• As I was biking down the empty street of my town, I saw a basket of flowers hanging over the footpath. It was low enough for me to grab a flower. As I went under it, I reached up and just in time, nicked a flower. But the flower crumbled as I biked on.
    It got me thinking, life is like a bike ride, the flower an opportunity. As you go on biking through life, you will see opportunities,flower, from afar. As you bike towards the flower, you ready yourself to grab it. Sometimes you grab it and carry it with you, soemtimes you grab it and it slowly disappears, and sometimes you completely miss grabbing it. You might stop just to get this flower, this opportunity, but why do that? Then you break the good pace you had going with your bike, and now have to pick it back up, which will be harder with the opportunity lagging on with you. You prefer to grab at it and if you miss, carry on till you reach the next one.
    Sometimes opprotunties come unexpectedly. You could be biking when you suddenly see the flowers appear as you round the bend. If you hesitate too long you will miss your chance to snag the flower, but quick reaction leaves you with a flower better than the rest. The best opportunities often appear suddenly, and disapper just as fast because of hesitation.

    So always be prepared to grab the opportunities that appear out of nowhere, and always attempt to grab the opportunities you see from afar, because even if you do not get it, you will have at least tried