• Today Captain Moore had finally given me my first paid job. Up until now, for two months I have been swabing the decks just to stay on the boat. For a moment there, I kept thinking that my parents were right, "Go to a prep school," they said. "Get a degree," they said, but I wanted a job when I graduated so I hoped on the best pirate ship I could find and sailed away. Now finally I get to be paid to work.
    We got off the ship on a vast island in the Pacific and Captain Moore said, "Now, Miss Reneea, listen very closely to my instructions."
    "Yes Captain," I said, "but when are you going to start calling me by my first name, Deborah?"
    "When you can finish this task," he continued. "Now take this shovel and this sword." He handed me the items, "then you will go find Mt. Fist and enter its cave. In the cave there will be a soft spot on the ground. You will dig in that spot and bring back what ever you find. Take this book and wright down anything you learn."
    "Yes Captain, but how will I know witch mountain is Mt. Fist?" I asked.
    "The mountain looks like there is a giant fist on top of it."
    "Oh, thank you Captain. Is there anything else I should know before I leave?" I asked.
    "No," he said, then he turned and walked back on the ship. "I'm counting on you Miss Reneea. Don't Let me down." He sailed away as I entered the forest. All I need to do now is find that mountain.