Chapter 14 - Guardian base in danger

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    *John was traveling in cyberspace and was traveling through the zone and found some places he never really seen before. He came across a few cyber elves that were floating senselessly around the space they were in. John was stil wandering where to get back to the other world without being captured by any of the enemy forces. John was eager to ask questions.*

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    John= Excuse me guys, I don't mean to interupt whatever your doin, but I was looking for directions on how to get back to the outer world without being caught by....

    Model M= What he means is that we are lost and were new to this world. Can you help us?

    Cyber elf (bee)= Well, I would try the blue colored path. That's a good start.

    John= When im in the blue path, what should I do?

    Cyber elf (bird)= All you have to do is to find an exit point and find the place you need to exit to the other world.

    Cyber elf (blue one)= But the network dosent really work anymore. Because of the mass abuse by those Slither people. A cute girl half a century ago sealed it off. Preventing entery.

    John= ..... Ciel? ... Perhaps?

    Cyber elf (round one)= Beats me? I hardly remember which? It's been way too long.

    John= Wait,... I do have an old photo somewhere...... here it is.

    *John pulls out a photo taken when the Tardis left Abagale*
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    Cyber elf (round one)= Hey,...isn't that those girls who helped us so long ago?

    Cyber elf (bee)= It's got to be ..... the older one. Right there. *points to Ciel*

    John= I knew it.

    Cyber elf (bird)= So your actualy a human huh? We rarely get those kind of visitors here.

    John= Im here by there demand. This world is in trouble. Slither inc is lying to the public making the innocent believe there heroes, Space pirates and Cybermen joining forces abducting people, now that loon Dr. Wily is here.

    Cyber elf (blue one)= Say no more. We want to help!

    Model M= These cyber elves are the "Animal class", they boost vitality and physical power and sometimes support and backup. They will be great help for us.

    John= Say, wanna come with us?

    Model M= Worry not, my power will not allow you to perish when we use your powers.

    *The cyber-elves agreed and joined John and guided him to where he needed to go.*

    Cyber elf (bee)= Lately we got a strange reding from this world that we had some foregin world readings. The black ones you nee to stay away from, they belong to some nasty looking aliens...

    John= Space Pirates! That must have been the cyber link I tried to get out from.

    Cyber elf (bird)= Then we heard rumors of a a crystal blue gate to the outer world but that's got some strange desighn, that even we couldnt crak the security. But there's only 1 of those.

    John= I have a hunch. Let's hope im right. Please take me to that place.

    Cyber elf (blue one)= You got it.

    (Music fades slowly)

    *Sudenly, a full grown cyberelf resembling a witch appeaed with a concerned expression on her face.*

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    Cyber elf (witch)= There you are. I been looking for you lot.

    Cyber elf (bee)= Toten!? What's wrong?

    Cyber elf (blue one)= You look worried.

    Toten= I heard some comotion from one of those fady outter world links about some girl called Maggie spying on those Slither inc people and it sounds like those loyal employees are on to her.

    John= MAGGIE!! Please, take me to that gate! She's in trouble.

    Toten= Who are you? A human? What's a human doing here?

    Cyber elf (round one)= Don't worry Toten, he's a new friend.

    Toten= THIS... is a guy?

    John= Im in a biometal...

    Model M= I am model M and this is the one I choose to megamerge with. He needs to help his friend. Please take us to this gate.

    Cyber elf (bird)= We plan to join this guy, you should too. He needs all the help he can get. He plans to take on all of those creepy beings threatening this world, not just those nasty Slither inc people.

    Toten= As you wish. John, concider me in your team.

    Model M= John, Toten is a "hacker type" and her power will come in handy. She can filter the spikes when you equip her in the hacker box. For now, you can equip only 1 of each, nurse, animal, and hacker at a time. Remember that well John.

    John= That's what Model S tells me about cyber souls.

    (Music fades slowly)

    *John heads to the path of the Slither inc. gate*

    *Meanwhile.....in the Slither inc building......Maggie was hiding in the areas of Slither inc. centeral building when Galleon hunters were searching the hallways and rooms.*

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    Maggie= Come in Kay,... please!

    Kay (radio)= Kay here.

    Maggie= Theere on to me. Im sorry. I tried all I could.

