• "Hear ye, hear ye!" a royal adviser of Priencess Zelda said, "28 of her magisty's golden rupees have been stolen!" A mumer of worry went through the crowd that had gathered below the stairs that led to the doors of the castle courtyard.
    "28!" I thought to myself. "Poor Zelda only had 40 left after paying to have Hyrule repaired after the monsters had overthrown Zelda and imprisoned her in her own castle."But that only leaves her with.........12!"
    "I would like to ask if any of thou has any infomation on th-" the advisor did not finish the sentence because an arrow was shot into his head and he fell to the ground. Sevrel people Screamed. I thought quick and threw up a magic wall dome-shaped shield, just in time too. Thousands of flaming arrows were shot at the crowd, but bounced of my shield. It was a clear purple so you could easily see through. But knowing the monsters, they wouldn't give up, I could see some shaking their ugly heads in dissapointment as they notched another arrow. My power was still weak from the war that was only a month ago, so I couldn't keep this up long.
    "Everyone stay 5 feet away from the shield." I said,"Spread out so you're not easy targets if the shield can't hold up!" No one moved. "Alright then." I said "I guess I can just let the shield down and then mons-." A terrified murmmer ran throught the crowd and they quickly spread out. "If cannot hold this big shield, I will make sevrel little ones." I said, "Who would you want me to put it around?" "The children!" They all said, I smiled I should"ve known. " I will make a teleporter that will send you to Kakariko, Stay there untill I come get you". The triforce on my hand was already was already glowing, Zelda, Link, & the evil Ganon had the triforce of wisdom, cuorage, & power. I was the space in the middle of the triforce I had the triforce of balance. The shield failed and I automatically made little one around the children and the transporter that everyone except me jumped through. 'Oh mother help me!" I shouted, I hoped she could hear me, way up in the heavens. My mother was a god. Din goddess of power. I suddenly felt energized and let out a burst of deep purple magic, dark magic. All the monsters fell to the ground and exploded into dust. I was weak, shouldn't have used it so quickly. I passed out. When I woke up I was in a little house,..but I knew this house.. It was Link's. I tried to sit up but I couldn't.
    "Look who fianlly woke up!" he exclaimed when I stirred.
    " Monsters......Din........Zelda........Rupees stolen......." I muttered But Link shushed me and poured some water in my mouth and
    I passed out. With him saying
    " Gonon the evil king has returned."

    End of part one.