• We all know that dragons and humans are two different creatures. Some say that dragons never existed. But what if a dragon’s soul was melded in with an object like a ring or necklace? And a human came into contact with that object. What would happen? Would the person become a half dragon or a whir dragon? Would the person be able to communicate with the dragon’s soul? Or would simply nothing happen? Well I know the answer. Did this happen to me? Did I become a half dragon? No, because I was a dragon trapped in a necklace. And I’m telling you my story through the human I melded with.

    My name is Scorch. I am 15 years old, and tall. I have black curly hair, and black eyes. I am a dragon, some would say. Others would say I am a crackpot, me thinking that I have a dragon soul inside me. 10 years ago, when I was 5 years old, on my birthday, we were having a picnic to celebrate. When everyone was done eating, we played games. Of coarse, these were childish games, and held no interest to me. When no one was looking, I wandered off. I stumbled upon a small forest. I decided to explore the green and lively forest. In around the center I would say, I found a cave. I looked in and all I felt was a small, warm, breeze from inside. Of coarse, then, I didn't know that caves didn't make a breeze, but I do now. I decided that outside was too cold, and went inside. I saw beautiful stones everywhere, trickles of water from the ceilings and cracks. Cold, damp and wet, yet a warm breeze wafted through. I went deeper. It started to get darker and darker. I couldn't see, and the hairs on the back of my neck were standing on thin edge. I decided to turn back, but too late. I looked, and all I could see was a large figure towering over me. Light shone behind it, and I ducked between it's large legs. I had no time to look around, I knew what would happen if I was caught. The figure turned around and I looked back. What I saw petrified me. I couldn't move. I stood there, gaping at what stood over me. I didn't now what was happening. I looked up at shining teeth and water dripping down on it's face. The creature stood, but limped closer towards me. The creature was coming closer, and there was nothing I could do. The creature walked into the light some more, and I saw what it truly was. A large beast with claws and wings, and a tail. It looked like an overgrown lizard, but with muscles, and majesty, and grace. I realized what I had stumbled upon - a dragon. The dragon limped closer to me, and picked me up. I fought and screamed. The dragon put me down, and patted me on the head. I felt a growing need to just...touch it. To make sure it was real... I reached my hand out, and closer my hand drew to the dragon. My hand was a smidge away when the dragon roared in pain. My handed retreated instinctively, and I backed up. The dragon was scraping the walls, yearning to get out. Again, I reached my hand out to touch him. I was compulsed to touch his leg, I don't know why. My handed reached over, and brushed against the dragon's leg. I roared in pain. I don't know why, but I was knocked unconcious. I was knocked out cold, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. The light was fading away, and I couldn't stay awake no matter how hard I tried. I was a goner.
    I awoke, but not where I thought it was supposed to be. I awoke on a cliff, overseeing a valley filled with forests and a large river. Somehow it calmed me, and I sat there for what seemed to be hours, until someone spoke.
    "If your wondering, your not awake yet. Welcome to your subconcious. I brought this picture to your mind to relax you. I am Shrik, and in case you are wondering, yet again, yes, I am a dragon." Stated the large red dragon. I gaped at the marvelous creature.
    "Are you...hurt?" I asked. Of coarse, how was I supposed to know? I was 5.
    "No, not anymore. You have healed me to full recovery. I feel better. However, I am only safe with your soul touching mine, and so I must trap myself in your necklace. I am sorry, I should have given you a choice at first, but now you do not have one. I am very sorry. I can help you, however. Whenever you need me, you only need to think of me, and I will return your thoughts. You can ask me to come out and fight, in this case I will give you my body and strength, but my soul and mind must stay inside yours. My soul and mind will be in the necklace, so if the necklace ever breaks, rusts, or is not on you, I cannot help you. Do not lose it, for if you do, you will have lost my life. Please, keep me alive. I do not wish to die.." Shrik explained. The large dragon drooped and cried. I realized that this large dragon was afraid to die. I had no choice, for my sympathy struck a chord of compassion for this great creature.
