• Once during in the Fuderal era there lived a beautiful woman. Her Kimono was had a long kimono trail made from rich and fine silk and long smooth hair and the most dazzling eyes.
    Men from all around asked for her hand in marriage but instantly she refused even when they brought rich and fine gifts.
    "Love is something that is weaved" she would say in a soft voice. "It can never be bribed. It is as important as a spider's wed"
    One day while the woman was taking a stroll through the forest she was attacked by two moutain demons who wished to gobble her up. Out of the blue a young samurai used his silver sword and cut the demons up and saved her.
    He was charming and they both fell in love with eachother like how the stars fall out of the sky.
    After one year they were finally married and lived happily together. Every day just before the stars came out the woman would wait for her husband after a long day of work and greet him.
    When money got tight the woman decided to help her husband and sell kimonos made from the finest silk.
    "How do you make such beautiful clothing?" her husband always asked when he came in.
    The woman looked at him and gave a small sinister smile. "Its the same how a spider spins"
    The husband never understood what she meant and life went on.
    After three years the marriage went from sweet to sour.
    There was a drought and food was scarce and the husband was forced to work over time.
    This time the woman had to stay up for her husband to come as night fall. When he did come he was not happy.
    When she asks how was his day he would yell and slap her across her silk smooth face then storm off to bed.
    The woman did not like being treated this way but she loved her husband and would do anything to make him happy.
    That however was about to change.
    One day when the husband was at work another woman came up to him to offer water. She was fresh and much more beautiful than his loving wife.
    That night his wife stayed up until midnight.
    Days went by as the husband betrayed his love for a new one and the days went on with his wife not knowing.
    One day when the wife was out shopping she saw her husband kissing the woman and then she knew.
    When he came home his wife looked furious.
    "I know who you are with" she says in a threatening tone. "If you be disloyal agian I will kill her and then I will kill you"
    The husband replied by slapping her across the face and storming off to bed.
    The following day the husband went off to see the woman again and then there in the feilds he had betrayed his wife.
    The wife stood in the feilds glaring at them with cold eyes as she plotted her revenge.

    The husband came home late and his wife sat there surrounded by spider webs.
    "I know what you did and I have killed the woman" she said coldly. "Some of my children went into her room when she got home and bit her repeatly until the poison over whelmed her. Now my dear husband I shall punish you"
    The man tried to escape but webs from above held him in place as little spiders dropped down and bit his nose. The wife glide over to him and kissed him on the forehead.
    "Haven't you heard that a Black widow kills her husband when he is disloyal?" she hissed.
    Her human face cracked and was shedded revealing a head of an ugly looking spider. Before her husband could scream she chompped on his head.

    The next morning everyone was out in front of the samurai's house where his headless body lay there. Villagers say that they found spider silk on his clothing and thought they saw a small spider or two crawl away. As for the beautiful wife she was never seen again but legand says that once in a while a beautiful woman would come down from the mountians looking for a loyal husband.