• -Episode 1-

    Tom and Marie Wright were driving home from their son, Zander’s house. They had left their younger daughter, Joanne, with him. They were talking about how calm their life has been since their granddaughter, Emma, who turned nine years old the day before, was born.
    “Don’t you think something should happen?” Tom asked looking at his wife who was sitting next to him.
    “What do you mean, dear?” Marie asked, looking over at him with a curious smile.
    “Something big or dangerous should happen. Kind of like it use to, before we had children and grandchildren,” replied Tom looking from the road to his wife and back again.
    “You mean something that we did when we were younger,” Marie said raising her eyebrows at her husband.
    “Yes, exactly that,” Tom said with a smile. “Something exciting, so we can be young again. I liked it before we had children. We were so carefree. And then they were born and then Emma was born.”
    Unfortunately, at the same time Tom and Marie were talking, a man with black hair, brown eyes, who looked to be in his late 20’s, driving a purple semi with neon green flames, tried to pass them while another car was coming the other way. The man purposely veered into Tom and Marie’s car. The car went out of control and Tom and Marie never got another chance to see their children and grandchild again. The man had killed them with no mercy. He didn’t even look back at the deaths he had caused.

    ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼

    One year later, Joanne Wright, a fourteen-year-old girl, was on her way to her new school. Her older brother, Zander, his wife, Tracey and their ten-year-old daughter, Emma, were driving her to The Whillington Academy a month before school actually started so she could get a chance to get to know the school and the people.
    “Are you nervous, Joey?” Zander asked looking in the rear view mirror at his kid sister.
    “Sort of, what is this school anyway?” Joanne asked.
    “The Whillington Academy,” Zander replied with an impish grin.
    “No kidding. I knew that already. What do they teach at this so called The Whillington Academy?”
    “I don’t know.”
    “Yes, you do. You just don’t want to tell me,” Joanne said.
    “You’re pretty smart, kid,” Zander said.
    “You’re pretty funny, Z,” Joanne said.
    “So what are the students going to call you, Joanne or Joey?” Tracey asked.
    “Joey, Joanne is a girly name,” Joey answered.
    Joey is a brown haired, green-eyed tomboy. She was born in Florida and raised in Washington State. She lived with her parents until a year ago when they were murdered. Now she lives with Zander, but is now moving to The Whillington Academy. The reason she was going to this school wasn’t that Zander didn’t like her, but that is what her parents and Zander wanted her to do.
    Her brother is about fifteen years older than she is and has the same colored hair and eyes. Zander and Joey are very close to one another despite the age difference between the two of them. He is also about six feet, one inch tall and muscular.
    “So what is The Whillington Academy?” Joey asked looking out the car window, but all she could see were trees.
    “You’ll find out when you meet the Headmaster,” Zander replied.
    Joey rolled her eyes, “Can you at least tell me who the Headmaster is?”
    “Mr. Steve Whillington.”
    “So this school ain’t that old, is it?”
    “The school itself isn’t that old, it’s ten years old. But the school system itself has been around for many years, our parents have been to The Whillington Academy along with me,” Zander replied.
    “Fantastic,” Joey said sarcastically.
    “Just sit back and relax. We’ll be there in no time,” Tracey said.
    “Fine,” Joey said and she sat back, looked out the car window, and still only saw trees.
    This place is going to be boring, she thought, I can just tell. There is nothing but trees for miles. And why in the world am I going to this school in the first place? I was doing just fine at my other school, but no, my parents and brother have to ruin my life. After about an hour Joey finally started seeing signs of humankind. Once the trees cleared, there were a bunch of strip malls, grocery stores, and restaurants. And within another hour, Zander was pulling up the driveway to the school.
    Joey looked out the car window and could not believe her eyes. There was a horse and rider fountain in the middle of the driveway. The building looked to be about five stories high. And on the left side of the school was another building that looked like the garage.
    Zander stopped in front of the school and him and Tracey got out. Zander went around the car and opened Joey’s door and she got out while Emma got out on the other side.
    “Welcome to The Whillington Academy, Joey,” Zander said as she got out.
    “Wow,” Emma said.
    “Holy sh…” Zander put a hand over Joey’s mouth. She looked up at him, “Watch your mouth.” He removed his hand and they got Joey’s bags out of the trunk. They then walked into the school and up to the front desk.
    “Hello, Mr. Wright,” said the older woman with gray hair and glasses that she wore at the end of her nose, who was sitting behind the desk.
    “Hello, Lynn. We have an appointment with Mr. Whillington. My sister, Joanne Wright, is enrolling here today,” Zander said.
    “Welcome Ms. Wright to the Whillington Academy. I am Lynn Richman, secretary for Mr. Whillington and desk clerk for all students and staff,” Lynn said, “Mr. Whillington is waiting for you in his office which is on the fifth floor.” She fixed her glasses and started shuffling papers on her desk. Behind her desk were about 1,500 mailboxes for students. Under her desk were 500 mailboxes for staff and residents.
    Joey’s eyes went very wide, “All the way up there?” She pointed toward the ceiling.
    “Yes, all the way up there,” Lynn said with a smile.
    “Thanks, Lynn. We’ll see you later,” Zander said grabbing Joey’s things and steering her toward the elevator with Tracey and Emma walking silently behind them.
    “How nervous do you think you are now?” Emma asked Joey once everyone was inside the elevator.
    “So nervous I think my breakfast is going to reappear,” Joey replied as she stood closer to Zander and wrapped an arm around his, as if he was protecting her from an invisible force.
    “You’re going to be fine, Joey,” Tracey told Joey, “You’re really smart and pretty and you love talking. There is no way you are going to have a hard time here. And you are like your parents and brother in many ways.”