    "Alright, as long as I am alive, you can live with me." I said with a comforting smile. Shrik looked at me with happiness. All of a sudden everything went black. I awoke and found myself back in the cave, alone, cold, and with a red hot necklace beside me. It had a dragon on it. I smiled. So it really happened...
    "Scorch? Scorch? Where are you?" Yelled my mother. I heard her and ran out to her. "Scorch! There you are, we were very worried about you!" She was crying. She picked me up and I nestled in her arms. I felt safer with her.
    Years passed, and Shrik uttered not a word, nor noise, nor even indication that he was there. I soon forgot about him. I began leaving him at home, in my dresser. My mistake. When I was 12, I arrived home one day and found Shrik was gone. I yelled and screamed and flung everything across my room, in a desperate attempt to find him. I had searched my room from top to bottom, and still no sign. I yelled to my mother.
    "Mom! Where's my necklace?!" I ran to her and found her sitting down, counting money from the garage sale. Oh no, I thought. When I went through my room, I must have put Shrik in the sale box. Someone must have bought him already! "Mom, who bought my dragon necklace? I need to know, I didn't mean to sell it."
    "Oh, umm....a boy named Ricky bought it. Why?" My mother explained. "Here, he bought him for $10. Go get him back." I knew who she was talking about, and I ran to my room and cried. I knew I would not get Shrik back unless I either: 1) Stole it, 2)Bought it back for more than he got it for, or 3) won it back. Ricky was a boy in my class who always cheated people out of their stuff. He was one of the cool kids, or so he thought, and liked picking on me. I grabbed $5 more from my wallet, and set off to Ricky's house. I arrived and knocked on his door. His mother answered.
    "Yes?" She asked. She was a very nice person, and so I decided that maybe if I told her, I would only get it back for the original $10.
    "Sorry to bother you, but Ricky accidently bought something from our yard sale that I didn't mean to sell. He bought it for $10, and I was hoping to get it back and return his $10. Could you please help me?" I asked. My mom trained me to be polite, and so polite I was. Besides, I liked his mom. She was very nice, and she was like a second mom to the kids around here.
    "Sure thing. I'll go get him." She said. "Ricky!" She yelled inside, and dissapeared behind the door. I waited for what seemed like an hour, but was really only 10 minutes. They finally came out and returned to me the necklace. I returned the $10, thanked them, and returned on my way home. Of coarse, with Ricky, nothing was that simple. I took a shortcut through the forest to get home, and sat down, and decided to see if I could talk to Shrik.
    "Shrik, are you there?" I asked. No response. Then I remembered. I had to think of him if I wanted to talk to him. Shrik? Are you there? I asked. Yes, I am here. Why have you been ignoring me? Shrik asked back. Sorry, I have been busy, trying to keep yo- Ahh!!! I screamed in my head and outside. Ricky had grabbed me from behind, and was trying to take the necklace again.
    "I want that necklace! Give it back!" Ricky yelled. I was on my knees, trying to think quickly when I remembered I could ask Shrik for help.
    "SHRIK!" I screamed. "I need your help!" I pleaded in my head for him to come. For a few minutes, nothing happened. Then my hands started tingling. At first I thought it was because of Ricky choking me. I couldn't breathe, and then, Ricky let go.
    "Wha-?" Ricky stared at me wide-eyed. He bolted. I ran after him, but somehow found myself faster, and taller than before. I looked down. All I saw, was a yellow belly, black claws, and red scales covering me. I looked behind and saw two massive wings sprouting from my scaly back.
