• "Please don't take it personal. I really do love you, Brittany!" Tyler pleaded.
    "Oh, go play with Julianne. You really must love her, " I retorted, refusing to listen to my soon-to-be ex-boyfriend, even though I could see the sorrow in his eyes.
    "She led me on," he insisted.
    "Riiiight. And I'm the Queen of England. Don't ever even think of talking to me again!" I yelled at him causing everyone in hearing distance to turn and watch the argument, but I didn't care. I was tired of all his lame excuses. Tyler looked pleading at me, but I didn't care. I turned and stomped off. The rest of the day I didn't talk to any of my friends or answer any questions in my classes. I also avoided Tyler, not wanting to see his sad face.
    At the end of the day, as I was getting on the bus, I ran into Max, my lifelong crush. As I hit him all his books fell out of his arms and onto the ground, so I hurriedly went to pick them up, "I am sooo sorry, Max!"
    "Don't sweat it, Brittany. It was an accident," he said.
    "I should pay attention instead of think about my break-up." I said jokingly. I could still feel little tears in my eyes even though I was the one who broke up with Tyler in the first place.Max stared at me and bent to help, I guess he didn't think I wanted him to get involved.
    "I'm sorry. Would it help if I said the guy was crazy for doing anything bad to you?"
    I blushed; I could feel the tears drying, "It might."
    "He was crazy for doing something bad to you." He helped me up and I blushed even deeper. Max and I were good friends, but I wanted to be more. I was afraid to tell him how I feel because it might wreck the friendship.

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