• It was dark, the moonlight reflecting off the large cliff face, surrounded by lush green forest. On one side of the rocky wall, a dark figure climbed with its slightly taller green counterpart, the only thing stopping them from plummeting to their deaths was a small rope which was embedded in the cliff face.

    Above them sat an open cave, a black and red hound sitting at the entrance, white bone-like objects wrapping around its black body. Two prongs sat on the creatures head, bending backwards like horns, one of them sawn off at the end. Walking to the edge, the hound looked down, red eyes narrowing, seeing the leafy green tail of the figures companion. Whipping its black tail on the ground, the dog turned, padding back into the cave.

    “Almost there Sceptile! How you holding up?”

    The large green Sceptile nodded, gripping a rock between its claws and pulling itself up. The other did the same, a black hooded top bouncing slightly as they pulled themselves up and re-adjusted the rope. Finally they reached the ledge, pulling themselves up onto it.

    “Phew! Nothing like a good climb early in the morning ey Scep? Come on let’s have a browse”

    Sceptile nodded again, following his trainer into the cave. Pulling out a flare and breaking it on the wall, the two cautiously wandered in, keeping their wits about them as they journeyed deeper and deeper inside the unknown territory. A growl made them stop.

    “Get ready...”

    The two tensed as a pair of red eyes looked at them in the darkness. Sceptile’s arm glowed bright green as he prepared to use his leaf blade attack, but froze as more red eyes glared in the darkness, the low growl turning into a series of growls.

    “Sceppy... Back up... We’re getting out of here...”

    Sceptile nodded to the order as the two slowly backed up towards the way they came, the red eyes following, several Houndour and Houndoom prowling forwards towards their prey. A few of them opened their mouths, a small fireball appearing at the back of their throats. The trainer’s eyes widened.

    “Sceptile go! They’re gonna use Flamethower!”

    The two turned and ran as the blasts of fire emitted from the dog’s mouths barely missing them as they reached the ledge. Sceptile let out a cry as the fire hit him in the back, the attack causing him to crash to the floor. His trainer gasped and turned, running back to him.

    “Sceptile! Come on dude don’t faint on me now!”

    The trainer reached into a jean pocket, grabbing a red and white pokeball and pressing the button. But before the inhabitant could be called, another blast erupted from the cave, sweeping them both off their feet, burning deeply into their different skin. The trainer screamed and flailed as the ground ceased to exist, reaching out for the other as they were both sent plummeting to the ground...