• A nurse walked into the room and sighed as she loooked at the still body of the patient that had laid there for 5 years and this would be her sixth that. She walked over to patient and started to check her vitals. She didn't notice the twitching of the frail arm . She gasped when she felt something grabbing her arm and pulling it. She looked down and gasped when she looked down and saw the bright blue eyes of Sakura Kai Tashio sister to Sesshomarou(?) and Inuyasha Tashio.
    "Tell me where Lily Potter is,Maria."The nurse gently pulled the arm away form her and laided on to Sakura's stomach and raised the bed so she wouldn't have to lean forward." Sakura I'm sorry to say that the were killed on Halloween 5 years ago." Sakura' eyse rolled into her head as she passed otu from the shock.Maria sighed and pushed the button to let the bed down." I wish Lily was alive then this would be easier but she isn't so its left up to me to help Sak."Maria turned and walked away to her office.