    Kay (radio)= Stay out of site ok. Were gonna find someone to get you out of there.

    *Maggie heard soem footsteps from the empty office where she was hiding.*

    Prometheus= A spy huh? Last seen at the basement? That's where we were in!

    Pandora= We need to find her before any of this gets out.

    Prometheus= I bet it was that girl in the red suit and goofy glasses. Reminded me of that Giro guy. When we get our hands on her, ill make sure she ends up like the other sacrifices.

    *Sudenly, a cyberspace gate opened where Maggie was hiding and John appeared wearing Model M*

    John= Maggie. It's me.

    Maggie= John!? Am I glad to see you.

    (Music stops)

    *The doors opened and the lights came on in a flash*

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    Prometheus= THERE YOU ARE TRATOR!!

    Pandora= Look, it's John. She must have let him in.... wait.....what's this Biometal he has now? Prometheus,...I detect cyber elves on him.

    Prometheus= John, got a new skill huh? Wheres your Model S biometal huh?

    Pandora= I don't detect it Prometheus, It's not on him. But I do detect one of the M.E.G.A. system biometals on him though.

    Prometheus= I knew it! Him and his band are after the biometal. John,.... if you know what's good for you, you hand over those biometals and the spy at once!

    John= This is us leaving. Huh? Model M. What's wrong?

    Model M= The cyberspace gate is sealed.

    Maggie= Were trapped.

    John= s**t!!

    Pandora= You are trapped along with your friend.

    John= These people are being sacrificed? What's the point then? What's the reason doing pointless crap in the first place? Dr. Weil's plans are over. These Model W's are just pieces of Rangarock!

    Prometheus= ENOUGH!! Pandora, contact Serpant. Get the assult ships ready, were gonna take out the Guardians ship as a warning to those Resistance fighters and whoever stands against us. Ill deal with these guys.

    Pandora= As you wish Prometheus.

    *Pandora teleports away*

    Prometheus= Well John, you sure are a good contestant for the "Game of Destiny", you managed well against me with Model S, let's see how well you do with that one.

    John= Maggie, get as far away as possible, this guy want's a battle.

    Maggie= But John! This is a prototype megaman your facing. You don't have Model S with you.

    John= It isn't about a person's biometal that counts. It's about the choices a megaman makes and how a biometal or powers and strength a megaman uses that counts.

    Maggie= Well, ok, just be careful John.

    Prometheus= It's time I send you to Oblivion, John! Ill make you pay for what you did to Master Weil.

    (Music stops)

    *Prometheus pulls out his scythe*

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    *Prometheus dashes towards John and he dashes out of the way and John performs a rolling back slice with Model M's staff and uses a bee like cyber elf and it began to shoot stingers at Prometheus. But he spun his scythe to block them. Prometheus attempted to do another charge but John used the staff as a pogo stick and bounced up in the air and landed on Prometheus and bounced up higher and John launched another cyberl elf attack. A fish animal fired a spray of ink splatering all over Prometheus impairing his vision. Prometheus wiped his face and wall kicked his way up to the top where John was hanging from the celing using the staff as a chain rod. Prometheus tried to hit him with his scythe but John was much too far away and John was chain swinging on the celing like Spider man and Prometheus didn't have that ability. So he charged up some energy to launch a firey giga crush attack.*

    Model M= John, he's charging up for a giga attack. You can't dodge those.

    John= Don't you have a shield?

    Model M= No, but you can use that staff to form a barrier to help reduce damage.

    John= Better than nothin.

    *Prometheus unleashed his vulcan giga crush and John got landed in it but formed a barrier just in time enduring the hit and not taking as much damage. John then used a pink cyber elf and healed some of the damage inflicted on him. Prometheus unleashed his flaming skulls and they began to spit dark cold fireballs at John but John batted them like baseballs and sent them flying back to Promy, but it didnt do too much damage since he was strong against dark attacks. Then Prometheus struck his hair in the ground and performed a pillar blade attack but John did the pogo move again and completely avoided the attack.*

    Prometheus= THAT'S ENOUGH!!

    (Music stops)

    John= Phew, I guess you were giving up on me and my new biometal.

    Prometheus= That's not the reason scum! We had a deadline to make and you made me and Pandora late for it. Were late for the attack on the guardian base!

