• The Bad Bug
    Once there was a a family that lived in a little town called Yorkville. The family just moved there and everyone was very nice to them except for their next door neighbors. The family decided that the nieghbors would get use to them and be friendly but the real question is when? So while the family was settling into their new home, the neighbors were watching from their windows. Inside the neighbors house live a couple of elderly people. They wern't the brightess of people but they were nice in some way, it's just that no one really knows what is nice about them. As they sat their in the living room consulting with each other on how irrating the new neighbors would be, they began to relize that the new neighbors would try to be nice to them and talk to them. While they were consulting, the two children( George and Marie) were exploring the neighborhood and started to walk near they house that had the elderly people in it. Just when the kids were about to walk on the porch steps, one of the old people came out.

    The old person was an old guy and he yelled at them to get away or else and that frighten the kids so the ran back to the new house. Ofcourse they told their parentss and their parents wern't to happy about it so the next day the parents of the children went over to the neighbors house and knocked at their door. At first no one answered so the dad knocked louder.

    Then all of a sudden the old lady opened the door and yelled " what is it that you want!" the parents ofcourse were startled by the yelling from the old woman.

    The dad then said " I would like to speak to you neighbors personaly because yesterday my two children try to come over to say hi and your husband yelled at them and they were not doing anything wrong."

    " Well they were intruding on public property and the were rudly interupting our lives with their foolish childnness." said the old lady.

    By now the dad was furious with her and said in a calm voice " Listen lady, the other reason i came over here was to ask for a favor from you but I see thats too much for you guys to handle."

    Just when he was about to walk away the old lady stoped him and looked at him curiously and ask " What was the other thing you were going to tell me?"

    The dad turned and said " Why would it matter to you, you would say no anyways."

    " Just tell me the gosh dang thing and get it over with!" said the old lady.

    " Well, I know that we just moved in and all but my wife and I were going to go and celebrate our anivercery. So we decided to go for a vacation but we can't take our kids cause it is only for adults. So I was hoping that whom ever we move next to would babysit our children and I would pay you for it too. We would only be gone for a week and when we get back I could pay you $12 an hour every day." said the dad.

    The old woman was surprised. No one around her not even her other neighbors ask her such a responsbility. " Well no one has ever asked me that before. When were you planing on doing this little thing?"

    " Well we were going to plan on leaving next week on Monday and come back on Saturday morning but the problem is that we need to find some one to watch our children."

    " I don't think that we have anything next week planned, so i guess we are availiable to do something like that."

    Surprised, the dad said " So does that mean you guys will do it?"

    " Yes that means we will do it now go and finish what ever you were doing before I change my mind." she said.

    The dad turned and walked away but stopped, turned around and said " Thank you and i guess your not jjust an old hag after all."

    As he turned, the old lady started to laugh and went back into her house. When the dad went inside his house, he told his wife what went on over at the old people's house and she was surprised and excited but how were they goin to exlpain this to the childen? Well two days before they left, they told their children what they were going to do.

    " But dad I don't want to stay at that old house! It's scary and weird and the people that live in it are mean and smell really bad! and if we have to go there they are goin to make us do boring stuff like play boredgames and chores and even worst, they will probly make us listen to the "Oldies"." said George.

    " I agree daddy, why do we have to go there can't we go with you? Old people are gross too. Take grandpa for example, when ever he watches us, he ends up sleeping and farting at the same time. and worst they will make us clean their dentures and scrub their floors and whatever else. Have you ever seen that one movie called annie? well they are probly going to make us do like what those orphans do!" said little marie.

    " You kids always over react about the most unimportant things. Look, you kids are going to go and thats final. Me and mommy need time to our selves for once." said dad.

    " Well you and mommy always have time to your selves at nightime in your bedroom and you guys had a lot of time wwith each other when you took turns driving here and plus when we go shopping. So whats the difference now. As a family, we must spend as much time with each other because one day soon since you guys are pretty old yourselves, one of you is going to kick the can or let go of the grass soon." said Marie.

    " Marie!!" said both of the parents and they started to laugh.

    " I don't care. you are going wether you like it or not." said dad. " Now go upstairs and pack up. You guys are goin to be leaving when we leave."

    The children then turned around and trugded up the stairs thinking that the were being punished for something and started to pack up. The next morning the parents relised that they have to leave sooner then they planned. So the parents called and let the older people know what was going on. Then the parent had to struggle to get the kids ready to leave. When they arrived at the house, the old people were waiting out on the proch already. As the children got out of the car and walked up with their parents to the porch, the children stared up at the house and they thought that the house was haunted and scary. When they arived up on the porch, the put their bags down and tried to listen to the adults.

    " Well well well, we haven't been properly introduced." the old guy said. " My name is Carl and this is my wife Janet, we will be watching you for a week you know?"

    " Yea we know. and you were the guy that yelled at us for no reason about like five days ago." said George.

    The parents both glared at George and turned around and said " We're sorry. He has not been to happy about this situation. But what he really ment was that he is glad to meet you and he be glad to stay with you."

    The Marie came up and said " Hi, I'm Marie. I am seven years old. My brother over there is twelve. He really cool but sometimes he is mean but that is ok."

