• I sat across a very long table, from a man. He was a rich man. I could tell of his wealth from the clothing on his back, and the furnishings in his home. Also, by the jewelry that he wore, and the maids and butlers he had. This was a very nice home, but I wasn't here for a very settling reason.
    The man was at the other end of the table, smiling at me. He just watched, as I shivered from pure fear of what had been done to me. I was in pain. He enjoyed my fear, but I didn't enjoy his antagonizing.
    There was something strange about the man. His eyes, they weren't normal. They were a strange blood red color. They seemed to glow as his stare deepened.
    He finally stood up after an amount of time, and continued smiling. He simply snapped his fingers, and walked away. I wasn't sure what I should do, I was even more scared, and nervous.
    As he left the room, two butlers walked in. They were very calm and composed. They picked me up, and brought me outside. When we were outside, one butler got in the driver's seat of a limo, and the other took me in the backseat with him. I continued to shake with fear, and I gazed up at the butler beside me. He also had the strange, blood red eyecolor.
    My neck continued to ache, and my body continued to feel a very hot sensation all over.
    The butler drove down an alley, and stopped the limo. The butler beside me got out, and pulled me along with him. He picked me up, and dropped me on the ground near a building wall. He wasn't gentle about it.
    He got back into the limo, and they drove away.
    I sat there, on the ground, burning, and aching with pain. I was sinking into unconsciousness, and I was very glad.
    But I awoke with my heart burning hotter than the rest of my body had been, and finally, it stopped. There was no more pain, and no more weak feeling. I felt very strong.
    I couldn't remember what had happened to me very clearly. All I could remember was the faint sight of the rich man. I could remember The butlers, and I could remember the bite.
    The bite that left me in pain. The bite that cleared my memory almost completely. The bite that did this to me.
    My throat had an aching burn. I smelled something very delicious nearby. I got up, and wandered the streets of the unsuspecting city.