    "Whoa!" I exclaimed. "It's true!" I can morph. I thought. Yes, you can morph. Wow, it feels good to get out for once. Mind stretching for me? Ahh, thank you. Shrik sighed as I stretched out. Can I try flying? I wondered to him. Sure. Only two rules of flying, don't let anyone see you, and feel the wind in your face. I could feel him smile, and I heard a deep rumble that sounded similar to a chortle. "Wow! Woohoo!!!" I yelled and flipped and did sumersaults in the air. "This feels great!" I said. But it didn't last too long. I heard sirens and cops yelling and shouting my name. I decided to morph back to myself, and run home without them seeing me. I landed and asked Shrik to change me back. When I felt like I was in my normal body again, I ran home. I open the door, showed my mom the necklace and said I would be in my room. She replied and said ok. I ran to my room, laid on my bed and talked with Shrik for hours. Then came the knock on the door. That dreaded knock. Knock, knock. Who's there? I thought. Oh, that's right...it's the police! I felt like crying, but decided it would look like I had done something if I had cried, so I kept my mouth shut, my eyes dry, and my footsteps unheard as I crept out towards the front door, to listen to what they were saying. The police were accusing me of hiding an overgrown red lizard, but the boy (Ricky) had said I changed into one. They wanted to do a thourough check of the house, but my mom was screaming that it was impossible for him to hide one that big in our house. She slammed the door, and the police left. My mom saw me hiding in the corner and asked me to sit down. She asked me to explain, and that it wouldn't change anything, that she would still love me, and that I could tell her anything. I explained. Everything that had happened, I explained. It went on for hours. She only sat there, expressionless, occasionallly asking a few questions, and when I was done, I morphed into Shrik. She stared and said it was ok. She wouldn't tell. But after we finished the talk, the police came again, this time with a warrent to search our house. My mom said fine, and I decided to let them. If I didn't change into Shrik again, how would they know? The police found nothing, except, that I had an illegal sword in my room, hanging on the wall. I said yes, it's for decoration. It hadn't been moved in years. The police billed us with a fine for it, and left.
    So now my mom knew our secret. Years passed and she never told a soul. I was 16 when I found out that there were others like me. They would carry jewelery with a picture of their dragon, and Shrik would point them out. Shrik even told me of a special place for people like us to gather and talk. We could be in our human form, or dragon form. We could make friends, others of our kind. We nicknamed it DA, Dragon Associates. We would talk of DA, and people assumed we were talking about deviantArt, an art website. Of coarse, deviantArt was dA, and we were DA. Whoever came up with that, was an utter genius. We would meet every Saturday, and talked about all sorts of things. Like who was the strongest here, who was coolest, prettiest. One Saturday, we met up, and I came in dragon form. I walked in and all I heard were whispers. Look at that..isn't he cool?..where did he come from?...So cute.... Was all the girls said. The guys had different views. Look at him..so ugly...so full of himself...I bet you he's weak...I could beat him...A twig could beat him....Of coarse, I ignored them and sat myself down. Almost instantly I found myself surrounded by girls wanting to flirt, and guys wanting to challenge me. I talked until I couldn't talk anymore, and sent them away. One of them stayed behind.
    A black dragon, dark as night, with a silvery mane and white claws, muscular, and about the same height as me, stood there. I wondered what he wanted, but I soon found out. The black dragon attacked me. I ducked and rolled and hit the wall. The black dragon roared and flung a fireball at me. I shielded myself with my wings and flew upwards. I was swift, and landed behind him. I kicked him, and he fell down. He rose back up, and stretched his claws and scratched my belly. I groaned in pain, and fell. The black dragon jump up and prepared to land on me. I rolled to the side and waited for him to land. He landed, and I grabbed his leg and swung him around, bashing him into a wall. I quickly got up, and punched him in the jaw. I picked him up, threw him outside, and kick him in the back. He never saw what hit him. I stepped on his throat and said "Do you surrender?" The black dragon coughed and replied "Yes, I surrender." I realized that I was very strong, and decided maybe I shouldn't fight as much. Shrik, why did he challenge me back there? I asked. Because, to everyone, you seem stronger, and if someone seems stronger, then naturally, they'll want to fight you to prove they are stronger. Shrik replied. Well, who was that? I questioned. I do not know. Why don't you go ask him? Shrik replied sarcastically. Alright, I will. I retorted. I turned back and found the black dragon sitting in a corner, quiet and still.
