• “******** kids,” I grumbled as my dog, Sadie, growled beside me. We both got up and walked out to the graveyard. There had been the sound of cloth ripping and I smelt blood. Did I mention I was a werewolf?

    I followed the scent till I found a group of maybe eight kids. They were having a ******** party in a grave yard. Sadie suddenly started barking out of nowhere. This scared the kids.

    “What the-!” Exclaimed a well built one as a vampire, Sam, grabbed him from behind.

    “Tara, hanging out with children now? Or are you just letting them break the rules because you think this one is cute? Come on wolfie, attack!” She called from behind the kid. His friend hid behind a tree and watched the action.

    “Sam, you bloody git, let him go! I can smell it too, but we don’t do that anymore. We are advanced!” I was trying to get through to my crazed best friend. We became the only two immortals who don’t feast on humans. Therefore we have lived lives of exile. Now, Sam is going to throw that all away.

    I saw Sam shake her head before she collapsed. A bug scurried off her neck and I became very angry. The now free boy looked at Sam with fear on him face, and to me with relief.

    “Thank you for saving me.” The boy said as all of his friends ran to his side, asking if he was ok and thanking me.

    “I didn’t save you. That’s my best friend. She wouldn’t have hurt you intentionally. No, she was being controlled. ******** Raphael.” I walked over to Sam and kicked her in the side. She stirred but didn’t wake. “s**t, can you guys help me?”

    They looked scared, but nodded.

    “Ok, I need you guys to place her body on my back after I change. Don’t be scared when you see my form though. I promise I won’t hurt you.” The kids nodded again and I began the transformation.

    The pain forced me to pass out, but I woke up after the transformation was complete. The kids all had shocked looks on their faces at the sight of my wolf form, but they were working to get Sam on my back. I knew from experience that even though she was as skinny as a twig she was heavy as ********, because she’s a vampire.

    It took every one of the kids to lift her onto my back. When they set her there I made a motion with my head for them to follow me. They didn’t seem to understand so I had Sadie herd them and make them follow me.

    We got to my post and the boy opened the door. I threw Sam off my back and jumped on my bed. I wanted a comfortable place to transform. Before I blacked out from the pain I heard Sam grunting as she woke up.

    I awoke about twenty minutes later. Sam must have dressed me because I was fully clothed. When you transform back into a human you are naked.

    I got up and found all the kids, Sam, and Sadie outside. Sam was talking to everyone, apologizing for her actions. The guy that she attacked inconspicuously caught my eye and I put my finger to my lips. I can’t normally sneak up on Sam but she feels so bad she doesn’t care about anything else.

    I crouched enough just to vault myself on her back. She let out a surprised squeak and the kids began to laugh hysterically. Sam made an unhappy face and flipped me onto my backside, which caused the kids to laugh more.

    “So, as I was saying. I’m so, so, so, so sorry. Can you ever forgive me?” Sam went back to her talk, looking at the kids with pleading eyes.

    The kids smiled and nodded and began introducing themselves.

    “I’m Matt,” the guy Sam attacked said.

    “Brian and this is Riah,” a guy wearing a fedora said, pointing to himself then the girl on his arm.

    “I’m Zacky and this is my girl Julia.” A dude with purple hair said.

    “I am Danielle and this is Jimmy.” Now a pretty girl spoke.

    “And lastly, I’m Johnny.” The shortest guy said. Sam’s eyes lingered on him for and extra second before introducing us.

    “I’m Sam, I’m a vampire and this is Tara, she’s a smelly werewolf. And that dog is Sadie, she’s Tara’s companion.” The three of us smiled, yes Sadie can smile. I turned to Sam and began telling her what happened to her.

    “Raphael placed some sort of bug type thing on you that made you lose control. The ******** is powerful if you didn’t sense it. We have to take him down, but we can’t do it alone. What are we going to do?” I wailed the last part. This wasn’t the first time something like this had happened but this was the first time there were mortals involved.

    “I knew that jackass was up to something. I’ll kill him, when we get back-up.” Sam was pissed. She and Raphael used to date, but when she quit killing mortals he left her. She was crushed, now, 150 years later, she wants revenge.

    From next to us, Matt coughed. We turned to look at him and he said, “I’ll be willing to help you guys if I can.” With those words the rest of the gang nodded their heads in agreement.

    I thought it over. Mortals would be of no use to us, unless!

    “The only way you guys can help is if you get turned. Mortals will die instantly if they go near Raphael. Unless they are permitted.” I saw the gang give each other uneasy looks but Matt looked back at us and nodded.

