• ...until it's lost.
    "So...?" He asked tentatively, handing me something. I looked down at the small plastic disk. On a closer look, it was a casino chip with the word 'prom?' etched skillfully into the side in a beautiful style of calligraphy. The theme this year was Vegas. He was always the creative one, and even when he was nervous he kept up his style. But I had to think about his question. I had always liked him, but more as a friend. Like a brother. I wondered if I could like him as something more. He was funny, nice, and he'd always been there for me. He'd been there with me as I cried my eyes out over my own rejections, and never left my side as I painstakingly went through shop after shop to find that one perfect dress. Maybe I really did like him more than I thought. I realized I definitely could. Finally, I looked up. I would accept.

    "So?" He repeated eagerly, a smile forming on his flawless face. I nodded, returning his smile.

    "You think she'll like it? Think she'll go with me?"

    The smile on my face melted. She...? With a sinking realization, I knew who he was talking about.

    "Yeah. She'll love it. I know she will." I nodded again. He grinned and hugged me suddenly. In my surprise, it was all I could do to hug him back without crying.

    "Thank you so much!" He pulled back and I handed him the small chip silently. The look in his eyes was enough to make me want to be happy for him instead of feeling sorry for myself. "I was so worried she might not like it! But if you think she will, it's perfect! I mean who would know her better than her twin sister?"

    I nodded again, forcing myself to smile. I really should be happy for him. He deserved to be happy. And if I could help him do that, I would. I'd make sure they had a great time, both of them.

    "Oh but don't tell her! Please keep it a secret!" He interrupted my thoughts quickly.

    "Course not." I promised. "Safe with me." I pantomimed the 'lock-and-key' and tossed it over my shoulder.

    With a last grin and a quick hug, he thanked me again and took off running to my sister's room.