    John= WHAT!?

    (Music playing- Important news / Metroid Fusuion)Download]

    Prometheus= *chuckles* That's right. As we speak the guardian base may be under attack by now. Your precous Prairie and friends on board that vessle will now pay the conciquences for your actions against us.

    John= Prairie!? No ... you can't!

    Prometheus= Your too late to save your friends and have no way out of this facility! You are lost in this world and your way through the cyberspace world is shut. Oh well, we will take care of you later. In the meantime, please enjoy us as we rip your guardian friends apart.

    John= Prometheus!!!!

    *Prometheus teleported out from the room and John threw a tantrum.*

    John= Damnit!!

    Model M= John!! Get a grip! We got to do something.

    Maggie= John. I stil have the communicator to reach Kay.

    John= GOOD! Call them right now. Tell Kay the guardian base has been targeted by Slither. I can't reach them in time so Kay's team needs to handle it.


    Kay= Brock, what's wrong?

    Brock= I found him! He's in the Slither building.

    Kay= What?

    Maggie (radio)= Kay, this is Maggie. John is with me now. He saved me from Prometheus, but I have terrible news. Slither is going to atack the guardian base. John and I can't make it. It's up to you and the rest now.

    Kay= Oh shoot!

    Phil= What's wrong Kay?

    Kay= John's alright. Maggie is too. But we got a problem. Slither is launching an assault on Prairie's guardian base. We need to hurry if were going to save them. Unfourtanately John can't make it in time.

    Phil= That's not good.

    Kaolla= Oh no. John can't make it.

    Vent= John at Slither?

    Aile= How did he get there?

    Model S = Beat's me. I wonder how he got out of that worm hole in the first place?

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    *Sudenly, a distress signal activated and it was Prairie from the guardian base*

    Prairie (radio)= Kay. We got a serious problem. The Slither air fleet! It's aproaching at us in high speed. There taking hostile actions. We need your help.

    Kay= Don't you worry Miss. Prairie, we will come to your aid.

    Prairie (radio) = Did you find John?

    Kay= Yes we did, but he ended up in the Slither building. How he did it were not sure. John can't make it back in time. Phil and the rest will come to your aid.

    Prairie= Yes, thank you. Please hurry. The guardian ship wasn't built for intense battle.

    Kay= Roger that. Phoenix!

    Phoenix= Yes Kay!?

    (Music slowly changes to - Brave new world/ Namco X Capcom)Download

    Kay= Set the ship to full scale red allert! Get the engine crew to fire up the engines. Were going in that guardian HQ airship. They need our help, and let's give those Slither's a taste of what we can do!

    Phil= Don't worry John...we got this one. Hang on Prairie.

    Vent= Serpent......

    Aile= Serpent....... you ........ (Vent and Aile clench there fists tightly)

    Kay= Everyone hold on. Were going in emergency speed. Attention all crew members hang on tight and prepair yourselves. Were going to the Guardian airship base. There in trouble and were going to go in and help them!!

    Phoneix= Yes Ma'am!!

    Phil= Kay.

    Kay= Yes?

    Phil= If you want, Ill lend you anything you may need in the Pillar of Autumn.

    Kay= Thank you Phil.

    Brock= I want to help too.

    Kay= Yes you may. We need all the help we can get for now.

    *The Resistance fighter ship flew in high speeds across the land in the direction of the Guardian base.*

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    *John and Maggie stil trapped in Slither inc. They go through the Galleon factories and the labs to find a vehicle or transport device.*

    John= Oh man! Prairie... I hope Kay can reach her in time. I bet im missin out on a good fight.

    Maggie= It's ok John. Kay can defend herself.

    John= Phil is with her, and Vent and Aile have Model S with Model Z, Giro's keepsake. But stil, I need to get to them somehow?

    Model M= Perhaps your not focusing on escaping?

    John= Oh, yeah. That's right. We stil need to find a way out of here. Not to menson I found something interesting in one of the Space Pirate HQ's.

    *John shows Maggie the unfinished Model SA biometal*

    Maggie= Where did you get that?

    John= A space Pirate facility. Not the same me and Phil raided, but there's more space pirate bases than that one.

    Maggie= Let's keep going.

