• Haylin head focused with the blue plain. Were was she?
    Hurry there coming
    But you must be ready.
    Ready. But I am. I took on the great current. I tasted sea salt. Even your'e seals let there pups come near me. When is ready for you Mer? Mer of planet Kamain!
    When will learn to be patient human child?
    Poping out of the ocean the Mer sat on the sand. Haylin rushed down towards Silvertide. Freedom called. "Two rules. Keep still. Close your eyes when I say."
    Haylin kept still. Waves touched her feet. Her face scwered in pain. The top of her legs fused filling the missing gap. Every wave felt painfull. Silver tide only clamed her in words. A huge wave swalloed what reamined of the legs. It removed the pain. Haylins hair grew. Muscles tensed. "Silverfin...im free aren't I?" She pulgned when her new mother embrached her. Yes,free. Salt was on her lips. It tasted amazing. Free. "Kamin?"
    Silverfin smiled "Kamin". They dove. "Her new tounge also wanted to say free.Kamin-joy in my realse. Repling Kamin-joy in your coming and freedom. She closed her. All around the sea echoed word. One tounge of the ocean of Mer. Yes smiled the blue plain. Kamin.