• His Knightly tone is rather serious, he has been told that he lost people within life…..those damned fools do not know that he have lost himself within the mind. The nightmares reappear in his head, for a man that continues to fall dead…falling to his knees slowly continues to stand being a man. Lifting up the sword in the sky showing the heavens, his body begins to fade. Leaving his long and forgotten sword with his shield leaning against it proving to all that none have beaten it, quietly saying “ Only the strongest will survive and I am the strongest for I have achieved this….Holy Grail..
    As God gives me another chance to stay, accepting it rather quick way facing ahead to another way of the dead seeing my maiden from far head, smiling like a falling note waiting to be read. Takes her on my horse and begins to ride away……..
    Slowly returning back to El Kardia with my maiden around me, as her elegant soft voice whispers in my ears riding on my horse shredding fears. Guides me in aid, helps me in battle like a goddess with no worries but death each and every hour. As my heart beats faster, fast like a speeding bullet, with perfect accuracy for my love for this maiden, I ride far very far to the gates of the unknown, the undiscovered, the unimaginable, the un reached, showing that many truths has not been yet untold. My armor shines within the sun as if I were some angelic creature, my sword still in my sheath and my shield hanging from the side ribs of my horse, feeling rather elated with the arms of my maiden around me. A black knight rides in front of me deadlier than death itself looking into my eyes I realize…I must fight. The aura of two opposing fates meets, as he begins to pull out his sword showing no mercy, but fiercely ready for battle. I get off my horse and draw out my shield and sword and tell my love to ride back to El Kardia. She rides rather gracefully like an angel in the sky as the black knight gets off his horse and begins to insult me. His foul breath smelled as the smell of hundreds of dead men, his voice cackling like a serpent. As I gasp for air getting into a slouch. He smirks as he swings his blade at me believing that I am in his trap, I roll quickly away barely touching my scalp. Bleeds from the top of my head, as I slash his leg in the process still withstanding the fight. Stands up weakly and gets ready for his next move. The clashing of the two knights where so fiercely in tangled that fires were set ablaze.