    “We want to help you guys. I want to be a werewolf.” Matt said firmly.

    I nodded and walked to a roomy area and said, “If you want to be a werewolf stand in front of me.” Matt, Zacky, Julia, and Brian walked in front of me.

    “If you want to be cooler and become a vampire stand in front of me.” Sam said to the remaining kids. Johnny, Danielle, Jimmy, and Riah were standing in front of her.

    “Ok, I don’t know what a vampiric turning feels like, but a werewolf one is extremely painful. That is why I pass out after every transformation. Plus it physically exhausts you. But you are stronger, quicker, and have more defined senses than a vampire,” I explained. I heard Sam telling her people what to expect.

    “Sometimes your eyes will turn black or red, that is because you a thirsty. I created a substitute for human blood and you will drink that. If you kill a human, I will kill you. I used to be the second most powerful vampire besides Raphael, but then I stopped killing humans. But, yeah, vampires can kill easier and some obtain mind powers, like telekinesis,” she was saying. I had watched her get a dazed look on her face when she was talking about the time she stopped killing humans.

    “So, who’s first?” I asked the same time Sam did. Matt stepped in front of me and Johnny in front of her. I told Matt to get on all fours and proceeded to break every bone he had. I heard his wails and I felt so bad, but it had to be done.

    On Sam’s side I heard her sucking blood from Johnny’s neck as he sucked from hers. Theirs was so much less painful as mine caused Matt so much pain he cried, but stayed conscious.

    When I finished breaking all of Matt’s bones I knelt in front of him and kissed him slowly, as an apology. He kissed back, until I pulled away. I grabbed his shirt and pulled his close, hearing him whimper as his broken bones hit each other.

    I bit forcefully into his jugular and drank a pint of his blood. He then collapsed onto me. I could feel his body changing on top of me though. I closed my eyes and resisted the urge to throw up the human blood. If I did, he wouldn’t turn and then he’d die.

    Finally his body stopped changing and I opened my eyes to see the most handsome wolf.

    Matt opened his amazing eyes and stared into mine before licking my face and standing up.

    I looked over to Sam’s group and they were all completely transformed. ******** vampires. Sam had a smirk on her face that was pissing me off.

    “Next.” I called to my group. They had scared but awed looks on their faces.

    I told all three of them to get on their knees and proceeded with the turnings. All screamed in pain and Julia even passed out.

    Finally, after maybe an hour all of them were done changing. They all looked wonderful. Brian was a brilliant red wolf. Zacky was a fierce looking black wolf. And Julia was a beautiful white wolf.

    I told the new wolves that they can’t change back till morning and that when they do they will be naked. I decided that I should be a wolf with them and transformed too.

    We all then headed back to my post and slept till the sun came up.

    The next morning I awoke to Matt’s handsome wolf form nudging me. I stood next to him and realized that his wolf form was much larger than mine. I growled quietly in annoyance but followed him out, ready to teach them how to change back.

    I showed them first. I lay down in a slightly crouched position and willed my body back to normal. This was the first time I completed a transformation without fainting. I mentally cheered while I pulled on my clothes and told them how I learn to change back.

    About an hour later all of them were back to normal, none having passed out. By the time we were done the vamps decided to join us outside.

    “Finally!” Sam exclaimed, stretching as she saw all of us wolves were human again. “Can we attack now?”

    “Yes, let’s go.” Matt said, getting excited at the thought of seeing what his wolf form could do.

    “I know where their hide out is, come on,” Sam said as we all followed her. The wolves changed and the vamps disappeared.

    We found the hideout with ease and snuck in. I knew that if Raphael was dead the other members would just surrender. He was my priority. I made sure the others were busy killing before I snuck off, ready to kill the man that hurt my best friend all those years ago.

    I growled as I saw his chamber door, it hadn’t changed a bit. I gently nudged it open and peered inside. The room was bright, he was under his bed. I crept up to his bed and gripped his ankle in my mouth. I yanked his form into the light and listen with joy as he screamed in agony. I left him there, knowing he was too weak to do anything. The rest of the house heard their leader’s screams and began to surrender, one by one.

    After we killed the rest of the men we went back to my post. The vamps went right to the basement and we wolves changed back to our human forms.

    Brian ran down to the basement to see his girl friend and the other wolves just split up, Except for Matt and I. He walked up to me as I pulled down my shirt and spun me around, placing kisses all over my face, but paying close attention to my lips. He pushed me back onto my bed and lay on top of me, breathing heavy and gained the urge to ask me a life altering question, “Since we are immortal, will you be mine for eternity?”

    I merely nodded before he was all over me again.