• My Daily Routine

    Ugh Mondays I thoght to myself. Well now to start my 8:55 a.m. jog. Today was odd it’s morning but it’s still dark. As I started down the street I saw the manhole was open like usual, but this time it was emiting a horrible smell and I saw a figure clime out a strangly jumped 100 feet over a couple houses and into the forest. The smell was gone now and I came to the only logical conclusion that the strange being was a hawk that had found something in the sewers.
    I continued my jog and passed the robinson’s house. All the cars were there, but the door was wide open and all the lights were off. This place was giving off the same malodorous stench. Ignoring this strange setting I continued jogging. I rounded the culdesac and started back home. Although there was a feeling something was following me. I could see my house and I saw that my door was torn off the hinges. The first thought that popped into my head was that sombody broke in and was robbing me, but then I noticed the door was on the lawn.
    I started sprinting towards my home, but the feeling I had of sombody following me had left. I got to the house and saw claw marks on the door the strange felling came back. I guess that a bear came from the forest and came in for food. I walked through the house slowly and quietly towards my room. As I passed the ajar door leaking to the kitchen I peeked in and saw the same figure that had dispersed into the forest. I quickly scurried to my room and grabbed the pistol under my bed. It all makes sense now the monster arised from the sewer, attacked the robinsons, and if I don’t do something It will get me too. I sneaked up to the door and rushed around to find that the room was empty. Puzzled I rested my arm and turned around, but as I walked forward I saw the horrific being stairing at me from across the hall. I raised the gun and pulled the trigger, but nothing happened. the ware-wolf like creature slapped the gun out of my hand and pushed me down on the floor. Of corse I forgot to c**k the gun. The monster pounced me and started clawing at my chest. I kneed it in the gut and threw it off me. Then I rush to the gun, c**k, and… success. I’m glad that’s over. I walked to the door and continued my jog down the street.
    Wait something dosen’t feel right, I thought as I passed from the robinson’s house. That feeling it’s back. I looked at the robinson’s ajar door. There I saw ms. Robinson. I was scared for a moment, but as I started to jog again her body was launched through the air. It was covered in blood and there was a giant bloody hole in her chest. I looked back at the door and I could see another one of those monsters, …but this one was holding a heart in its bloddy furry paw.
    The end