• Chapter 1: Darkness Ponders

    In a dark realm, an overlord looks over his henchmen. His name is Daxil, an overlord of fire. He is made a fire and lava created in his realm. He knows no mercy. He had conquered all the planets near his galaxy and brought his demon army to great power. He then looked over his soldiers and his empire. He had got all the power, the strength, and the superiority…or so he thinks. “Qara-Shi! Come here!”, he exclaimed. “What is your wish, lord Daxil?”, she whispered. “I want to know, what is the progress of our empire?” “It is at 93% capacity, my lord. A good finish.” She was right. Almost all the planets are now at his control. Some are still fighting for their planet. A pathetic glimpse at the mortals’ chance to fight back. “93% is not enough. I want to be known. I want everyone to fear at the hint of my name. No. 93% won’t abide by me. I know the solution. I must conquer another planet. Get me my commanders!”