    "Who are you?" I asked. The black dragon did not reply. Again I asked. Still no reply. I began to grow impatient. I was about to scream at him, when I caught myself at the lest second, and instead asked "Are you hurt?" In my softest voice. The black dragon turned and looked at me.
    "No, I am fine. And it is none of your concern who I am. Why do you even care or want to know?" The black dragon replied quizically.
    "You were the only one left standing there, and you suddenly attack me. I did not provoke you, or even talk to you. I did nothing to you, and you attacked me. I want to know who you are, thinking you could do that." I responded with great authority. Wow, how the heck did I learn to do that? I thought to myself.
    "Like I said, it's none of your business." He replied and looked away.
    "Fine, be like that." I retorted and walked away.
    "In case your wondering, I'm not a he, I'm a she." She replied.
    "I wasn't wondering that. But thank you, I did think you were a he." I replied. "At least tell me your name?" I asked.
    "Umm...Shayna. I'm Shayna." Shayna responded and smiled.
    "You fight very well...Shayna." I said. "Will I see you here next week?" I asked.
    "No, I will not be here. My parents and I are going on a trip. I'll be here next month though" She replied and smiled.
    "Ok, well, see you around." I responded, and left. I went on my way home. I was halfway home when Shayna appeared again. "Following me, are we?" I sarcastically asked.
    "Maybe." Shayna gave a small smile, then frowned. "You know, your the first person who hasn't either challenged me, or insulted me, or made fun of me. Why?" She asked.
    "Well, what is there to make fun of? And you already challenged me, now didn't you? Why are you following me?" I asked her, a little suspicious.
    "Um, I was wondering, if you weren't doing anything tomorrow, if I could show you a special place where I like to go when I need some quiet time, or just a place to hang out." Shayna grinned. "It's even protected so you can go flying."
    "Ok!" I exclaimed. Flying was... fun! I couldn't get enough of it. The wind in my face, the frosty air in the clouds, the height that showed how beautiful the earth really was. I decided that I would tell my mom when I got home, and started walking away. But Shayna apparentyl remembered something else.
    "Uh, how about a meeting spot?" Shayna asked. "I suggest we meet on Bumbletree Ave., under the bridge at 5:00 p.m." She suggested.
    "Alright. See you tomorrow." I whispered. I walked home. I slept for what seemed like ages to my mother. She woke me and I looked at my clock. It said 4:15 p.m. Oh No! I thought. I'm gonna be late! I staggered upwards and struggled to get my clothes on and ran out the door. I flew to Bumbletree Ave and waited. I looked at my watch. It said 4:59. A minute passed. I looked at my watch and waited. Another minute passed, and I saw a girl walking towards me. That must be Shayna. I thought to myself. Wow, she's beautiful. Shayna had blood red bangs, and short black hair. It was spiky, and looked like it was geled, like what a guy does for spiky hair. She wore dark blue cargo pants, and a baby blue tight shirt which rested above her belly button. She had a small dragon curling around her navel, green and elegant. She also wore black skater shoes. She smiled and waved. Shayna ran over and morphed in the shadows. I did the same and followed her into the forest behind us. She leapt up into the air and flapped her wings. Again, I did the same. She led me to a small hill over looking the entire forest, a small lake, and a beautiful wild garden. We sat down. This became our permanent childhood spot.
    Again, more years passed, and I felt a connection between Shrik and I snap into peices. We fell apart, as Shayna and I grew closer. One day I didn't even feel his presence at all. I paniced and found that my chain had broken. I realized I had lost my best friend, over something as silly as a girl. I was sad the rest of my days, and when I dreamed, I found Shrik and said I was sorry I didn't pay more attention to him. But he just muttered back "It was my time" and left. We shared our thoughts and memories, and still do, even though he is dead. Whenever I dream, I see and talk to him, and we will have hours of talking to each other. I never thought that losing Shrik meant losing most of my heart. I felt dead and cold in my heart for the years to come. And it was not until someone else similar to Shrik came into my life that I was happy once more...but I will save that for another time.