    *John and Maggie moved through the factory zone and found an exit.*

    John= Good. An exit.

    Model M= Well horay for you. I told you to remain focused.

    John= Yeah... thanks.

    *Both walk through the door and found a landing pad for Galleon ships.*

    Maggie= John. Can you fly one of these?

    John= Well....I dunno.

    *Model M dismerges with John and replaced with Model A*

    Model M= I'll fly it. I can't guarantee if we will make it.

    John= We can at least try.

    *John and Maggie boarded and took off in a Galleon ship and set course for the guardian base.*

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    *There was a dark red figure with long white blonde hair and red glowing eyes resembling Zero. It was standing in the road watching the ship fly from a distance. It was none other than Omega Zero.*

    Omega Zero= Urgh. I missed him. Well, patience is a virtue.

    *Just then a car stopped and with a big honk from the car horn with a man shouting in anger.*

    Man in car= Hey YOU in the costume, whada'ya doing? This isn't a place for pedestrians.

    Omega Zero= You know what, your right. And I don't care!

    Man in car= You little jerk! I should drag you off the road and whip you like your mama!

    Omega Zero= Guahahahaha! Just try it!

    *The man stepped out from the car and for a second, Omega Zero took his saber and sliced the guy's head off*

    Omega Zero = Hmph! Pathetic. Now to use this car. (cackles)

    *Omega Zer took the car and drove it himself into the shadows.*

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    *Meanwhile........at the Guardian airship base.....things aren't looking too good. At the bridge, a guardian member walked into the bridge where Prairie was sitting.*

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    Guardian man= Miss Prairie, those ships are getting too close. We cannot outrun them forever.

    Prairie= We need to hang in here until Kay and Phil show up. There our last hope if we want to keep this ship in one piece.

    Guardian man= Look, the sensor is picking up another ship from our direction.

    Prairie= It's the resistance fighter ship! They came!

    *Vent, Aile, and Phil appeared in the bridge room and they just came from the teleporter room*

    Vent= Prairie, what's the status of the situation?

    Prairie= Not good. They just got on top of us. This airship wasn't made for heavy battle.

    *The ship began to shake as it hit something in midair*

    Aile= There firing on us.

    Phil= Prairie, Kay told me, Vent and Aile to go on and stay with you. The resistance fighters will handle the ships from outside.

    Guardian man= I am also hearing that those Slither ships are also turning fire on the resistance ship as well.

    Prairie= Return fire to those Slither ships. Kay can't do it allone. You 3 go ahead and go to the dock and make sure the enemey dosent attempt to board.

    Phil= Were on it.

    Model S= I will stay with Vent.

    Vent= guh... Man!

    Phil= Aile. I will lend you one of my biometals. Take Model BB. It's one of mine.

    Aile= What's this?

    Model BB= Don't worry little miss. Just stick with me and I'll take good care of you.

    Vent= Great, you get a cool one while I got miss baggy pants.

    Model S= HEY!? Who you callin baggy!? Just put up with it and prepair for the battle ok? Im sure your sister will be fine in that bug looking thing.

    Model BB= Huh? Bug looking? Who are you talking too anyway?

    Phil= Knock it off both of you. Your supposed to be there biometals, there's no time to argue!

    *Kaolla and Rush showed up*

    Phil= Kaolla, you stay in here just incase we get some stowaways. Rush, you take care of her. Kos, is on board my Pillar of Autumn lending airborne rides to the resistance. Let's go pop some plama caps in some Slither inc. scraps!

    Kaolla= Be careful out there guys!

    *Phil, Vent, and Aile go outside to confront the ships from the deck. Phil takes the place near the door. Vent and Aile take the middle. The guns from the guardian base began to fire back at the invading Slither ships. Sudenly there was a few Slither ships launched these large boxes that grappled on the side of the ship, doors opened from them and hoards of galleon troops jumped out. Vent, Aile and Phil hacked and shot the galleon troops and attacked the boxes. Phil took down 2 already but more were comming in fast.*

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    Phil= Vent! Aile! More of those things from the ships! Keep those bots busy. Ill deal with these box things!

    Aile= Roger that Phil!

    Vent= Look out! More of those things!

