• There he was just panting near my ears he then picked himself up and blood dripped on my face i couldnt move his hands or his feet... he collapsed on me i felt pain for the first time.
    I could have killed him with the pocket knife in my hand..all i had to do was stab and ill be fine
    .... but i didn't know why i didn't do it. After 2 minutes i pick him up and put him on my bed....
    I did a horrible thing by tomorrow ill be dead... so i spend the whole day just playing on the computer.. waiting for my death... I then thought of running away so i packed even though i knew i was going to die....
    It was two hours later in 5hours 39minutes till i die.. I then heard a rustle i knew it wasnt him but i was worried who it might be.. so i took out my pocket knife... and stood my ground....it then came out it was a dog.. a cute one if i have to say so myself.. I petted it then a boy came out 2 years older then me he said" oh im sorry did he bother you?" "No he didnt" I replied.
    "You seem lost you can come to my house dont worry i wont kidnap you even the way you look anyone would hehe" he said quickly. "Sure by the way do you have a shower?" i asked "Um yeah you can use it though..." he said "Thanks" i replied.
    When i went to his house it was like a normal Japanese house.. I took a bath for 2 hours so it was 3more hours and 39 more minutes till i died.. The boy then said" you seem sad and cold * touches face*" i know * tosses hand away*" i said "Oh im sorry you just look like my girlfriend she died last week...." he said.... "Im not going to pity you i dont pity" i replied.. "Oh thats a first...."he said She was like you all spunky and all.... do you think.."he said "No im not her reincarnation even though i look like her" i replied sternly "ill be going to bed" I said
    *runs* "what is it?" i asked .. then he kissed me those lonely lips touched mine that was my first and with a stranger i was shocked and happy at the same time.... *shoves* "whats your problem!" I screamed "I trusted you and you did that! trusted,....... funny he i actually trusted you its to bad it all went to waist.... in five minutes ill be gone.." I said *holds hand* "Dont leave me im lonely... don't leave me like she did" he said out of nowhere. "I gasped i then look at the clock it was in 1 hour and twenty more minutes till my death... but instead i said, " If you dont expect me to stay" when i saw his face my heart jumped for joy and so did his

    It was strange it was time for my death and he didnt show up....maybe god decided to give me another chance at life.. cry i was so happy...

    Three years past me and the boy got very close i loved him and he loved me....that was before he came i was in his backyard cleaning... then he came,"Hey long time no see" he said. "I thought you wouldn't find me... how did you?" I asked with a stern voice..
    "You may have saved me but that was only a short time... you could of killed me i wonder why you didn't was it that you liked me twisted " he said "Not even close!" i yelled..
    He then said ," Now then if you close your eyes and count to 3 itll be over!" "Not a chance!" This time i was strangely determined to live.. though deep in my heart i knew it was over..
    he came in and said " what is that!" I gasped my lover saw my secret..! The vampire then said,"Oh looky here! Your boyfriend oo and look its time for him to die to!" He raced over as fast as lightning toward my lover.. I did something i never thought i did i used my body to protect him.... that was it.. my life was over but even though i couldn't move the last thought i heard was that
    Vampire: Good job man you have received 5 more years of life! Since you betrayed you own lover!
    Boy:i wasn't in love its called acting...
    Vampire: oh really oh who cares i cant believe that worked!
    Boy:Me neither
    Vampire: Aren't you afraid she'll hear?
    Boy:Shes dead why should i care lets remove the evidence first...

    It was then tears ran down my face i trusted him... I actually trusted him.. crying
    So thats how it ended i died and that boy lived but i was happy because it wasn't all acting two things that were true such as: "Dont leave me im lonely... dont leave me like she did" and the way he kissed me.. i will always hold those two and only those two precious memories...in my heart...forever...