• Serene felt bitter and lonely... It was she who had caused her mother's death, and now, no one loved her, not even herself... She had nothing left to live for, and she had become one of those creatures she had, so long, been taught to despise. What was left for her? Was she to be damned in such a fashion? What had she done wrong to deserve this fate? Alone in her pity, Serene did not notice the things that changed around her... The cold glares, filled with pure and utter contempt... The way no one spoke around her... The way children ran in terror of her...

    She was alone.

    The thought of suicide plauged her thoughts, but something always held her back. A cool hand over hers, a hushed whisper, an almost peace, something that would not allow her to die. And in the years to follow that night,something strange happened to Serene. She felt different, like something was burning inside her... That she would suffocate if she did not let it out. It was on her 21st birthday when something finally happened. He spoke to her, Samuel, the town elder. Samuel was an interesting witch, who held the knowledge of all magic, of spells her kind was now forbidden to preform. He was at least 700 years old, but he appeared 27... Surely one of the forbidden spells... He had beautiful golden hair and light brown eyes. Those eyes were kind and had never scrutinized Serene the way most the others had. But none of these things were what made him peculiar. He had no interest of his own kind. He often studied about their mortal enemy... Vampires. And not to find their weaknesses, but out of pure interest. Here was someone who had lived through the Great War, and he bore no ill will towards the creatures who had started it all. In public, everyone showed him respect, but behind closed doors, he was almost as scrutinized as Serene.

    "Serene, I know all about you, about your powers..." Samuel whispered. "What powers? I am weak and have none... That is just how it is." "No, that is not true Serene. Haven't you felt like there was something within, dying to get out?" Serene remained silent, in thought. "See, it is true... I've been waiting for you a long time... Ever since that day... It was prophisied over 700 years ago, by the Lady of the Lake. I was her only whitness, and I'd like to help." "Lady of the Lake?" "Yes, Lady of the Lake... For generations she was thought of to be myth, but she is real. She is not only the spirit of the lake, but of water itself. Every few hundred years a new one is born... Your little pond... I believe it left you something." Serene clutched her little stone tightly.