• They were back in their little apartment when the Lucus started his never ending questioning!
    'So how long have you been here? Did you have to run for a long time? Did the king find you again? Did you get hurt at any time when you were running? Lucus asked. He sighed when he was done.
    Marcus answered all his questions and Joselie just stood over the stove cooking their tea. Lucus glanced over to where Joselie was and then turned away. Lucus was a year older then Joselie and three years younger then Marcus, but they always got a long well. They, of course, had their different opinions on things but they always like to debate.
    'What is with all this shouting? People will think that you kids were having a fight!' That is what Marcus remembered his father saying when they heard them. Their father knew that they were too much of good friends to fight or argue.
    'Father,' Marcus and Joselie would say together, 'We are not fighting! We never do. We are simply debating!!' then they would laugh!

    'When will tea be ready, Jo? Their are two men here that have hungry stomaches who would like to be fed!' Marcus laughed. And lucus joined in!
    'It is almost done! Stop fussing! Marcus, set the table.' Jo said quietly.
    Lucus had offered to help but Joselie and Marcus never let the guest set or help with anything! It was how they were raised!

    After their tea, Joselie went out to the garden. though it was small, there was still a bit of fresh air out there and she loved it. She turned to go back but was shocked to find that she couldn't! Someone was hugging her form behind.
    'Who are you? Let me go!' She shouted.
    'Wait! Please! I've missed you since you left! i never thought i would lay my eyes on you again after that day. Please!' Lucus breathed.
    So she stayed quiet and let him hug her. He let her go after some time.
    'Why did you join the king?' Jo asked quietly.
    Lucus hesitated but then said 'I..I wanted to see you! I knew the king will go looking for you two. So i joined to as a scout. I went everywhere! The king told me i was head of the hunt for you and Marcus. So i was glad that he gave me this job! It meant that he wouldnt go with me. And if i ever saw you and your brother, i wouldn't need to kill you two at all. But when he said that he was joining me today, i was afraid.' he went silent after that.
    'Then i thank you for searching for us! I do not wish to think about that horrid king now! But tomorrow i shall. For he is going to be in town, searching. We must stay hidden! Well, lets go inside! i will put the kettle on, you can have a hot cup of tea or coffee, which ever you like, and if you like, you can stay the night! Of course, you will be sleeping in Marcus' room.' Jo added.

    Lucus smiled and they walked together into the house, Hands entwined!