• The wind whisped across the graveyard, and blew against a young girl, perched on an exeptionally large gravestone. She took a deep breath of the air and smiled. Dusk had already fallen, and night was coming. She straightened up and and jumped off the stone, reading the inscription.
    'Ava Greenlin. Born 1925. Died March 1945.'
    Her dress was torn, but she couldn't bleed anymore. A wonderful feeling.
    Other people began to drift out of the cementary doors. A group of teenagers huddled in the shadows, waiting for everyone to leave, so they could come out and have fun.
    Ava frowned. It just wasn't enough for people to think she couldn't see or hear them. She knew what they planned to do. Not fair, she thought. Every night, she was damned back into hell. Her punishment every morning, was to get up, stand by her grave, and watch other people walk through her, by her, or even stood right next to her. Ava always used to be social, and it killed her. Death knew that.
    A fissure of black light and shadows rose from the ground, and formed the figure of a man. He held out a pale bony hand and a staff whirled up out of the ground, solified from the shadows, and a sharp blade rose up at the top. People would call him Death, or even the Reaper if you wanted to be respectful.
    Ava called Death a pain and a reminder of her past. Death'd shadow cloaked moved and swirled with the wind. "Time's up Ava." Ava huffed, and almost half expected to see her breath form in the cold air.
    "But, can't I stay and give those kids a bit of my mind." Death pulled back his black hood, and a grinning skeleton gnashed it's teeth at Ava, mocking her.
    "You think they could hear you? Stupid girl. Don't try my patience. You screwed up your own life, now let them to the same to theirs. They couldn't hear you anyway." Ava felt the ground begin to pull her in.
    She screamed and clawed at the sides of the forming pit. Death let out a husky moan. "I wish the dirt weren't so dramatic and just opened up." Death raised his staff and the ground fell apart hesitantly.
    Ava screamed curses and insults at the teenagers, and was silenced as the dirt filled her mouth and finished pulling her under. Death looking over at the teenagers with one empty eye socket.
    He smirked as well as he could, being a skeleton and all. Four graves were dug up, and left empty. "I might have a meeting with them later. Shame I forgot to tell Ava that."
    He snarled at the ground, and it back away to form a stairwell heading down into the demon world. He pulled back his hood and glanced back at the stupid teenagers. Maybe it would be good, just for once to have some newer blood. Newer blood was so much weaker, and bones were fresher.
    Death's skeleton smiled at that thought and the ground pushed itself back together.