• He hadn't come for 2 weeks. For two weeks I hadn't felt his touch his cool hands on my back, I wanted him it was driving me insane I needed my only love. At night I had thoughts that I couldn't believe.
    he was using me.
    he wants me dead.
    its not me its my blood he loves.
    "no more"!!!!! I would scream at night I needed him I would give my life. Then like a blessing he came. his hands touched my neck "I love you" I whispered, he chuckled then kissed my neck and his teeth slowly went in. I screamed and fainted.
    when I came to I was still on my bed and a note was next to me.

    my love,
    ill give you a little more time to
    live because your a good pet.

    i wanted to scream but I couldn't my burning passion wouldn't let me. I got a drink then cried myself to sleep. I woke up and he was over me its time he said, he took out a knife and slit my throat while kissing me and as I died I realized love is a deadly addiction.