• "Watch as the demon squirms! Their mightiest warrior cannot even get out of our shackles!" A voice boomed, laughing maniacally at the figure in the cell before it. The being the voice belonged to, was merely an Elite of low rank, but from his tone he must have found himself quite superior. Around him were a small handful of Jackals and Grunts, all shuffling with excitement over something the prisoner inside wasn't aware of.

    Up against the back wall, hanging there by her wrists, was a lone Spartan. Desperately trying to get out of the cuffs that were holding her, the efforts went no where. Pointless. Blood stained the once majestic MJOLNIR armor, the result of nearly torturous acts by the Covenant. They tried and tried to get her to speak of Earth's location, but she remained resilient, saying not a single word to them. Having had shut down her armor upon discovering that she had been captured, only to ensure that if she died here, the fail safe would not activate and blow a good section of the ship to hell, killing the Marines along with it. Besides, it wasn't like she had anything to lose if she died. Maybe Earth would have one less soldier to protect them, but in her state of mind at the moment, she didn't care.

    Thoughts raced through Kira-190's mind, trying to think of how she could have ended up here in a Covenant holding cell. But no explanation came. Until the last thing she could remember came to mind. The battle at Reach. As usual, she and Sam were partners, and drifted into position to cover the rest of their team. That went down perfectly fine, and like usual the two were left behind to set up a bomb and evac some remaining marines. But when she left to set up the bomb, two mistakes were made, neither of which should have happened to a Spartan. She had left her rifle behind, and took just a bit too long to set up the bomb. Swiftly Kira had been surrounded, and much to her surprise, none of the Elites or Grunts fired a single shot at her. Perhaps they noticed that she had no weapon, and felt it "honorable" to not fight someone that was unarmed. Or they were simply ordered not to harm her. But those orders must not have applied for on the ship, for they did not waste a second to try and beat some answers out of her.

    The beating had occurred just moments before the Elite and small group of Grunts and Jackals showed up and began mocking the beaten and bleeding soldier. But she didn't bother coming up with a snappy comeback like she normally would've done. She was too busy wondering what went wrong with the mission, and where Sam could possibly be. Had he abandoned her? No, that was impossible. He'd never do that.