John orders.

    Ciel= Ok. Sorry everyone.

    John= Hi Harpy. How are things Coming along?

    Harpuia= John, it seems your doing fine now. Rocinolle, I will talk to him alone.

    Rocinolle= Yes sir.

    Harpuia= John, until we find something about what Dr. Weil is trying to do, you do not go into it without hearing from us understand? I do not want you doing any more of Ciel's favors understood?

    John= Yes. ......., Harpy?

    Harpuia= ........, You can go out and do some scouting for us if you like. Why not the mountains? But not alone. Why not take Fenfir with you?

    Fenfir= Oh yeah, now I will teach you how to use that model F like a real man!

    Harpuia= Now Fenfir, just cooperate with our plans and don't get John into one of your male bonding schemes, understand?

    Fenfir= Yes Harpuia.

    Harpuia= Good. Myself, Leviathan and Phantom will meet with you 2 later. Roll!

    Roll= Yes sir?

    Harpuia= Prepare your flutter. We are heading to the mountains.

    Roll= Yes sir!

    *Everyone runs out to the flutter and boards and set's direction back to Abagale*

    Ciel= John, please don't leave us.

    (music playing- Area B/ Megaman Z X )Download
    *The flutter arrived at Mt. Abagale where the mining center was located. John and Fenfir disembarked first. The Flutter passed through to the other side.*

    Harpuia (radio)= Now, Fenfir, go into the mines that way. We will meet up with each other later. John, you be careful out their, that's an order.

    John= Yes sir.

    Harpuia (radio)= Fall out! *ends transmission*

    Fenfir= whew that's over. Now equip your Model F.

    John= OK! *John mega merges with Model F*

    Fenfir= Hey, look. Mechanloids. This will be some warm up practice for getting used to knuckle busters, so get as much maverick carnage as possible before I clean'em all myself. Here we go! YA-HOOOOOO!

    *Fenfir charges and uses his knuckle busters as ramming tools and trashed a few human shaped robots and some weird old looking robots causing trouble and scouting the area. John caught up with Fenfir and took down a few himself with a knuckle tackle. Both John and Fenfir darted through the trail to the mining center and seen areas where workers ran and retreated from the mines.*

    Fenfir= No good mavericks, they don't know who their dealing with Don't they?

    John= Like?

    Fenfir= US!!

    John= Yup, figured that.

    Fenfir= Now, show them no mercy John. Take out any one you spot!

    *Fenfir thrashed a few simple ride armor mechanloids and John repeated his actions but Fenfir was still stronger and more accurate than John. John didn't do half bad himself. He managed to get braver and help Fenfir take out mechanloids trying to get him from behind.*

    Fenfir= Here is the entrance. Ready John?

    John= Ready.

    Fenfir= Let's go in.

    *The both march inside the mines and to their surprise they seen trashed equipment and broken tracks which the miners were using before they were attacked.*

    John= Those old looking robots. I seen them before.

    Fenfir= Who cares where you seen them at, their all gonna be scrap!

    John= So it's time to clean house.

    *Fenfir and John ventured deeper inside the mines and later found a mechanloid made door leading to another tunnel.*

    John= The Model X, is reacting to something in here.

    Fenfir= Good work John! Mavericks are digging their own tunnel. Time to see what their up too. Hopefully we can find a good fight. Let's go John!*

    *They both entered the door and found areas that didn't match up with the construction the workers were doing and operating.*

    (music dies down)

    John= I recognize......some of these signatures.... I feel.....mana...Fenfir, stay alert, some of these intruders are prone to using magic. Must be some of Dalton's work.

    Fenfir= Dalton? You mean the one who helped make that imposter of me?

    John= Yes. Him and Dr. Wily must be plannin' somthin'. I feel a presence I haven't felt since......

    (Music playing- Gutsman/ Megaman {arranged album})Download

    Fenfir= Who cares, let's go!

    *John and Fenfir trailed across the mines and found mechanloids designed for construction and mining and they were digging around places, but as soon as they spotted John and Fenfir, they charges at the both of them. John opened fire at a group. Fenfir took on the group with another knuckle tackle. Then, John spotted some strange robots he sworn to have seen before. They looked huge and bulky and inferior to this dimension and they fired rockets from their stomachs. John fired at the missiles but Fenfir threw a boulder and crushed the robot with it.*

    Fenfir= Thanks for stallin the chump John. Makes it easier to get the drop on them.

    John= It's too soon to relax. There's a big eye Coming this way, and I haven't seen them in a long time!

    *A Big eye robot (robot mechanloid from Megaman's beginning era) was hopping forward and approaching John and Fenfir in the highest speed it can possibly reach.*

    Fenfir= Bog boy aren't you?

    John= Watch it Fenfir, that's a big eye. I dealt with these things before. Their slow but they can land a mean punch!