    Then she went back behind her mom and stood there still. Her brother looked at her like she was going to get it soon. So when the parents were getting ready to leave they kissed their children good-bye and thanked the elderly people again for doing this for them. As the lefted in the car, the kids turned around and looked at the old people. The had never realized that they looked so old. The older woman had crows feet and wrinkles all over her face that she looked like and elephant and she was shorter than the children and she had a mole on the side of her cheek that looked like it could be the size of Texas. The older guy had no teeth and had hair on his chin that looked like it was an inch long. He also had hair coming out of his ears and hose so when ever he went to go blow his nose, boogers would get traped in the hair and so would snot. The children then looked at the inside of the house. It looked old, shabby, and dusty. Just as the children suspected, the older people had an od fashioned radio and t.v. and a lot of everything else that was old fashioned. They then took their bags and brought them into the house and the older people followed.

    Carl said " Since we are going to be watching you children, you have to follow our rules. Your bed time is when we go to bed which is at nine most of the time and you bedrooms are upstairs. Do not go into the basement unless if you want to be traped in there forever because we don't have the steps repaired yet. Since we live right next to the woods, you may play outside but must be back inside before dinner time which is always at five. Do you children understand the rules now?"

    They both said "Yes" and started to head up the stairs and started to unpack. They went a head and went to bed. On the third day, the children woke up and headed down the stairs and when they headed towards the kitchen, Janet was cooking breakfast for them. After they ate their meal they thanked her for it and asked politley if they could go outside and play. She said yes and they headed out the door. as they were playing, Janet came outside and asked if they could go get some wood from the woods so she will have it for a fire to start the stove. The children both headed towards the woods and looked for wood. Marie had a jar with grass in it because she wanted to keep any special bugs in it. As the were looking, George noticed that there was something bright and red on the ground but he couldn't tell what is was. He told Marie to give him the jar and she did and he scooped up the bright red bug from the ground. He told her not to open it because they didn't know if it was piosionous or not. She carried the bug while George carried a whole stack of wood to the house. When they entered the house, Carl was home from work and Janet was working on dishes. Carl stood up and took the wood away from George and put it in a neat pile on the floor next to the stove since it was old fashioned. Carl worked as a sciencetist in a lab. Marie showed Carl and Janet the bug that they had found and Carl told her to give him the bug and she did. When he examined it, he relised that the bug was a rare and unknown speacies. So ha took it and told George and Marie that they could not play with it or touch it at all untill he knows what type of bug it is. Carl put it on the highest shelf in a cabnet above the fire place in the living room of the house. Later on that day, George was playing outside and janet was watching him while Marie kept on staring at the cabnet and Carl was reading the newspaper in the kitchen. While Carl was reading the newspaper, Mari was so curious and wanted to play with the bug that she started to climb on the fireplace. She got a chair from the living room and put it against the fire place (it wasn't lit) and she tried to reach the cabnet but couldn't get it. So she climbed on the mantle of the fireplace and opened the cabnet. She then reached for the bug and got the jar. she closed the cabnet to make it look like she didn't do anything and she put the chair back in the same spot from where it was and the she sat in the middle of the floor of the living room. she opened the jar and she went to go rech for the bug whenall of a sudden the bug bit her hand and she yelled " Ouch" and put the lid back on she got the chair and put the bug back where it was and she went to the bathroom to wash her hand because it was hurting. That night when she went to bed, She began iching her hand and she started to feel like she was burning up. But she ignored it and tried to go to sleep. the next morning when she woke up with George, she was not feeling good at all and she went to the bathroom right away and noticed that her skin was very pale and white and her hand was bleeding so she looked for bandaids and put three of them on her hand. But that did not stop it from bleeding. She went to go sit down on the couch in the living room and continued to stare at the cabnet that had the bug in it. Then she felt woosey and laid down. She feel asleep and began to cry in her sleep, then all of a sudden she Screamed at the top if her lungs scratching at her hand. Carl, Janet, and George came running in the house because they were doing yardwork outside. George sat down by his sister and asked her what was wrong. She did not answer him because she was crying and screaming so much. Then Carl came over and he said " Marie what is wrong with your hand? What did you do to it?"

    She held out her had and he unbandaged it and he was in shock. Her hand was swelled up, bleeding, and had red spots on it. He asked her " Marie! Did you touch that bug that I told you not to touch?!"

    " Yes!!!" she screamed and sobbed.

    " Marie when did this happen?" asked George.

    " Yesterday!!!" she said in the same tone.

    " Marie you need help right away!" said Carl.

    " I don't feel good and I.............. I" before she could get out her last breath she passed out on the couch on her brother's lap.

    " Marie? Marie? wake up! Marieeeee?!!!! Please wake up. Don't leave me alone. I need you. Please your my only sister. I don't want lose you now. Please!!!!" said George crying.

    On that day, the parents came home as happy as they could be untill they heard that their own daughter had died of a piosionous bug which was taken to be examined and be named after the accident. The parents may have came home happy but they lost their daughter and part of their son went with her that morning. Their son was never the same. He never went outside besides for school when ever it came up. He spent most of his time in his house reading facts about deadly bugs so he could be aware of what could happend to him.


    The is a saying sorta to this story. " Never trust what you see, because what you see might not turn out to be good." crying crying crying crying crying crying crying crying crying cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry