• Once apon a time there was a man named Joe. Joe was not an average person he was actully the CEO of Funky Town clothing store. Almost everyone shopped at Funky Town. Joe was making about $500,000.00 a year. Joe had A huge mansion. The mansion took up 2 acers alone and the rest of the yard took 4 more acers. One day as Joe was on his dayly jog a liquid got on himself. It turns out that the liquid got in his eyes and it also was bleach. The morning after he got it in his eyes he woke up yelling and screaming "Help Help I cant see Help Help!!!!!!!" After he went to the hospital he found out he was blind and he may not get his sight back again. When he was driven back home after about 2 weeks later. When he got home he asked what time it was. "6:30am sir" said his servent Hollio. "Ive got to go to work" After he got back 2 hours later he said " I was fired ofor not doing my job right and because i cant see. Joe was never able to get his sight back again>

    The End