• The first thing I saw, when I woke up, was the blood.
    And my leg hurts so much, I cannot resist the pain.
    When I look at my leg, I see a deep wound.
    How did it come so far?
    When I look around me,I see a dark alley full of mist.
    Oh it's so cold outside..
    Who did this to me?
    When I try to stand up, I fall.
    And then I see that sharp arrow in my hand.
    No feeling, no pain.
    That's not a good sign at all.
    I crawle on the ground searching for people, something that's alive.
    I'm afraid of what's coming...
    Then I see that hospital with some lights on.
    Why didn't I see that, in the first place..and then it happens, I past out..
    I lost too many blood.
    When I wake up, I get stressed.
    Where did they put me???
    It's a dark room with hospital machines in it.
    I panic and try to stand up.
    No results.
    Ahh it hurts.
    Then a doc. comes inside.
    Hello, Who are you, I ask with a weak voice.
    He doesn't answer, he just kisses my forhead.
    What,Did he just kiss me, the doctor?
    And then I realize i'm in a coma..

    End of chapter one.

    Hope you well, like it I guess

    And for the moderators, please I will not make it very crule, or rude..
    I'm anti hard-violence.