• “Tom” used to have it all, that is, until it was discovered that he was really the slave that went by the name of Chambers. After the mayor of Dawson’s Landing found out who he really was, it all went downhill for Chambers. If he hadn’t been discovered he would have never subjected to a mere life of slavery.
    As Chambers finished his daily routine of picking the barley, that he and the other slaves had planted that winter, he felt his master’s eyes on him. He immediately tried to recall what he had done wrong, for that would be the only reason his master would be watching him with such a piercing gaze, but he could only find that he had done nothing wrong. He soon realized that this had nothing to do with his currently completed job. This gaze held the hatred for what he had done in the past. Chambers sighed as he knew what was going to occur next for he had somewhat gotten used to it. Even though Chambers was sold off to slavery to pay off the debt that he had acquired his master still insisted on punishing him for fooling everyone and pretending he was someone of great importance when in reality he was nothing than a worthless slave. His punishment would consist of random and painful whippings. At first he would protest with great fervor, but in time it had finally worn him down and he had just learned to expect it. He had gotten used to it and soon found that there was a pattern in his punishment and saw that it was not as random as he first thought.
    This time his master had caught him off guard. It was unusual for his master to pick this day out of the week, it was so unexpected that Chambers was not even given the chance to mentally prepare himself. The whipping was brutal, more so than ever before. It could have been that he was just not prepared for this unexpected turn of events, but that was soon ruled out as he saw his master’s eyes full of more hatred than usual. Could it be that his master had noticed that his beatings did not affect him as bad as before? Was he trying to completely break him before he could rebel against him? These were the main questions that swam through Chambers mind as he received each painful blow from his master. That night he thought over that incident and found that he was shaking as he thought of his future. If he stayed in this wretched place it would soon be the cause of his early demise. He decided that no matter what it took he was going to escape this place before he lost his will to live. In order to escape he needed a well thought out plan so he decided to document anything that might help him with his plan down. He would monitor the way the place was guarded at night in order to have an idea of how he could escape. It took him a few days to finally gather a plan that would help him escape. His plan was perfect, but there was one unforeseen catalyst that would cause this plan to burn before it even had a chance to start. This catalyst would be an innocent slave that happened to stumble across Chambers notes. Not knowing what it was but feeling that it had some importance to it this slave decided to deliver it to his master. As his master read and re-read over the plan he finally decided that this slave was not worth keeping alive so he decided to surprise Chambers and get rid of him when he was making his escape that night. That night Chambers got overconfident and careless, so he did not even heed to the gut feeling that warned him of what was to come. As he rounded a corner he was surprised to find his master with his gun pointed right at his chest. As Chambers world began to fade the last thing he saw was his master’s triumphant smirk.