• Diary Entry: 5/8
    Hello Diary. Hello? Is that what you say? I'm not exactly sure how you're supposed to work one of these things. I've never had one before. I suppose I just start from the beginning. Hello, my name is Alex Johnson and I'm a soldier. Well, I was a Soldier, anyway. I'm on disability now. Not really sure why, to be honest. I have two working legs, two working arms, and a head that still sees, spits, and smiles. Apparently, though, some boys with a higher rank started to think I wasn't fully functional. So here I am. Though where I am is another story entirely. When they took me from base camp, they put me on this big empty helicopter and flew me for hours and hours. I was alone, stuck in this dark smelly hull. There were no windows so I have no idea where I flew to. I was tired, so I went to sleep about half way in. When I woke up, I found myself in this apartment, there was a little note next to me and this journal. I looked around for a little bit, checked all the doors and windows. Everything was locked and the windows had tape covering them from the outside so I couldn't see out. It was scary at first, but the note explained everything. I've attached it inside the journal. Anyway, I'm going to sleep, I'll write in you tomorrow. Goodnight. Goodnight? This whole thing is really confusing.

    Attached Note:
    Hello Soldier,
    Do not be alarmed by your surroundings. By merit of your outstanding success on the field of battle, we've chosen you for a government project. We have temporarily relocated you to a field institute so as to ensure a lack of bias. You will be delivered food three times daily and any amenities you desired can be given by merely writing what you want on a piece of paper and placing it under the door. Please use the journal given to you and record your daily thoughts and worries. Thank you for participating in this study, the results of which will help further our country as a whole.

    Diary Entry: 5/9
    Hello, again. I suppose I should talk about how I feel. I feel, good. A little itchy, I guess. The beds here are much nicer then they were at base camp. Overall there's a nice little 3 room apartment going on here. The entire space is painted a nice light yellow color, almost white. There's a kitchen with a stove and some other appliances, though no sink. The bedroom doesn't have a TV, but there's a bunch of books. Most of them are classical fiction so I dunno if I'm going to be reading them much. There's a closet filled with most of my old stuff from base camp including my clothes and a few pictures from back home. Wait 'till I tell the boys I was part of an experiment! I bet they won't even believe it.

    Diary Entry 5/10
    Mood: Neutral. I've decided to write these journals at night, before I go to bed. Nothing interesting happened today, so this entry is gonna be short. I'm starting to get pretty bored, so I might start on the books today.

    Diary Entry 5/12
    Mood: Neutral. I had a hard time sleeping last night, not sure why. I get the feeling it was bad dreams but I can't remember them. I forgot to write in my diary last night, sorry. I was up all night reading some old book about war. It's really interesting. I'm missing home, but the knowledge that I'll be helping my country helps me get over that.

    Diary Entry 5/13
    I woke up in a cold sweat again. This time I remember part of the dream, there was this woman in all white. That's all I got out of it. She looked kinda like a ghost, but she didn't scare me. If anything she made me feel good, warm, safe. There's this weird rash on my stomach, it looks kinda like a line and it itches like hell. I put a request for some cream underneath the door today. I heard someone walk up and take it a few minutes ago. Plates are starting to stack up in the room, the kitchen sink is already full. I wonder how they are planning on cleaning up, because the smell is starting to get stifling. Oh, and before I forget. Mood: Neutral.

    Diary Entry 5/14
    Mood: Excited. I saw a glimpse of the outside today! I used a knife to pry open the food slot and I used the reflection on the metal to see what's around me. From what I can tell, we're in some kind of cement bunker. There's hundreds of door like mine just in a row in this huge hall. I wish I could have seen more, but I saw some movement ahead of me and I didn't want to get in trouble. I'll look again tomorrow. This dream keeps coming back, but I still only get bits and pieces. Not that I mind, though. Aside from the cold sweats, her presence at night is nice. I don't have anyone else to keep me company.

    Diary Entry 5/15
    Mood: Annoyed. My cream still hasn't come in, and this rash is getting worse. It itches like hell, and I've scratched it so much it's begun to bleed. I really hope it doesn't get infected. I put another request in, just in case they missed it. It was picked up recently but I doubt it'll go through. I'm wondering what this whole thing is about, more and more.

    Diary Entry 5/16
    Mood: Ecstatic! I made contact with someone else today! I was in the bathroom, doing my business when I suddenly heard this tap coming through the piping. At first I thought it was just the water system, but then there was another tap, and another. I finally started paying attention and sure enough, it was Morse code. It's so wonderful to not be alone anymore. It turns out there's at least one other Soldier in here. His name is Jack Morrison, and he was stationed in the same sector as I, though a different base. We talked about things for hours. He said he'd been stuck in here for about three days. We have no idea what this is all about, but from what he described his room is exactly like mine so it seems like we're in the same boat. I can't wait to talk to my new friend some more. It's really great to finally have a friend in this place.

    Diary Entry 5/17
    Mood: Happy. We talked again for a couple of hours. He told me about his family and where he comes from. I'd go into it more, but it was mostly just pointless small-talk. Something to keep us busy.
    The rash has spread over my entire stomach, little lines run under the skin out to my torso. It hurts to the touch and my cream still hasn't come in yet. I blame bureaucracy for that, though. The dreams have become more vivid. I wake up each morning holding the air. I've given her a name, “The White Maiden” I remember what she sounds like, now. She has the sweetest voice, it's so soft and delicate, almost like it was coming from inside my ear. I can barely remember what she says, however. Though it's no matter, she'll be back tonight to take all my cares away again.

    Diary Entry 5/18
    Mood: Neutral. Jack said he's having the same dreams as I. It might have something to do with this project we're both part of . I'm wondering more and more what this whole thing is about. I checked the door today and it was completely sealed with some kind of foam. There's no running water anymore so it seems like the entire room has been isolated except for Jack. I'm getting worried, but knowing someone else is there helps a lot. I finished that book on war, by the way. It was very good, taught me a lot. I'm starting to worry, though. I want out of this program, I want to leave.

    Diary Entry 5/19
    Mood: Scared. Jack says he's sick. We talked for a while and he told me how his arms hurt and how he can't really walk much anymore. I think he has the same thing I do, but he didn't mention any dreams or any rashes, so maybe not. I have bruises now. I don't know what else to write. I'm so tired lately, the only reason I get up anymore is just to talk to him. It's the only connection I have anymore, the only way out of this prison cell.

    Diary Entry 5/20
    Mood: Sad. He's not responding. I waited there for what felt like hours, just tapping away. Maybe they found out and moved him last night. Everything seems so lonely. All I have left now is my dreams. I put another note under the door. This time it said “I want to go home”. The stench of rotting food on the plates is completely unbearable and I sometimes wake up at night, feeling like I'm choking.
    The rash has spread to my legs. It hurts to walk. I don't have anything more to report. Without Jack, there's nothing interesting to talk about.

    Diary Entry 5/22
    I can't walk anymore. I haven't been writing in this because I can't. I'm forcing myself. The rash is in my arms, my legs, everywhere. I see her, all the time. She sits by me. Crooning. I love her, and she says she'll take it all away. The pain, the misery. She says to me “Give me what you'd give any good lover, and I shall give you millions of children.” I want her. I need her.

    Diary Entry 5/24
    The rash is making holes in me. I can see them coming out for air. I'm trying to fill the holes, to strangle them, to stop them. She won't let me, though. She says I'm pregnant and that our children need to breath. She says I'm the best lover she could ever want, and all the while: the sound is coming from inside my ear.

    Diary Entry 5/25
    The children eat the father, the children eat the father, the children eat the father, the children eat