• Boom!!! This is it. This is the beginning of the end. One day I thought that I would finally marry my girlfriend. Flowers would be flying over my head, but I was wrong. I just had to join the war. Instead of flowers flying, it's blood and body parts.
    "Sniper!" said my sightman. A couple seconds later he had no head. My sightman's blood splattered all over me.
    I'm looking for the sniper on the scope of my M21. He's hiding in the grass.
    "Dirkland!" my sergeant called to me. My name's John Dirkland. He tossed me an M8038 Shotgun. The shots explode once they hit a surface. Explosions include fire. I could possibly kill the sniper, without even looking for him. Kaboom! and then the grass would burn - and so would the sniper.
    I shot the grass. The sniper burned to a crisp.
    I wanted to celebrate, but that's hard to do in war. I walk away and I smile. I smile in a way that can't be possible in war. The sergeant screams at me.
    "Look out!"
    I feel a pain in my leg. Wait! This can't be happening! I am going to die smiling!I collapse and look over at my attacker. He smiled too. It's always a happy time when you pull a trigger. Trust me.