• Chapter 2.

    Alicia, Marie and I were gathering our schoolbooks and homework to take home. I sighed. "It's so hot in here! By the way, where is everyone?" Marie asked. I giggled and looked at the window sheepishly. Alicia rolled her eyes and nodded. I ran over to the window and pulled it up.

    "Guys! Get out of here!" I screeched in fear. They looked around and saw me frozen by the window in terror. "It's 'it'!" I whispered. They tried to run out of the classroom, but the door slammed closed. They started pounding their fists on the door, trying to get out. But it was to late.

    The 'it' climbed through the window. It was humming our song, but it sounded more evil when 'it' did it. "W-w-w-why are y-y-you h-h-here?" I asked scared to death. "3,4 You better lock your doors." Was all it said out of it's 'lips'. Then everything went black in my eyes.

    I woke up in the nurse's office. "Oh, good! Your awake." She sighed in relief. "Where is Marie and Alicia?" I asked in a shaky voice. "They're fine. We found them trying to pound down your classroom door that was closed and locked from the outside. How strange!" She said laughing.

    "Did you see 'it'?" I asked. "What's 'it'?" She wondered. "It's the thing that made me faint." I was embarrassed to say faint, but I couldn't help it since I did faint. "Oh, you're probably just imagining things from the song thing you made up." She sighed with a small smile. "Oh, I hope so." I closed my eyes while saying it. When I got home, I locked my doors and windows.