    User Image

    *The galleon troops poured out from the doored boxes and more troops came out. Vent and Aile blasted and slashed every one while Phil took out the grapple box contraptions.*

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    *Phil slashed them with Model Op's beam axe while Vent and Aile switched Model Z randomly while using the biometals they had. Vent was wearing Model S and Vent used the copied mechanloid abilities to trash any galleon hunter or other troop in his path. After all the ships with the grapple boxes were finished, Phil, Vent, and Aile were at the front of the dock. Sudenly one more shoed up, and poured out from it were a bunch of galeon troops and Prometheus and Pandora were there too and they all entered the ship.*

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    Phil= Kaolla! Do you read me?

    Kaolla (radio)= I do! There's robots comming inside!

    Phil= Cut them down. But those 2 odd ones leave them to me, Vent, and Aile.

    Kaolla (radio)= Roger.

    Prairie (radio)= Phil! We got stowaways on board! Hurry! There going for the engine room!

    Phil= VENT!! AILE!! Hurry! The engine room!

    *Phil, Vent, and Aile stormed back into the ship. Kaolla was wearing Model Pr and has downed a few galleon mechanloids. Phil spotted a few galleon huters trying to attempt to break into the few doors but they were un-sucsessful.*

    Phil= This way! Down the elevator. We got to stop them!

    Vent= Let's go and stop them.

    Aile= Im right behind you!

    *The 3 went down the elevator and took down any galleon robot that stood in there way but the clear tunel to the engine room was broken through so they had to make jumps across.*

    User Image

    Phil= Out of my way you trash!!

    *Phil took his sword and sliced a few galleon hunters in half.*

    Vent= Let's save this ship.

    Aile= Let's hurry.

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    *Then they went into the door that lead them to the power chamber with the giant flower shaped crystal but as soon as they entered, Prometheus and Pandora were there are attempting to attack the ship from the scource.*

    Guardian man= Get away from there!

    *The guardian gruunt fired a few shots but Pandora blocked them all*

    Pandora= Step aside.

    *Phil, Vent and Aile walked in and saw them, but the guardian grunt and Prairie were standing there too.*

    Phil= Prairie, get out of here now! We will take care of these guys.

    Prairie= Phil..... Ok. Good luck.

    *Prairie and the guardian grunts leave the room.*

    Prometheus= Ah, the other mega man is here with the 2 brats. Where's John? I thought he'd show up too.

    Pandora= I do not detect him Prometheus. He's not here.

    Prometheus= Good. Since John's absent, he won't be able to interfere wich makes things easier here. Oh, you 2. I see you have your biometal Model X and the Model Z from the red mega man have you not?

    Vent= Yeah, we do.

    Aile= Yes. But what about it?

    Prometheus= It appears the 2 megamerges together when you use Model X, and Model Z goes together. Now called ZX. Facinating. Also your biometal interacts with the others you obtained from the other pseudoroids.

    Pandora= Thus performing Double Megamerge. One thing bothers me. Vent. You have Model S with you... That's John's biometal. Why do you have it?

    Vent= This?

    Model S= I megamerge with whoever I want. I also double megamere with other biometal too. You got a problem with it or something?

    Pandora= A free will biometal? How rare. But I sence his biometal was not made like the others.... like the ... it can't be? Like Model C?

    Prometheus= Wait.... before Rangarock 2 destructed... IT CAN'T BE! This is the guy who sprung those guardian reploids! Phillip McDonald! So youre behind the fact that you saved John and his friends from thge fate of death!

    Pandora= And to think he defeated Omega Zero? I thought he would destroy John.

    Prometheus= Well, it dosent matter now. We can get John later. For now Pandora, you go to the Slither fleet and get them to evacuate. Those resistance people appear to be too strong for our troops.

    Pandora= Prometheus?... Oh ok, Ill carry out the command to evacuate the attack.

    *Pandora teleports away*

    Prometheus= Now let's get down to buisiness. I want to see how good you are Phil.

    Phil= Let's see you try it.

    Vent= Were going to avenge Giro!

    Aile= And save this ship!

    Prometheus= Oh, alright you 3. Prepair to draw your last breaths.

    (Music changes to - Decisive battle / Megaman X 7 )Download

    User Image

    *Prometheus took out his scythe and charged at the 3 attacking Phil, Vent and Aile at once. Phil had Model Op on so he blocked the scythe and took a wack at him and flung him from afar. Prometheus got up and fired a demon fang attack and struck Vent.*

    Vent= OWWW!!

