• tab There was an amount of ecstasy in the act. Everything had been building up to it, only making the end result oh so much more delectable. I had known her for several months, and she thought the same of me. She had been sure to find a place where nobody could hear us. We had gone deep into an obscure forest, far from any trails or roads. This made it so much easier for me.

    tab I didn’t know what exactly the pinnacle of the moment was just yet. Was it scent of her perspiration, or the smooth, soft surface that was her bare skin? Was it the sound of her rapid heartbeat? Perhaps it was the feeling of actually thrusting it in and hearing her little yelp? Then I saw the look upon her face as she realized what had happened to her. Those eyes, tormented by the truth she could never have anticipated. She must have been wondering who exactly she had been dating those past months. Those eyes, always before filled with cheer, had been not merely touched, but conquered by pure, writhing agony. Imagining her final thoughts of this betrayal simply added to the thrill.

    tab I watched those horrified eyes fall with her body as I pulled out the knife. She looked so fragile without life. Her blood soaked into the floor of leaves and earth. I cleared a wide area of the ground and proceeded to reach into my bag for the hatchet and gather wood. After a few hours, I had arranged enough into a pile capable of burning, and then I thoroughly soaked it all in lighter fluid. I am too impatient to start a fire the “right” way. I lifted the drained corpse and took one last look at the agony forever frozen into those glazed eyes. I casually tossed it onto the blaze and splashed on some more lighter fluid. As she was reduced to ashes, I slashed another tally onto the back of my left arm.