• Chapter 5

    When I woke up I saw Connor silently snoring right beside me. His hands were wrapped around my waist. His head on my neck. I blushed my hands were lightly pressed against his chest, but I couldn't help, but to think that Connor looked so innocent despite being a demon. I smiled, I rested my head on his chest. He was warm. It soothed me. Then a sudden burst of chills ran down me. I was scared that one day I would be gone, I would be old. What would Connor do to me then? Would he abandon me?I wanted to know, I was scared that I would loose him one day. Connor twitched as if he heard my thought. Did he? I decided to enjoy him while I can. I held on him with intentions of not letting go. Connor opened his eyes and looked straight into mine. He had a fierceness in his eyes, he looked mad.

    " Rose how could you have such thought... ME ABANDON YOU!" Connor snapped at me. I shivered with fear. He did read my thoughts.

    " I-I-I was w-worried that you would leave m-m-me once I was old and w-w-wrinkly." I shuddered. I was squeezing him. I couldn't let go. No way was I going to let go. Connor tried to sit up, but couldn't because of me.

    " Rose why would I leave you... I bet I'm way older than you." Connor said softly trying to sooth me. I looked at him. He was looking at me. With softness that I rarely see from him.

    " Rose let go... I need to do something." Connor tried to get out of my grip gently. So I hesitantly let go. Connor walked off to the bathroom and took a quick shower. He wnt out and changed into fresh clothes. Then left the house. I wondered where he went.

    Connors POV

    As soon as I left the house. I went to my angelic brothers house. Marial ( maree-al) yes he is angelic. When a demonic couple have twins then, the twins are usually the opposite of each other. So on I went to Marial's house. And of course it did not have doors. So I teleported in.

    " MARIAL I NEED TO TALK TO YOU NOW!" I screamed. I quick breeze brushed passed me. Then there was me brother next to me. He was wondering why was I here.

    " Yes Croncus?" Marial said politely ( this is a authors note Croncus is Connors real name and is pronounced cr-on-coos). I looked at him with seriousness.

    " Marial I have fallen in love with a... human." I said most disappointed in myself.

    " DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE DONE... YOU COULD ENDANGER HER!" Marial scolded and yelled at me.

    " I know this... I think I might need to do the tests!" I whispered to make sure that anyone who was listening wouldn't hear.

    " Are you insane.. the tests could make you go.. forever." Marial whispered most seriously to me. I knew it was dangerous to do the tests, but if it meant that Rose would be safe then I'm happy.

    " Yes, but the O'meta tests are the only was... I want to be able to know that she is safe." The O'meta tests, is a test that tests your love for a human with a series of battles. If you pass the human would be turned into a demon and you would be forever with them, but if you fail your soul gets taken away by Lucifer.