    Fenfir= Together then, charge shot!

    John= Alright! Let's do it!

    *John and Fenfir charged their knuckle blasters to maximum and opened fire at the same time firing both left and right guns on the big eye. The combined attack sent the big eye dropping.*

    Fenfir= GOT YA! Oh John, Don't hesitate to just waste them ok? Huh? What's the matter.

    John= I know that robot. It's not mechanloid design. It's an outworlder robot. It's not from here. .... Dalton. I should've known. This wasn't the presence I was feeling but Fenfir, you better stay alert. I got a strange feeling.

    Fenfir= Don't worry. Your beginning to sound like Ciel.

    John= Huh? Hey!? That's a ...... goblin. What are they doing here? Their from ...? Now this is starting to get weird now.

    *John spotted some goblins from the mystic world and suspected Dalton's actions. Dalton was known for summoning monsters and use of magic. John warned Fenfir to stay alert but Fenfir didn't listen and kept trailing after the closest target. John kept a close eye on Fenfir, but at the same time....John was picking up another reading...... but the Model X was reacting to the signal. But John found the scorce, and used the knuckle bash to break a collapsible wall and found another of Dr. Light's capsules.*

    John= This must be the hidden capsule Dr. Light from the resident area cave told me about.

    Fenfir= What did you find their John?

    (music changes to- Dr. Light/ Megaman X )Download

    *The capsule opened and Dr. Light's hologram activated.*

    Dr. Light= Im so glad you found my other hidden capsule John. Remember what I told you about the scattered capsules like the one in the resident area? I once had a lab and a summer home their back then. Now equip your model X biometal and recieve the upgrade. This will allow you to perform with it more efficiently and use the abilities my son used to use when he became X. Their is another capsule where Dr. Cossack and Dr. Cain put here in Abagale. Only model X can track them down. Now recieve the upgrade.

    John= Ok.

    *John switched biometals to Model X and stepped into the capsule, Fenfir stared with a surprise as he watched John recieve the upgrade. And in a flash, John's Megaman biometal started to glow and John tested the upgrade and was able to switch to an armor a bit similar to Megaman's 4th armor but it had a spiky look similar to Copy X.

    Dr. Light= Now you have Air Dash, Hover function ,Damage reduced by 50%
    Plasma extension and A fully charged X-Buster shot will fire a destructive ball of energy; the ball will leave behind trails that continue to damage enemies. Use them well. This capsule will now be deactivated and will no longer be powered ever again. Farewell my friend.

    *The capsule deactivated.*

    (Music changes to- Weapon obtained fanfare/ Megaman 4 {arranged album})Download

    Fenfir= You did it again! You got an upgrade Ciel never made.

    John= Now let's put this armor to the test.

    (music returns to Gutsman's theme)

    *John spotted some more mechanloids and Dalton's robots Coming from other directions and John with the new X upgrade shot a few blasts of plasma and blown away a few at once. John then dashed and jumped and grabbed a ledge and fired at some Batontons approaching himself and Fenfir.*

    Fenfir= Now your lookin like our master X John.

    John= Ah it's nothin really.

    *Suddenly the ground beneath their feet gave and their was a slide tunnel and both John and Fenfir slid down it.*

    (music changes to- Dr. Wily stage 3-4/ Megaman {arranged album})Download

    John= Ghayhhhhhhhh!!

    Fenfir= AHHHHHHHHH!!

    John= A mud slide trap!

    Fenfir= Wooooooo!

    *They both hit the bottom*

    John= That was scary.

    Fenfir= John, my sensors are picking up something really big is headed this way and I mean HUGE!!

    John= I will use my magic to find it. *Casts SEEK* Uh-oh! I haven't fought these for a long while. It's a yellow devil. That's Dr. Wily's creation. Fenfir, be prepared, we can't fight this guy like a mechanloid. Watch me ok?

    Fenfir= Now your sounding a little like Harpuia.

    *The Yellow devil walked closer with big steps of it's 30' body. Then it's body started to break into tiny pallet sized pebbles and flew around the room and a few tried to hit John and Fenfir.*

    Fenfir= What's with this thing!?

    John= DUCK!!

    *The both ducked down and Fenfir tried to shoot the pieces but it was useless.*

    John= No! Wait until it's formed together again, then hit it in it's eye. It's the only way. Now set your knuckle guns to auto-charge. It works well for me.

    Fenfir= I hope your right.

    *John and Fenfir set their weapons on auto charge and when the yellow devil returned to full body, it's eye opened up and began to fire bolts of plasma. John opened fire at the first sight and had a direct hit. Fenfir fired his twin guns as well and landed a good blow.*

    John= That's great. It's not over yet. The doc's devils aren't so easily beaten!