    Model S= EHH! That did not tickle. Hold on Vent, Ill switch to Model Pr for you.

    Aile= You can't do that to my brother you coward!

    User Image

    *As Prometheus teleported to the middle and launched flaming skulls and fired purple fireballs, Aile switched to Z X and slashed Prometheus with the Z saber from mid-air.*

    Prometheus= You little....

    *Prometheus had some flaming skulls turn to Aile and a few hit her.*

    Vent= Argh!

    *Model S duel merged with Model Ph and Vent fired a few kunai knives at Prometheus and he got damaged a bit. But the skulls kept hitting them making it hard to hit em.*

    Prometheus= Grrrrr! C'mon, is this the best you 3 have got!?

    User Image

    *As soon as Prometheus landed on the floor, Aile jumped off from the wall where she hung and attempted to deop on Prometheus from above, but he dodged and and grabbed her and slammed her against the wall.*

    Aile= AHHHH!!

    Vent= Erghhhh...These damn skulls!

    Phil= VENT! AILE! Retreat! I'll handle him allone!

    Prometheus= Im not letting you get away!

    Phil= You son of a ......

    *Prometheus charged at Vent and Aile, but Phil in his Model Op morphed into a miniature semi truck and rammed Prometheus sending him flying against the wall.*

    Phil= GO! NOW!!

    *Vent and Aile ran from the room*

    Prometheus= ......Argh.... YOU!! I'll make you pay for that!

    *Prometheus took his saber and swung at Phil but Phil dodged and fired his long range weapon at him and landed a few blows. Prometheus flinched.*

    Phil= Pick on little kids will you!? Ill make sure you will never lay your hands on them again!

    Prometheus= ...YOU! ARGHHHH!!!

    *Prometheus teleported from the wall to the middle and inserted his hair parts on the floor and launched ground blades at Phil. Phil dashed tothe floor and wall kicked to get away from them, the blades began to raid the wall but he jumped from it just in time and performed a jump strike at Prometheus with the saber axe landing a sevear hurting blow.*

    (Music stops)

    Prometheus= AHHHH!! Enough! You win!!

    Phil= That's more like it!

    Prometheus= Well, Phil. Perhaps you do have what it takes to participate in this "Game of Destiny" after all allong with John. Ill let you live for now. You earned it. Till then, stay alive for me, that the fact in the future I will be the one to strike you down.

    *Prometheus teleports away*

    (Music playing - Vesper defense outpost / Metroid Prime Hunters)Download

    Phil= *sighs* And good riddens to you.

    *Prairie walks in.*

    Prairie= Phil, your alright. Oh, and the fleet is retreating. Kay also sends us her reguards for you helping her troops out as well. It looks like we won, but the ship took allot of beating.

    Phil= As long as it's in flying condition we'll be ok.

    *Kaolla walked in.*

    Kaolla= Hey Philly! I got a signal from a Slither ship heading our way. Here's the com link.

    John (radio)= Hey Phil! How's it going!?

    Phil= John, glad to hear from you mate. You had us all worried. Too bad you missed a good fight.

    John (radio)= I didn't miss it all. I had a piece of Prometheus again, trying to save Maggie.

    Phil= Maggie? Is she....?

    John (radio)= She's fine. Here she is right here.

    Maggie (radio)= Im here. John protected me the whole time.

    Phil= Well, great! Kay will be glad to hear it too.

    Prairie= I see another Slither ship.

    John (radio)= Don't worry. Im in that ship. I got a wild story to tell, plus I nabbed an unfinished biometal from another space pirate facility.

    Prairie= What!? You mean theres more of those dreadful things? Well, come on back and let's rest. We all deserve a break.

    Kay (radio)= Guardian base, this is Kay. We are also willing to help with the repairs on the guardian base as well. We will be docking soon.

    Prairie= Thank you Kay for all what you have done for us today, otherwise we all would not be here. And the thanks goes to Phil as well for his heroic job too.

    *So the guardian base survived a big fight, but will it be the only big fight? More is to come in the next episode of Megaman Heroes 2 so stay tuned.....*