• Diary Entry #1
    Great! I don’t know why but because I happen to be a childish troublemaker, I was sent to a magic school for the troubled. It happens to be……….uh……….embarrassing. I guess I can put that word in for now. I’ll change the word when I get smarter and learn new words.

    Diary Entry #2
    Ok, this is my first day at the magic school. More like boot camp though. The head master happens to be a former drill sergeant. And since I made a pun in one of the classes, witch happens to be the most serious; he made me work on a really hard spell.
    I guess I should clue myself in on who’s the boss around here.
    top- head master
    next- vice head master
    third- students
    bottom- me stressed
    I guess I happen to be the lowest link around the school. It just ain’t fair. Oops. I man isn’t fair. We also have a very strict English teacher. She smacks my hand every time I use the wrong form of words.
    Diary Entry #3
    Magic is fun to learn but every time I don’t follow the rules, I get smacked or sent to detention. It’s not very fun to sit in detention just because I talk during study hall. I mean, what if I need help with homework. Wait, since when did I do homework?

    Diary Entry #4
    I guess you’re wondering why I write these entries. Well, my parents and the police made me after I used my powers the wrong way. Oops. ‘Wrong way? How?’ Well how else. I used my magic in public. Now why would I break those rules? Well a little girl lost her kitty and she saw it hanging from a breaking branch. If I had let it fall, it would have died. I cast a spell when it began to fall. I caught it with a cloud. Unfortunately I was caught. BUSTED! And I guess I don’t have to say anymore about my screw-ups.

    Diary Entry #5
    I’m so happy today. I got a gift from my friends at my school in the mortal world. They all found a litter of abandoned kitties and sent them to me.
    One looked like he had an eye-patch. I called him Captain Miro Miro. Well Miro for short. One reminded me of an Iromote cat. I called him Pika Meow Meow like from Azu Manga Daioh. I call him Pika instead of his long name. One was white with black stripes. So I called him Bengal, like the Bengal tiger. (Is that right, I never knew, and I still don’t.)

    Diary Entry #6
    The school staff wasn’t very happy with me keeping the cats. But since the headmaster love cats, he let me keep them as long as he gets to visit them while I’m in my classes. So I let him. The school headmaster is #1.

    Diary Entry #7
    I’m bored. There is nothing to do during my break. Maybe I should write an autobiography. Oh wait, already am. Just my luck. And I have to spend all year here. No time to go home. No time to see my family. No time to see my friends. If it weren’t for the police, I’d be a happy bunny…oops…typo. My bad.

    Diary Entry #8
    I swear if I don’t get out of here I’m going to hypervenelate… wow, I didn’t even know I knew that word.

    Diary Entry #9
    You know how I used the word “embarrassing” in the beginning? Well here’s a new word, “SCREWED UP!!!!!”, how does that sound? Well that’s the way it is here at the academy. It’s all screwed up. I swear, the place where I’ll kick the bucket is here.

    Diary Entry #10
    It was a sad morning today. Bengal, my white and black kitty, ran away. It made the headmaster sad too. I sure hope he comes home soon. He was such a cutie. But if I had lost Miro and Pika too, my heart would have been ripped out. IF YOU CAN HEAR ME BENGAL, COME HOME SOON! PLEASE! I MISS YOU SO DANG MUCH!

    Diary Entry #11
    I found out that when I write my entries, I’m supposed to tell what happened each and every day. That way when they read my entries, they know I’m learning my mistakes and I know what to do in the future. Well guess what? WHO CARES!?!?!? I write what I want to write.

    Diary Entry #12
    I was so happy to day. Bengal returned. But he’s changed. I know it’s him because when ever I say ‘kookoo soopookoo’, a game me and my friend and I made up, he would freak out. Apparently he wasn’t really part off the litter of kittens that Miro and Pika, were from. Bengal is actually a real tiger. I knew he was special. That and different from the other kittens. Wait one second. When the head master took him to the vet’s office for his check-up and to see what kind of cat he is, couldn’t he have seen that he was a tiger and not “Some sort of cat that the aliens probably abducted and tested and put other genes in” (word for word of what the vet said)?

    Diary Entry #13
    It just so happens to be that the police and court said that the way I use my magic is the way I grew up. All true. As I grew up, I went to the magic world and did community service. Mainly at the zoo there. No really. I have three medals and a bruise that just won’t go away from working there. I got kicked in the butt by a unicorn. Note to self, when a unicorn is without parents at a very young age, tell the people who own the zoo to not let the unicorn grow up with bulls, he didn’t like my red over-alls.

    Diary Entry #14
    Today is the day I return home. But I get to take the kitties with me. That makes me happy. I’m just sad that once I return home, I have to follow the rules of when I get to use magic. I leave the school now. When I look back I look at the sign. You have to be kidding me. The sign said “Magic School for the Mentally Insane”. I am so mad right now; I don’t know how to describe it. Oh well. I’m just happy to return home.