• Olivia sat at her computer desk,listening to the music playing on her speakers. She looked through all the stories on the website she was on. With a Twilight craze happening most of the stories were of Vampires. Nothing interesting caught her eye,so she simply got off the website.

    She picked up the book she was currently reading. As she read she cried,and as on cue it started to rain. A couple minutes later she found that the book was done,it ended. So she lied down thinking,on how what the author said was true.

    We all are here one day,but the next day we could be gone. Dead. She was here,a teenager. Soon to be out into the world. Would her friends join her? Would they still be with her in ten years? Who would she end up marrying? What was going to be her job? Would her father be there to see it all happen? Her father,she didnt want to imagine living with out him. When would she die?Olivia didnt want to die at an early age,she wanted to die old.

    We go by everyday. Not really wondering and seeing how terrifying the world is. The world would end one day,but how? When? Would the world start over or just forever be dead? Whats really out there in the universe? How big is outerspace,what sercrets does it hold?

    Each minute goes by,one minuts closer to death. Every year,a year closer to death. Olivia would be walking down the street as a car drove by. What if the driver lost control and ran her over? What if she wanted to run and get ran over? Would anyone miss her? How was it to be dead?

    Theres so many things to wonder about,so many things to make Olivia scared. Scared of the future. Of what happens next.Olivia gets deeper into things and keeps wondering about them,asking questions. Getting even more terrifyed. She always does wonder if any one else feels the same way?

    Why did humans exist? What was the point if in our toddler years we did nothing. As we get older we all attend school. Study,study,study. When we graduate, its even more studying and school. For what? We work our whole life? For what? Just to survive? In the end we die.

    Olivia stops becuase she has a goal. A goal to marry the man of her dreams. Remember the past. The good times. Live her life happy. And try to avoid those questions. Olivia keeps moving on in life waiting for that perfect someone to come. To know that she was loved. Maybe. Just maybe. It would help. Make dieing a little easier.

    Olivia stood up and smiled. "Dinners ready!!" he father called out. Off Olivia went down the stairs,with happy thought in her head. Her life was good now.

    Yet she still waits and wonders.

    Do you?
    A/N: These are my thoughts.I put them into this short story.The character is suppose to be me.My middle name is Olivia.So yeah comment and rate. ^^