    “What’s that suppose to mean?” Joey asked looking at Tracey.
    “It means you’re strong and brave,” Tracey replied.
    “And you’re temper is always something to watch out for,” Zander added with a smile.
    “Thanks,” Joey said sarcastically.
    When the elevator stopped on the fifth floor, they all walked out into the hallway and saw teenagers everywhere, talking and laughing. Joey glanced up at Zander and he met her gaze. She quickly turned around and tried to get back into the elevator before the doors closed, but Zander grabbed her by the shoulders and whispered in her ear as he turned her around, “You’re not going anywhere.”
    “I wish I was going back home,” Joey whispered back as she glared at her brother.
    After Zander got Joey back on track, the four of them walked up to Mr. Whillington’s office and Zander knocked on the door.
    “Come in,” said a man’s deep voice from the other side of the door.
    Zander opened the office door and the four of them walked silently into the office. And they all stopped a few feet in front of Mr. Whillington’s desk.
    “It’s so nice to see you again, Zander,” said a man with graying jet-black hair and bright green eyes who was sitting behind the desk with his arms folded on top of the desk.
    “Likewise, Mr. Whillington, This is my sister, Joanne Wright. She’s being enrolled here today,” Zander said putting his hand on top of Joey’s head.
    “That’s wonderful,” Mr. Whillington said standing up and walking around his desk to lean on the front of it. Mr. Whillington did not look like an old man at all. He was six foot, two inches, had broad shoulders, and was muscular. “She will be staying in room two-twenty-two. Let me get someone to take her things to her room.” He pressed a button on his intercom and said, “Mr. Scott Brewer, please report to my office at once.” Then he let go of the button and went back to leaning on his desk with his arms folded across his chest.
    After a few minutes of waiting, a boy with black hair and brown eyes, who looked to be about Joey’s age, walked into the room. He looked to be much taller than Joey, who was only five foot, two inches.
    “Wow, you’re good,” Joey said watching the boy as he turned around to face her and the others.
    “That is why I am Headmaster of this school. This is Scott Brewer. If you need any help once Zander leaves go to him. His room is to the left of yours,” Mr. Whillington said to Joey. To Scott he said, “Take Joanne’s things to her room and if you were paying attention, you should know where it is. Also I need Tracey and…” He pointed to Emma.
    “My name is Emma,” she replied.
    “Right, you and your mother may go with Mr. Brewer to Joanne’s room,” Mr. Whillington said.
    “Yes, sir,” Scott, Tracey, and Emma said as they left his office.
    “Now, Joanne, please sit down,” Mr. Whillington said as he pointed to a chair in front of him. Joey obeyed. “Thank you. I am Steve Whillington. I am the Headmaster of this school. You’re probably wondering what kind of school this is. Now what I am about to tell you is only for you.” He sat back down at his desk, as Zander stood behind Joey his hands resting on the top of the chair.
    “But Zander is still here,” Joey said confused.
    “I already know what he’s going to say. I’ve been at this school before, remember?” said Zander looking down at his sister.
    “Oh, yeah,” Joey said quietly looking down at her shoes.
    “Are you ready? Now, this is a school for students to learn how to be spies. I know this must sound dumb to you, but it is the truth. From the ages fourteen to twenty, students learn how to use weapons for defense and offence, how to use stealth, how to drive vehicles in all terrain, and other stuff you need to know to be a spy for the Whillington Academy. After a student graduates from the Academy, they have an option of three things: One-they can join my elite team of spies who live to protect themselves and others no matter how dangerous. Two-they can stay here and become one of the teachers and teach new students how to be a spy. Three-they can become civilians like Zander. Students also learn the basic school stuff. You know math, history, English, etc. Classes start August 7th, so be ready. One week before classes start everyone gets new uniforms, schedules, books, and laptops,” Mr. Whillington explained.
    “Did you get all that?” Zander asked Joey.
    “I have to wear a uniform?” Joey said with a disgusted look on her face.
    “Don’t worry, you’ll like the uniforms. Most girls do,” Mr. Whillington said, “The uniform consists of two long sleeve black shirts with a silver “w” on the left hand corner, three short sleeve shirts with the same Whillington insignia, three pairs of tan cargo pants, two pairs of tan cargo shorts, and black combat boots.”
    “I guess I could give this a chance,” said Joey looking at Mr. Whillington.
    “Great. Are you hungry at all?”
    “Not really, I ate breakfast before we left Zander’s house.”
    “Speaking of eating, breakfast starts at five in the morning and ends at nine. Lunch starts at eleven and ends at two. And dinner starts at six and ends at ten. Everyone should be in their rooms by eleven. That is curfew; anyone who breaks it will be dealt with reasonably. Do you have any questions?”
    “Yes. Why in the world am I here? I was happy living life at my other school and living with Zander. Now I am brought to the middle of nowhere and I am learning to be a spy. What in the world?” Joey said standing up and breathing hard.
    “You are here to learn what Zander has learned and what little your parents have learned. You’re parents would want their daughter to learn to be a spy to not only protect other people, but to protect yourself from anything out there in the real world. Trust me, you will start to like it here and you will learn a lot by being here. Now, I have a meeting with all the teachers here to go to. I will see you again sometime. Hopefully it won’t be a disciplinary visit,” Mr. Whillington said, “Zander, you know where all the rooms are. Her room is room two-twenty-two.”
    “Thank you, sir. Take care of your self,” Zander said putting out his hand.
    “I hope to see you again, as well, Zander,” Mr. Whillington said shaking Zander’s hand.
    Once they were finished shaking hands, Zander and Joey left Mr. Whillington’s office. Shortly after they had left, Mr. Whillington went to the conference room to his meeting with all the teachers at the Whillington Academy.