    *The yellow Devil broke apart again and began to split it's body into pieces again. Then it started to launch it's pieces in different patterns and trying to strike at John and Fenfir. John performed a simple jump, then mid-air straight dash through a few. After successful evasion and the Yellow devil reformed again, John and Fenfir landed another team blow and then the yellow devil exploded into cyber-dust.*

    (music dies down slowly)

    Fenfir= John, you got a good sense of fighting that thing. Great job!

    John= But, why is ol'Wily recreating his old robots for? What is he up too?

    *Then from the remains of the yellow devil, a cyber elf appeared. It was a pink colored one with a cleric like hat and it was none other than Winkie.*

    Winkie= Thank you for saving me from that awful contraption.

    John= It was nothing.

    Fenfir= It's ben quite awhile since I seen cyber elves.

    John= Do you know why you were taken by that thing?

    Winkie= I can't really remember....

    John= Don't worry, I got just the doctor for you.

    *John grabs his com-link and channels to Allouette.*

    Allouette (radio)= Allouette here.

    John= Yo' Alo! I found a cyber elf.

    Allouette (radio)= Wow! That's great. You haven't been fining any until now. What's going on?

    John= Just haven't seen any that's all. I think our new guest lost her memory. Can you help her out?

    Allouette (radio)= Ok. Channeling in to your destination, ready to transport her right away.

    Winkie= Thank you so much. I am Winkie by the way.

    John= Im John. And this is Fenfir. Well, see you later.

    Winkie= Be sure to help my friends.

    *Winkie get's teleported*

    Fenfir= Yo' John. Look, another door.

    John= Coming your way.

    *Goes through the door, and finds a mechanloid made tunnel for an underground base. After some walking they find it leads to a cavern filled with crystal and some water vein currents.*

    (music playing- Water service Bureau/ Megaman battle network transmission)Download

    Fenfir= Hey, a crystal cavern. It's the old Abagale crystal mine. We found it.

    *Com-link activates*

    Harpuia (radio)= John. You reached a destination not marked on the Abagale map. Where are you?

    John= Found...something. Look like a crystal cave with water of some sort.

    Fenfir= This must be what those mavericks must be after.

    Harpuia (radio)= Continue investigating. And, John, you may need the Model L for this one.

    Fenfir= Shoot, and John found an upgrade for model X too.

    Harpuia (radio)= What was that!?

    John= Ill explain later. What are you going to do Harpy?

    Harpuia (radio)= We are scanning the mountain from the top. We will try to pin-point your area later. Good luck.

    *John switches to Model L*

    John= Let's get started. Fenfir, I will let you know when I need some extra muscle ok?

    Fenfir= Ohh, alright. Sheesh.

    *John and Fenfir took the trail and sliced away any robot and mechanloid that got in their way. Then looked like a dead end with a circle pool that goes down deep.*

    John= Good thing I got Model L, time for a dip.

    Fenfir= Oh man.....I don't like water.

    John= We got no choice. Let's go.

    *John and Fenfir jump in the water and take the tunnel, underwater, their were some unwalkable surfaces and trippy areas so John had to use the model L's swimming abilities and hold Fenfir while he trailed underwater. John was surprised to be able to breath comfortably underwater and see very well too. When they reached a walkable surface in the water tunnel, John could feel something was near, a strange feeling he felt earlier. It was getting stronger.*

    John= Here goes that feeling again. And it's Coming from that direction.

    Fenfir= Let's hurry up and get to dry areas soon, im getting waterlogged.

    *John and Fenfir reached another tunnel that lead them back to the surface and another place in the crystal caves.*

    John= This biometal is picking up an item signature, and it's close too. And it feels so familiar too. Hey look, it's an artifact. Some kind of tablet piece.

    Fenfir= You found it, and your senses say you haven't seen that in a long time too.

    John= It's the item signature, but the strange signature was different from that one.

    (music stops at once)

    Dalton= I thank you so much for leading me to it too.

    John= DALTON!

    Fenfir= Hey, what's that thing he's on.

    John= Hey,... the...Epoch! No way!?

    *Dalton was standing on the Epoch, the ship that was used to go through time by Chrono and his friends. Dalton has it in possession once again*

    Dalton= My sweet "Air Dalton Imperial" with me once again, isn't it such a sweet site?

    John= You stole it from Chrono again a assume?

    Dalton= Now, hand over that tablet or else?

    Fenfir= Or else what pretty boy?

    Dalton=Well, you are trapped after all, and I do have my "Behemoth" I created for the sole purpose of killing you!

    *Suddenly the Behemoth appeared. A huge long horned creature with the look of a huge purple mountain lion with spikes and spiny hair and had surgically implanted mana generators on it.*

    John= Fenfir, get the tablet and defend it at all costs. I will deal with this monster.

    *Looks like John is going to face the Behemoth by himself, but how will he defeat it? Tune in next time for Megaman Heroes.*