• as she sat and waits for the people to move,
    she decides to try to understand what she wants better
    sure, she wants that cookie
    but is it the actual cookie she wants?
    or is it just the concept of the perfect snack
    that was sweet, beautiful and in every seeming way
    thinking about it, she realizes that maybe
    just maybe
    the cookie wont as good as she thought it was.
    so she walked to the cupboard
    that held all the cookies in the kitchen
    and took a good look at them
    yes beautiful
    yes intensely delicious looking
    but then she figured it out
    that cookie wont last forever
    and with her standing there
    that cookie wants to be eaten
    but she was not going to be the one to eat it
    she turned, and walked from the kitchen,
    turning her back on the cookie jar, and the pickle
    (which she no longer wanted)
    and looked ahead in her life
    there would be so many snacks in her life
    so she was not going to waste her time
    and use up her time
    when she wasn’t going to eat the cookie anyways
    and honestly,
    i think she knew that to begin with
    and that
    really is
    The End.