• I had the house to myself. My parents were running some errands for my party tonight. My twenty-first birthday. We were going to go to the bar, but I had a plane to catch. My best friend, Meg, wasn't able to fly to Michigan with me. She had to work. Our friends, Marty and Alex, just didn't want to come to Michigan. They were Chicago natives, born and raised. Meg and I met Marty and Alex while we were looking for a place to stay. Ironically, Marty and Alex had two spare rooms and were looking for roommates. Ever since then we have all been friends. Thinking about my friends that couldn't make it to my party made me forget about the friends that could make it. The door bell rang.

    Who is it? I thought as I walked over to the front door.

    A guy with shaggy brown hair and a skinny torso was standing at the door.

    I opened the door. “May I help you?” I asked leaning on the door frame.

    “Are you Mercedes?” The guy asked.

    “Who would like to know?” I asked.

    This guy looked familiar but where have I seen him before?

    “I'm Lewis Carson. We had Confirmation retreat together.” Lewis said.

    “Why are you here?” I asked.

    I remembered him now. I used to have a crush on him. What did he want?

    “I was told to come to your birthday party.” Lewis said.

    “Who told you?” I asked getting a little angry.

    “Taylor.” He said.

    That's all he really had to say in the first place. Taylor was one of my friends form Junior High. Taylor was always more outgoing then me or my other friends. It figures that she would invite him. Then the thought occurred to me, Taylor was supposed to be in England. How would she know about my party?

    “So can I come in?” Lewis asked, snapping me out of my daze.

    “What? Oh yeah, I guess.” I said stepping aside to let Lewis in.

    “Nice house.” He said trying to start a conversation.

    “Thanks.” I said sitting back down on the couch like I had been before he showed up.

    We sat in silence until my parents showed up.

    “Mercedes, help us set up.” My mom yelled from the kitchen.

    “You can help too.” I said to Lewis.

    We walked into the kitchen and helped my parents set up for my party. When we finally finished, it was time for the guest to show up. The party was really hopping by three.

    “It's time for presents.” My friend, Becky, said.

    Next thing I know, I'm blindfolded and getting directed somewhere.

    “Where are you guys taking me?” I asked.

    Before I got an answer, I was stopped and I heard a familiar giggle.

    “Take off your blindfold.” Becky told me.

    I followed her orders and took off my blindfold. There, to my surprise, stood Meg, Alex (the lion), and Marty!

    “YOU TURDS!” I said, hitting the three of them with my blindfold.

    They ran away from me, laughing. I turned around to Becky and hit her with the blindfold too.

    “You guys set this up, didn't you?” I asked her.

    “No, Meg just called me an hour ago and said she was in Michigan and needed a ride to the party.” Becky explained.

    I sighed and walked into the house.

    “Can we go to the bar?” I asked.

    Meg walked over to me. “Only if there are hot and single guys there. I'm in" She said.

    I laughed.

    Marty and Alex walked over to us. “Hello, I'm hot and he's single.” Alex said.

    We all laughed.

    “Whoever want to go to the bar, follow us!” Meg yelled.

    “You're not twenty one! Why would you want to go to the bar?” Becky yelled.

    “I'm going because I'm the DD!” Meg yelled with a smirk.

    "The what?" Becky asked.

    "The designated driver." Meg said.

    We all laughed at Meg and Becky's little quarrel. Meg walked to my car.

    “Keys! I need the keys!” Meg yelled from the car.

    “I'll handle her tonight.” Alex said.

    Meg could get a little wild when she's had too much Diet Pepsi to drink. Alex played the protective big brother and made Meg get into the passenger seat. Marty, Becky, and I got into the car. I threw my suitcase in the trunk because Meg, Marty, Alex, and I had to catch out flight back to Chicago. When we got to the bar, Meg pulled out her iPod.

    “Meg, why do you need to listen to your iPod, when we are an hour away from the plane ride?” Marty asked trying to take the iPod away from Meg.

    “Have you forgotten my birthday present for Mercedes?” Meg asked.

    “What did you get her?” Becky asked.

    Meg's smile grew so big that her smile could have fallen off her face.

    “Because I work with Chicago's radio stations, I get free tickets to a lot of concerts! And I was super lucky and got us backstage passes too!” Meg exclaimed.

    “Who are you going to see?” Becky asked.

    Marty and Alex rolled their eyes and Meg was about ready to jump out of her seat.

    “Panic at the Disco!” Meg yelled.

    Becky rolled her eyes too.

    “Was Mercedes's birthday just an excuse to go to the concert?” Alex asked.

    “If it were Mercedes's birthday or not, we would still be going to the concert.” Meg said.

    I placed my hand on Meg's shoulder. “For Megan's defense, it was a very nice present. I'm really excited to meet Panic.” I said.

    Meg shot a death glare my way. I used her full name. She hated that. I gave Meg an apologetic smile and returned to my drink. I always thought I would become an alcoholic. Now was the moment of truth. I took a couple sips of beer. It wasn't too bad but it wasn't too great either.

    “How's is it?” Meg asked.

    “It's alright.” I replied.

    She shrugged and took another drink of her pop. Marty looked at his phone and stood up.

    “Better use the restroom now, we have to leave in a few minutes.”

    We all nodded and did what we had to do. Once we were all ready, we left for the airport. It was a good thing Meg had here music blaring; otherwise she would have fallen asleep. After a long quiet ride, we arrived at the airport. Alex helped Meg onto the plane. As soon as we took off, she was asleep.

    “Poor girl, can never handle a party.” Marty said.

    “I feel bad for her. She misses so much that happens at night.” Alex said, brushing his blond hair out of his eyes.

    It was fun to watch Meg when she sleeps. I have to admit, she looked so cute when she slept. When we were about to land, Alex started to rub Meg's arm to wake her up. She's such a heavy sleeper, that she will only wake up if you touch her arm or leg. It's weird, but Meg is weird so it all works out. Alex couldn't get her to wake up so I had to help. I was kind of drunk, because even though I didn't really like the beer, I still drank a couple of bottles. I took Meg's arm and made her smack her own knee.

    “OW!” She yelled.

    I started to laugh, while Meg tried to fall back asleep.

    “Meg, we're almost home. Please stay awake.” Alex cooed.

    Meg groaned and leaned her head on Alex's shoulder.

    I leaned over to Marty. “Does Alex like Meg?” I asked him.

    “You've just noticed that?” Marty asked, raiding his voice a little. That boy had a temper.

    “Just noticed what?” Alex asked.

    “Nothing.” Marty and I said.

    The plane finally landed and we grabbed my luggage.

    “We brought Meg's car.” Alex said, supporting Meg up.

    We found her car and Alex placed Meg in the back seat and sat next to her. Marty sat in the driver's seat and I sat in the passenger seat. It was 11:25. We finally headed for home.