• Julie lay on the foreign floor, covered in blood, barley living, panting, her eyes so far open they were bleeding from the strain. She coughed, and blood flew from her lips. She had no idea where she was or how she got there but she had a very good idea of what was about to happen to her, she was going to die. The room smelled like blood which to many humans isn’t a very appealing smell, I beg to differ. Her eyes leapt from corner to corner, she wasn’t going to like what she saw and she knew it, I knew it. The animal, no, the thing, me, I was still watching her and she was well aware. Her eyes examined the room more frantically now, she had found her friends, but they were dead. Mei and Juin, where dead, sprawled out and covered with blood on the angry and greedy floor they seemed like an illusion, something so real it had to be fake. She cried, she cried for them and for herself as her eyes filled with blood. She heard it, the disgusting sound of the creature that had killed her friends; I must say I did a good job. The sound was so piercing, so vile, that it made nails on a chalkboard sound soothing. The sound reminded her of someone screaming in the most obnoxious and high-pitched voice, while gagging on their own blood. She tried to move, but the pain was so agonizing that she let out her own piercing scream. I just watched, while reading her thoughts, it was fun. She calmed herself and looked at me with her bloody and hopeless eyes, I wanted to stop, I really did, but now that I was this thing I couldn’t. I had an indescribable craving to kill and that part had won me over. I looked at her, searching for a new and entertaining way to kill her. Then I realized, she was waiting, waiting for me! She was waiting for me to kill her! I chuckled, she made this no fun, her other friends had screamed, kicked, cursed, they hadn’t wanted to die. But she wanted to, she was done, and it was obnoxious. I wanted to jump down off the beam where I was perched and just peel her flesh off. She angered me to the point that I became unwilling to kill her. I just wanted to make her suffer, and I did.
    I leapt down from my perch and stand where she laid, a relieved look upon her blood drenched face made it obvious she thought she was going to die. I smirked and she closed her eyes, but instead of giving her what she wanted, instead of killing her, I stood there. Her eyes open after some time and she wondered why I hadn’t killed her. She was worrying now and I was happy. I held up a sharp, black claw, and jabbed it into her arm, right through the opposite part of her elbow. I grinded it into her arm and she shrieked, after I pulled it out, her arm was engorged with blood. She knew now why I had chosen not to kill her. She wasn’t happy with me and she showed it. Her face was that of but a simple girl who had the desire to kill me. That face was all too similar. It was “my” face. Before I became this powerful and observant creature I had showed this kind of resent, I had thought those thoughts. Her face, as bloody and mangled as mine. But that was all too long into the past and I hated reaching back into the dark abyss which was full of my memories of before this time. She could see that I was thinking, distracted, and so she took her knife and attempted to jab me in the side. But because I could read her thoughts I was one step ahead of her. I dodged and jabbed another sharp claw into her other arm, same spot. She shrieked, she hated me, she hated the world. I removed my claw and blood leaked onto the satisfied floor. It was red, all of it. Blood had leaked to every corner in the room. I was surprised she wasn’t dead yet, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t happy. She had bled so much, but she was still alive. But what angered me was that, she wanted to die yet she was clinging to life.
    After another hour of torture she was barely alive. She breathed fast, frantically, her eyes frozen and on my face and bleeding with what little blood she must have had left. She had tried to kill herself with the knife, but I hadn’t allowed that to happen, I took it and jabbed it into her friend as if to put the finishing touches on a wedding cake. She looked at me; she wanted nothing more than to kill me,
    and she almost did.
    After that moment hours ago I never again made the connection, the connection that she might be like me, so strongly willed she might live and become something more. I was stupid. I was ignorant. I was going to be so close to death and didn’t even know it. I sat there, a few feet from her half dead body, looking out the window, waiting for another, another toy, maybe even a meal. People where stupid enough not to heed the warnings, not to connect the missing people with this house. Like me, I was so stupid, stupid not to make that connection. I knew it was going to happen; I was but only in denial.
    Then her thoughts where silent. At that moment I knew, that she was no longer my rag doll, she was now my enemy, a danger to my very existence. She had made the transformation I had made some years ago. And I felt sorry for her, sorry she had to be this, and then die. She lunged at me; her blood covered no longer human body covered in spikes. She was furious; her eyes were red, her small black dot of a pupil was dilating frequently. Her Fangs, bottom jaw, over her lips, covered with her blood. I swung my claw-arm at her and she flew back. I leapt into the air and then stopped. I shrieked in pain. She had taken her claw and shoved it through my stomach. Blood flew from my mouth; I coughed, gagged and made the ear piercing sound that had disturbed her not to long ago. I wondered why she was so much alike me her face before so familiar like I had known her before. She removed her claw and I was free, and I took advantage of her idiotic move. I moved, fast, do you know, know how fast a bolt of lightning strikes, and well imagine that, only about twenty-six million times faster. I had practiced, what else had I to do in my free time, answer me that and I will think you a genius. I struck her, trough the arm again, it was then leaking with blood as was my stomach. I wasn’t going to give her an inch; I ripped my claw through her arm and chuckled to myself. I was quite entertained, and I wondered if I was this stupid when I was “new”.
    I was getting cocky and that wasn’t good. She had caught me off guard once again and it almost cost me my life. As I penetrated my claw into her chest and she returned the favor. We both collapsed onto the blood saturated floor. They say that a person’s life flashes before their very eyes before death. And I know this now to be false. I had seen her life flash before my eyes which was odd, which means she had become mortal again. Did that mean I was to become mortal the day I was to be killed, as well? This fascinated me and I was glad I was not dead yet. She had stuck me a bit more to the left than I had her. And this thankfully allowed me to live.
    I lay on the floor for more than four hours before I could move again. My blood poured out like water pours from the banks of Niagara Falls. I wouldn’t allow myself to die, not yet. I needed the satisfaction of knowing that she was dead. I couldn’t risk it again; if I lived I wouldn’t ever want another encounter like this. Never again did I want that kind of worry in my life, I couldn’t stand it. The uncertainty and cautiousness I had preceded with when fighting her worried me greatly and it wasn’t going to happen to me again. I got up slowly, made my way to where she was laying, picked her up, and bit off her head.