• 7/19/07

    From Terelli,

    I didn’t think it would come to this trying to get someone to accept an apology from such a far away place instead of being face to face. I know it must be weird right about now reading this letter but you can burn it in that fireplace you told me about. Krystal I never hurt John he did this to himself when he was put in that mental hospital years back he was never a happy person I’ll send his old letters back for you to read.


    Dear Terelli,

    Dad, marriage has been fine and at with the chance that I can finally afford a new house you know how Ally’s been dying to move ever since we got here maybe well have the feeling as if we made it to California for once. The kids are alright are little Suzy finally turned six, Oh, Rebecca over came her sickness fine as a doll who knew how colorful she was when she wasn’t pale and our oldest she’s gone and driving must’ve been that argument she had with her mom. I just can’t wait till that day I’ll make every thing better.


    Dear Terelli,

    Little upset come to find out we won’t be moving for another 6 months but it’s probably because theirs more people trying to bid than just to buy the house. I’ll try to look for what’s up for sale in the morning again. Dad I’m still sorry.


    Dear Terelli,

    Seems like I’m getting divorced Alice couldn’t handle the fact that I’ve been out of work for the past months or the drinking problem I have. I didn’t like her that much anyway she always hated me.


    Dear Terelli,

    Remarried the new wives name Krystal. She loves the kids the same way Ally always did and the kids think she look beautiful…

    Dad remember all those letters I sent…


    Dear Terelli,

    Dad Alice is a b***h the kids are gone I should’ve killed them all and not one time did she care and all I hear are these voices in my head telling me that I need out of this place this house. Krystal’s cared though, I hated those rats for calling there mom to pick them up because I wasn’t nice or how I love Krystal.


    Dear Terelli,

    Thanks for the letters.