• Yukari looked at the friends that came to wish her luck. Truth be told. There were only two from her class of twenty seven. She smiled and waved goodbye as she boarded the plane. She sat in her seat looking at her notebook. Yukari Tomino. Age sixteen. Her hair was lack with a pale blue streak going down the right side. Her pale blue eyes scanned the words she wrote on the page. -I hope to see my brother and further my studies with him in America.-

    She was kinda tall. She was five nine and weighed one hundred nineteen pounds. She was a sophmore. Her favorite sport was track and she loved litsening to music. She closed the notebook and put it in her shoulder bag. She was never caught without it with her. Only at school was it not with her. She kept it in her locker. She layed back in the seat and waited for the day and a half trip to come to an end.

    When she arrived at the airport she was exhausted. And she could see a girl with blond hair and blue eyes jumping up and down with a sign saying her name in American. it took her a moment to read it but she walked over. "Um. I'm Tomino Yukari." Her voice was soft and sounded like soft bells. The girl smiled and hugged her.

    "Welcome to New York Yukari! I'm Clair. Your room-mate and guide!" Yukari had been taken off by the hug. She looked at the girl and smiled softly.

    "Pleasure to meet yo-" The girl cut her off with a carefree laugh.

    "Your so formal. Just say whats on your mind. Be yourself." Yukari nodded and the girl grabbed her arm and led her out of the airport and to a taxi. Her new life began in New York. She thought. Not knowing how that would become true in more ways then one.

    (Cliff hanger. Don't feel like typing more right now. Need to help cousin with her homework. Pm me if you want more.)