• “No…wait, I was…will you just listen?!” I argued into my phone. “I understand but I was…yes I know I wasn’t supposed to…will you just. FINE!”
    She turned off her phone. Jackass werewolf. Why do I even talk to him? I went to check on my guest up stairs. I slowly opened the door. He was fast asleep. That didn’t surprise me much since he was a newborn vampire and need the sleep to move the transformation on. The strange thing is he was sweating…vampires don’t sweat.
    “Weird guy anyhow,” I murmured.
    I never noticed how odd his hair color truly was. His hair was silvery lavender, but yet it wasn’t dyed. His facial features were some what femalely. He looked so innocent and peaceful while he was sleep. Almost like was never even turned. I caught myself smiling and decided it was time to leave. Instead I cleaned, I never had the time to clean but since I was pretty much on house arrest I decided to take advantage of it.
    “Hey Parasite!” I shout from down the hall. “Get Your Masculine a** Out Of Bed!”
    When he didn’t I stomped down the hall to the guest room and banged on the door. There was still no response.
    “That’s it! If you don’t get out here with in five minutes I’m barging in whether or not your decent and I’m dragging your a** to the order!” I threatened.
    “You wouldn’t dare.” He seemed a little shocked.
    “You bet I would!” I growled.
    He started mumbling something I couldn’t quite make out except for a few curse words.
    “Do you find great joy in pissing people off?” he asked as he opened the door.
    He was kinda shaking. Must be for lack of blood.
    “Yes I do.” I smirked. “Now let’s gets something to drink before you collapse from bloodlust.”
    I walked down the hall.
    “Hey,” he called from behind me,”you really should be careful what you say, just because I’m asleep doesn’t mean I can’t hear you. Thought it was kinda nice to know you have and interest in my hair color. By the way name’s Fang not parasite, not masculine a**, just Fang”
    I paused and blushed a little, “Well…Fang… I never said anything bout your hair color.”
    “Oh really then why are blushing then?”
    “I’m not blushing,”
    “Oh really now,” he smiled as he walked up to me.
    Fang stopped when we were almost nose to chest. I blushed a little harder and tried to step back only to have him grab my wrist and pull me closer. He leaned closer towards my face. My breathing speed up. He smiled again as he tiled my face to his. He kissed me, gently, but a kiss none the less. I was shocked. I should hate this being kissed but a vampire but I didn’t instead I kissed him back. He tensed up. He must have been as shock was I was, but god he was a great kisser. –Numa Numa ring tone- Fang chuckled a little.
    “I think I proved a theory of mine here,” he smirked.
    “Oh, what was that?” I growled
    “You are attracted to me, imagine that.” He said as he walked down the hall.
    I murmured some very nasty words and answered my cell.